Carkeek Cooler Trail Run

Saturday, November 2, 2019 9:30 AM (GMT-7)

Event info
Sport: Running - trail
Location: Seattle, WA, United States
Registrations: 226
Registration closes: Thursday, October 31, 2019 11:59 PM (GMT-7)
Organized by: Northwest Trail Runs
Event website:

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Distance Age Age Gender
Aaron Jeide 10k Adult 42 M
Adam Dunn 5k Adult 36 M
Adam Kennedy 5k Adult 31 M
Aileen Kelly 5k Adult 55 F
Alana Layton 5k Adult 25 F
Alex Walter 5k Adult 49 M
Alexandra Pipes 5k Adult 35 F
Ali Peace 10k Adult 42 F
Alyx Bock 10k Adult 25 F
Amadeusz Juskowiak 10k Adult 27 M
Amanda Manaster 5k Adult 25 F
Amy Peterson 5k Adult 36 F
Amy Siripunyo 5k Adult 26 F
Ana Short 10k Adult 52 F
Anastasia Duarte 10k Adult 52 F
Andrea Becker 10k Adult 43 F
Andrew Rose 10k Adult 31 M
Andrew Sullivan 10k Adult 26 M
Angela Jones 10k Adult 40 F
Anita Lemke 10k Adult 50 F
Ann Carey 5k Adult 59 F
Anna Morris 5k Adult 25 F
Annie Dubois 5k Adult 30 F
Annie Reed 5k Adult 26 F
Anthony Pennington 10k Adult 48 M
Audrey Waine 5k Adult 59 F
Bart Hardesty 10k Adult 52 M
Ben Slager 10k Adult 31 M
Beth Cooper 10k Adult 53 F
Beth Guilherme 10k Adult 25 F
Bill Gehle 10k Adult 58 M
Blane Webber 10k Adult 39 M
Brad Hardesty 10k Adult 50 M
Brian De Place 10k Adult 43 M
Brittany Cline 5k Adult 36 F
Bryce Romans 5k Adult 28 M
Caitlin Smemo 5k Adult 34 F
Caleb True 5k Adult 32 M
Campbell McNulty 5k Youth 12 M
Carla Wigen 10k Adult 54 F
Carly Gajewski 5k Adult 27 F
Carol Austin 5k Adult 63 F
Casey Herron 10k Adult 35 F
Casey Laush 10k Adult 31 F
Charles Gagnon Gagnon 10k Adult 31 M
Chase Procknow 10k Adult 29 M
Chenmin Liu 10k Adult 26 F
Cherie Rezen 5k Adult 50 F
Chris Rose 10k Adult 45 M
Claire Emerson 10k Adult 41 F
Colin McDonough 5k Adult 37 M
Courtney Peterson 5k Adult 36 F
Dakota Fry 10k Adult 27 M
Dan Nordness 5k Adult 27 M
Daniel Phan 5k Adult 29 M
Davis Ammann 10k Adult 44 M
Debbie Gotchef 5k Adult 52 F
Douglas Ireland 10k Adult 41 M
Dylan Randolph 10k Adult 33 M
Dzmitry Kishylau 5k Adult 38 M
Edward Smith 10k Adult 30 M
Elena Grout 5k Adult 29 F
Elizabeth Mitchell 5k Adult 53 F
Elliott Stevens 5k Adult 38 M
Emily Brain 5k Adult 36 F
Emily Grossniklaus 5k Adult 32 F
Emily Huebner 10k Adult 24 F
Emily Kruger 10k Adult 34 F
Emily Lawton 5k Adult 27 F
Emily Nutsch 10k Adult 40 F
Emma Close 10k Adult 34 F
Emma Miller 5k Adult 26 F
Erik Udbye 10k Adult 27 M
Evan Mitchell Barnhardt 5k Youth 11 M
Friday Elliott 5k Adult 32 F
Gabriel Quijada 5k Adult 38 M
Geoffrey Wolf 5k Adult 48 M
George Gounares 5k Youth 10 M
Georgia Phung 5k Adult 32 F
Gordon Coerver 10k Adult 33 M
Gordon Simpson 10k Adult 44 M
Grace Tinkey 10k Adult 24 F
Gretchen Stertz 10k Adult 30 F
Gretchen Swanson 5k Adult 31 F
Harold Pratt 5k Adult 33 M
Heather Ann Brauer 5k Adult 36 F
Heather Crittenden 5k Adult 33 F
Ilana Balint 10k Adult 40 F
Irene Grinberg 10k Adult 42 F
Ivan Gonzalez 5k Adult 45 M
Jacquelyn Brolsma 5k Adult 66 F
Jamie Bailey 5k Adult 47 F
Jamie Tremel 10k Adult 36 F
Janelle Kennedy 5k Adult 31 F
Janna Johnson 10k Adult 47 F
Jay Grubb 10k Adult 58 M
Jay Schembs 10k Adult 40 M
Jaye Cullen 10k Adult 30 F
Jeana Vasey 5k Adult 47 F
Jenna Laface 10k Adult 27 F
Jennifer Bell 5k Adult 41 F
Jennifer Ross 5k Adult 42 F
Jennifer Valliere-Douglass 5k Adult 48 F
Jennifer Willson 5k Adult 42 F
Jenny Sponton 10k Adult 33 F
Jessica Levine 5k Adult 46 F
