Ravenna Run the Ravine

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 4:00 PM (GMT-7)

Event info
Sport: Running - trail
Location: Seattle, WA, United States
Registrations: 127
Registration closes: Monday, June 7, 2021 11:59 PM (GMT-7)
Organized by: Northwest Trail Runs
Event website: http://nwtrailruns.com/events/ravenna-run-the-ravine/

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Distance Category Wave Age Gender
Adam Crain 12k ADULT 04:00pm 39 M
Ailie Peer 4k YOUTH 06:20pm 7 F
Alaina Harris 4k YOUTH 06:20pm 13 F
Alexander Lesher 8k ADULT 05:20pm 41 M
Allison Jones 8k ADULT 06:10pm 30 F
Andrea Eason 4k ADULT 06:30pm 47 F
Andrew Wary 8k ADULT 06:20pm 35 M
Andy Brassington 8k ADULT 05:10pm 63 M
Anna Bader 8k ADULT 06:40pm 39 F
Annjanette Kohl 8k ADULT 04:20pm 29 F
Ashley Thibodeau 8k ADULT 05:40pm 31 F
Brent Picasso 4k ADULT 06:10pm 50 M
Canon Peer 4k YOUTH 06:20pm 10 M
Charlotte Koehler 4k ADULT 05:00pm 50 F
Chona Horton 8k ADULT 04:30pm 57 F
Chris Allan 4k ADULT 05:30pm 63 M
Chris Locke 8k ADULT 06:10pm 42 M
Christine Anderson 8k ADULT 06:30pm 32 F
Christy Shelton 12k ADULT 06:00pm 50 F
Colleen Frost 8k ADULT 06:30pm 56 F
Cordell Olson 4k YOUTH 05:00pm 9 M
David Coenen 4k YOUTH 06:30pm 13 M
David Shelton 8k ADULT 06:00pm 50 M
Davy Jones 4k ADULT 05:00pm 39 M
Dawna Levang 4k ADULT 06:00pm 45 F
Delia McCorkindale 8k YOUTH 04:30pm 10 F
Desiree Prewitt 4k ADULT 06:30pm 45 F
Doug Lindquist 4k ADULT 05:50pm 48 M
Douglas Almquist 4k ADULT 06:10pm 56 M
Eileen Farley 4k ADULT 04:00pm 67 F
Elgin Bennett 12k ADULT 06:00pm 30 M
Elliott Stevens 4k ADULT 05:30pm 40 M
Ellis Hasty 12k ADULT 06:00pm 30 M
Emily Allan 4k YOUTH 05:30pm 16 F
Emma Close 12k ADULT 05:00pm 36 F
Erin Brown 8k ADULT 05:00pm 37 F
Erin Kittleman 12k ADULT 05:30pm 62 F
Faye Doll 8k ADULT 05:40pm 62 F
Giselle Alcantar Soto 12k ADULT 05:10pm 27 F
Hannah Weaver 8k YOUTH 05:00pm 18 F
Heather Ann Brauer 4k ADULT 06:30pm 37 F
Jamie Marose 4k ADULT 04:50pm 44 F
Janna Johnson 8k ADULT 06:30pm 49 F
Jay Grubb 12k ADULT 05:10pm 60 M
Jennifer Devore 4k ADULT 05:00pm 56 F
Jennifer MacCormack 8k ADULT 05:40pm 50 F
Jennifer Nickel 12k ADULT 05:10pm 49 F
Jennifer Rozler 8k ADULT 04:00pm 51 F
Jenny Glover 4k ADULT 05:30pm 38 F
Jonathan Bonthius 12k ADULT 04:00pm 33 M
Jose Carlos Gallegos Romero 4k ADULT 06:30pm 27 M
Joseph Manalang 4k ADULT 06:20pm 51 M
Justin Mayo 4k ADULT 05:50pm 52 M
Kaila Bearup 4k ADULT 04:00pm 30 F
Kara Lungmus 8k ADULT 05:00pm 30 F
Karen Perez 4k ADULT 05:10pm 66 F
Kathleen Devlin 12k ADULT 04:00pm 39 F
