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Friday, December 31, 2021 11:59 PM (GMT-8)

Event info
Sport: Cycling
Location: Richland, WA, United States
Registrations: 156
Registration closes: Friday, December 31, 2021 11:59 PM (GMT-8)
Organized by: Chinook Cycling Club
Event website: http://www.chinookcyclingclub.com/

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Age Gender
AIROLDI, John H Richland, WA 60 M
ANDERSON, Brian Kennewick, WA 45 M
ANDERSON, Kristin Pasco, WA 63 F
ANDERSON, Steve Pasco, WA 61 M
ATENCIO, Brad Richland, WA 57 M
BAMBERGER, Judith Richland, WA 69 F
BENISH, Frank Nine Mile Falls, WA 65 M
BENISH, Phyllis Nine Mile Falls, WA 62 F
BISSON, Tobi Kennewick, WA 55 F
BOEHNKE, Michael Kennewick, WA 55 M
BRAYTON, Catiana Kennewick, WA 44 F
BRAYTON, Catiana L Kennewick, WA 44 F
BRAYTON, Drew Kennewick, WA 41 M
BROEKER, William Pasco, WA 46 M
BROOKS, Tyler La Grande, OR 39 M
BROWN, Bronson Kennewick, WA 46 M
BUCHKO, Garry Richland, WA 60 M
BUCK, Francis Richland, WA 62 M
BUCK, Marcy Richland, WA 56 F
BURKE, Deborah Kennewick, WA 51 F
BURKE, John Kennewick, WA 54 M
BURTNER, Russ Kennewick, WA 75 M
BUSSELMAN, Monte Richland, WA 54 M
CALL, Ken Kennewick, WA 55 M
CANADAY, Verna Pasco, WA 74 M
CHU, Albert Richland, WA 54 M
CHU, Benjamin Richland, WA 13 M
CIMMIYOTTI, Brian Umatilla, OR 44 M
COLEMAN, David Richland, WA 58 M
COLLINS, Ron Benton City 57 M
COMFORT, Jennifer Pasco, WA 44 F
CONE, Chuck Richland, WA 60 M
CONE, Leslie Richland, WA 56 F
CONLAY, Michelle Richland, WA 99 F
DJANG, Amanda Richland, WA 41 F
DJANG, Lincoln Richland, WA 62 M
EDER, Chad Richland, WA 47 M
ELLIOTT, Timothy Pendleton, OR 69 M
ELLIS, Michael Pendleton, OR 35 M
FARAWILA, Anne Richland, WA 46 F
FARR, Ryan Richland, WA 51 M
FEATHER, Christopher Kennewick, WA 49 M
FISCHER, David Pasco, WA 71 M
FISCHER, Kathy Pasco, WA 51 F
FISHER, Mike West Richland, WA 58 M
FROH, Michelle Kennewick, WA 38 F
GILLSON, Lesley Weston, OR 35 F
GRIZZELL, Mary Lynn Walla Walla, WA 69 F
GRONDIN, Richard Thetford-Mines, QC 63 M
HALE, Ron Richland, WA 62 M
HALLADAY, Evan Richland, WA 35 M
HANF, Diane G Kennewick, WA 65 F
HANF, Robert W (Bill) Kennewick, WA 72 M
HANNIBAL, Zach Richland, WA 36 M
HANSON, Eric Kennewick, WA 53 M
HANSON, Steve Pasco, WA 49 M
HARP, Brian Kennewick, WA 55 M
HARP, Clora S Kennewick, WA 54 F
HARPE, Brian Kennewick, WA 56 M
HARPER, Kirk Richland, WA 53 M
HARRIS, Mark La Grande, OR 53 M
HOFFMAN, Ian West Richland, WA 47 M
HOHL, Ted Kennewick, WA 59 M
HOLTZINGER, Mark Yakima, WA 63 M
IRUSTA, Tony Tony Irusta, OR 54 M
JAMES, Andrew Pasco, WA 32 M
JENSEN, Eric Richland, WA 62 M
KENWORTHY, Lou Pasco, WA 65 M
KIRCHNER, Florence Richland, WA 74 F
KIRCHNER, Tommy Richland, WA 73 M
KOENIGS, Richard Richland, WA 76 M
LEICHTFUSS, Eric Kennewick, WA 32 M