Joanna Michelson 5k Adult 41 F
JOE OSBORNE 10k Adult 39 M
Joe Tomascheski 10k Adult 35 M
John Barnhardt 5k Adult 51 M
John McVey 10k Adult 62 M
John Parks 10k Adult 35 M
Jonathan Creighton 10k Adult 34 M
Jordan Bunch 5k Adult 28 M
Jose Ruiz Gomez 10k Adult 31 M
Julia Hart 10k Adult 24 F
Julia Hon 5k Adult 37 F
Julia Maywald 10k Adult 52 F
Justin Duke 5k Adult 27 M
Kamila Gwiazda 5k Adult 35 F
Kamila Jaskolska 10k Adult 33 F
Kate Fleming 10k Adult 28 F
Katelyn Marsden 5k Adult 31 F
Katerina Ehrlich 10k Adult 40 F
Katherine Layton 5k Adult 28 F
Katherine Trost 10k Adult 44 F
Kathy Gagliano 5k Adult 67 F
Kathy Kovacs 10k Adult 60 F
Katie Breitling 10k Adult 44 F
Katie Duncan 10k Adult 33 F
Kaydee Gunter 10k Adult 39 F
Kellie Craney 5k Adult 27 F
Kendall Brown 10k Adult 36 F
Kerry Soo Von Esch 10k Adult 45 F
Kevin McNulty 5k Adult 42 M
Kevin Ruuhela 5k Adult 38 M
Kristen Carder 10k Adult 31 F
Kristen Tatsuno 10k Adult 26 F
Kristen Wolf 5k Adult 39 F
Kristie Spallone 5k Adult 31 F
Krysten Mulligan 5k Adult 33 F
Laura Frederick 5k Adult 37 F
Laura Vasey 5k Youth 13 F
Les Frederick 5k Adult 70 M
Lexi Santiago 5k Adult 26 F
Liam Greenamyre 10k Adult 30 M
Lindsay Leeder 5k Adult 40 F
Lindsey Gregerson 10k Adult 37 F
Lisa Eagle 10k Adult 39 F
Lisa Gehret 5k Adult 39 F
Lisa Hall 10k Adult 55 F
Lisa Kocher 5k Adult 29 F
Maggie Slama 5k Youth 9 F
Malachi Morgan 10k Adult 27 M
Mallory Gitt Webster 5k Adult 32 F
Marc Duncan 10k Adult 45 M
Marguerite Roza 5k Adult 53 F
Maria McCaddon 5k Adult 47 F
Marshall Blaine 5k Adult 44 M
Matt Pawelski 5k Adult 35 M
Maureen Oscadal 10k Adult 38 F
Melanie Moriarty 5k Adult 30 F
Melissa Spear 5k Adult 60 F
Meredith Gilbert 10k Adult 32 F
Michael Powell 10k Adult 44 M
Michael Sterling 10k Adult 44 M
Michelle Blumenschein 5k Adult 28 F
Michelle Edwards 10k Adult 47 F
Michelle Harrison 5k Adult 46 F
Molly Blust 10k Adult 29 F
Molly Snodgrass 5k Adult 29 F
Monica Wallace 10k Adult 43 F
Nancy Frederick 5k Adult 73 F
Natalie Mintz 5k Adult 45 F
Natalie Zielinski 10k Adult 29 F
Nathan Conrad 10k Adult 25 M
Nestor Escalante 10k Adult 32 M
Nina Tang 5k Adult 36 F
Patti Kirkness 5k Adult 58 F
Paul Brantley 10k Adult 47 M
Paul Gruen 5k Adult 53 M
Peter Stirling 10k Adult 55 M
Peter Vosshall 10k Adult 49 M
Phu Dao 5k Adult 40 M
Portia Bajwa 10k Adult 24 F
Rachael Humberg 10k Adult 31 F
Rachel Brody 5k Adult 34 F
REBECKA Hoppins 10k Adult 42 F
Renat Gounares 5k Youth 9 M
Rick Kakach 5k Adult 60 M
Robert Hartl 10k Adult 69 M
Robert Lavitt 10k Adult 51 M
Robert Shofi 5k Adult 31 M
Robin Lee 10k Adult 32 F
Ryan Gimarc 10k Adult 28 M
Sahar Bala 5k Adult 29 F
Samantha Culwell 5k Adult 33 F
Samuel Bennett 10k Adult 29 M
Sarah Kent 10k Adult 43 F
Sarah Miller 10k Adult 32 F
Scott Roza 5k Adult 51 M
Sean Bunker 5k Adult 45 M
Sean Powers 10k Adult 26 M
Sebastian Alvis 5k Adult 25 M
Sharla Wipplinger 5k Adult 35 F
Shawn Pearce 5k Adult 37 M
Stephen Mats Mats 10k Adult 51 M
Susan Rosenberg 5k Adult 50 F
Thomas Brown 5k Adult 31 M
Tiffany Valentine 5k Adult 33 F
Tim Gehret 10k Adult 36 M
Tobey Clarkin 5k Adult 44 M
Todd Schemper 5k Adult 44 M
Tom Donlea 10k Adult 52 M
Tracey Smith 10k Adult 42 F
Tyler Oleski 5k Adult 28 M
Vagdanur Gataullina 5k Adult 67 F
Vivienne Bunker 10k Adult 38 F
William McClary 5k Adult 28 M
Yoseph Maguire 10k Adult 23 M
Zachary Schemper 5k Youth 12 M
Zachary Snodgrass 5k Adult 30 M