Kealani Yamamoto 8k ADULT 04:30pm 26 F
Keefe Russell 4k YOUTH 06:00pm 15 M
Kellie Leake 8k ADULT 05:30pm 41 F
Kelly Quesnel 8k ADULT 06:00pm 26 F
Ken Peer 4k ADULT 06:20pm 46 M
Kevin Rio 12k ADULT 06:00pm 34 M
Kimberly Larson 4k ADULT 06:00pm 48 F
Kin West 4k ADULT 06:10pm 51 F
Kit Fuhrman 4k ADULT 06:00pm 39 M
Kristen Schwager 4k ADULT 06:10pm 50 F
Kristin Metcalf 4k ADULT 04:00pm 48 F
Kristin Riley 4k ADULT 05:50pm 41 F
Kristoffer Jonson 12k ADULT 05:10pm 38 M
Ladonne Pallanck 4k ADULT 06:00pm 26 F
Lannon Gustafson 8k ADULT 06:10pm 28 F
Laura Frederick 8k ADULT 04:00pm 38 F
Laurel Humphrey 4k ADULT 06:30pm 46 F
Lauren Van Fossen 8k ADULT 06:00pm 28 F
Lee Carswell 4k ADULT 06:00pm 45 M
Les Frederick 8k ADULT 04:00pm 72 M
Linsey Hansen 4k ADULT 06:30pm 32 F
Lisa Perez 4k ADULT 05:10pm 39 F
Lorena Panaite 8k ADULT 06:10pm 30 F
Lori Secrest 8k ADULT 06:30pm 50 F
Luke Harris 4k YOUTH 06:20pm 9 M
Mallory Mihara 8k ADULT 06:20pm 37 F
Matthew Williams 4k ADULT 06:20pm 42 M
Max Lloyd 8k ADULT 06:10pm 28 M
Megan Horton 4k ADULT 05:30pm 29 F
Megan Woodring 8k ADULT 05:00pm 29 F
Melanie Kiener 8k ADULT 06:20pm 30 F
Melissa Iverson 4k ADULT 05:30pm 41 F
Micahel Smith 8k ADULT 05:30pm 39 M
Michelle Mayo 4k ADULT 05:50pm 52 F
Michelle Nielsen 4k ADULT 05:00pm 39 F
Mike Thompson 8k ADULT 06:10pm 42 M
Mitchell Goodman 12k ADULT 06:30pm 44 M
Montserrat Judith Minor Ascencio 4k ADULT 06:30pm 26 F
Nicholas White 4k ADULT 06:10pm 36 M
Nicola Schubkegel 4k YOUTH 04:00pm 10 F
Nina Tang 12k ADULT 06:40pm 38 F
Nora Iverson 4k YOUTH 05:30pm 14 F
Paul Bhalla 4k ADULT 06:00pm 44 M
Peter Beeson 12k ADULT 05:10pm 53 M
Peter Kelly 8k ADULT 04:00pm 39 M
Piper Russell 4k YOUTH 06:00pm 13 F
Preston Parshall 8k ADULT 05:50pm 44 M
Rachel Dechant 8k ADULT 06:50pm 29 F
Rachel Schubkegel 8k ADULT 04:00pm 36 F
Rebecca Lintag 8k ADULT 04:00pm 26 F
Richard Cooper 4k ADULT 05:00pm 41 M
Robert McCorkindale 8k ADULT 04:30pm 45 M
Robert Watson 8k ADULT 06:20pm 31 M
Sara Borowski 8k ADULT 06:30pm 36 F
Sara Keller 8k ADULT 05:00pm 26 F
Sarah Davis 8k ADULT 05:50pm 30 F
Sarah Reinhard 8k ADULT 06:10pm 34 F
Scott Spears 12k ADULT 05:00pm 57 M
Sean Burn 12k ADULT 06:30pm 33 M
Seth B 4k YOUTH 06:30pm 6 M
Seth Lankford 8k ADULT 05:00pm 28 M
Shawn Pearce 12k ADULT 06:40pm 39 M
Shawna Bursten 4k ADULT 04:00pm 35 F
Sheila Gruner 8k ADULT 04:00pm 58 F
Stephen Ong 8k ADULT 05:00pm 29 M
Stephen Simburg 4k ADULT 06:10pm 37 M
Surafel Wodajo 12k ADULT 06:00pm 31 M
Susan Behroozi 12k ADULT 06:30pm 40 F
Susan Seah 12k ADULT 05:30pm 55 F
William Weigel 12k ADULT 05:40pm 28 M