LIMBAUGH, John Pasco, WA 51 M
LINDE, Lamar Kennewick, WA 58 M
LOSEY, Jeffery Kennewick, WA 52 M
MAGNUSON, Jon Richland, WA 60 M
MALM, Ryan Richland, WA 40 M
MARSHALL, Robert Pasco, WA 77 M
MCCALL, Jonathon West Richland, WA 54 M
MCCUE, Stan Pasco, WA 65 M
MCCULLOUGH, James Kennewick, WA 58 M
MCDUFFIE, Steve Richland, WA 56 M
MCLEAN, Linda Richland, WA 65 F
MCLEAN, Mark Richland, WA 65 M
MEALER, Benjamin Richland, WA 1 M
MEALER, Emma Richland, WA 39 F
MEALER, Michael Richland, WA 41 M
MENDIOLA, Roberto Walla Walla, WA 41 M
MERRIMAN, Bob Kennewick, WA 67 M
MINCH, Jeff Island City, OK 53 M
MOEN, Lance Portland, OR 38 M
MURPHY, Sean Kennewick, WA 58 M
MUSCARELLA, Matthew Los Alamos, NM 29 M
NAPIER, Bruce Richland, WA 68 M
NELSON, Alex S. Kennewick, WA 33 M
NELSON, Dane Kennewick, WA 5 M
NELSON, Elliott Kennewick, WA 8 M
NELSON, Julie Kennewick, WA 40 F
O'HAGAN, Mike Richland, WA 63 M
PAINTER, David Richland, WA 67 M
PAINTER, Jimalee Richland, WA 68 F
PAINTER, Mark Richland, WA 71 M
PALMER, Rose Kennewick, WA 40 F
PLUMB, Erin Kennewick, WA 48 F
POET, Torka West Richland, WA 55 F
POIRIER, Brenton Richland, WA 33 M
ROBERTS, Paul Kennewick, WA 67 M
ROBINSON, Mike Kennewick, WA 76 M
ROMANIUK, Greg West Richland, WA 50 M
ROMINE, Jason Yakima, WA 46 M
SARBER, Scott Richland, WA 52 M
SCHMIDT, Erin Pasco, WA 42 F
SCHMIDT, Ken Pasco, WA 42 M
SCHUR, Brian Kennewick, WA 48 M
SCRIMSHER, Andrew Kennewick, WA 23 M
SCRIMSHER, Angie Kennewick, WA 52 F
SCRIMSHER, Levi Kennewick, WA 11 M
SCRIMSHER, Rodney Kennewick, WA 55 M
SEDGWICK, Jeff Richland, WA 53 M
SELBY, Lori Richland, WA 60 F
SERAFIN, Shane Kennewick, WA 36 M
SERREYN, Laura Pasco, WA 47 F
SHAWLEY, Chuck Forest Grove, OR 40 M
SIMMONS, Carol Kennewick, WA 51 F
SMITH, Michael Richland, WA 54 M
SOLBRACK, Brad Richland, WA 65 M
SOLBRACK, Missi Richland, WA 61 F
SPANGLE, Diane Richland, WA 66 F
SPARKS, Brittany Kennewick, WA 35 F
SPIVACK, Ian Richland, WA 41 M
STALOCH, Tim Kennewick, WA 41 M
STALOCH, Trina Kennewick, WA 38 F
STEVENS, Andi Richland, WA 64 F
STITES, Aaron Kennewick, WA 45 M
STOCK, Colleen Kennewick, WA 84 F
STOCK, Sherman Kennewick, WA 85 M
STRYCULA, Diane Burbank, WA 60 F
STURGES, Carolyn West Richland, WA 56 F
STURGES, Mark West Richland, WA 58 M
SWANGER, Pete Kennewick, WA 59 M
SWEET, Luke Richland, WA 42 M
THOMPSON, Ward Richland, WA 61 M
THONNEY, Kevin Walla Walla, WA 34 M
TREADWAY, Phil Richland, WA 59 M
TRENT, Jennifer Kennewick, WA 46 F
TURPEN, Greg Richland, WA 55 M
TYMCHUK, Brad Richland, WA 54 M
VACA, Francisco Richland, WA 56 M
VAN TRESS, Cory West Richland, WA 40 M
WILDE, Jace Richland, WA 46 M
WILSON, Lisa Yakima, WA 41 F
WOOD, Chuck Kennewick, WA 75 M
WRIGHT, Adam Kennewick, WA 42 M
WRIGHT, Athena Kennewick, WA 42 F
YOUNG-MCMURCHIE, Jill Richland, WA 48 F