Tortoise & Hare

Sunday, June 6, 2021 9:00 AM (GMT-4)

Event info
Sport: Running - trail
Location: Ithaca, NY, United States
Registrations: 26
Registration closes: Saturday, June 5, 2021 6:00 PM (GMT-4)
Organized by: Finger Lakes Runners Club
Event website:
Event notes
Borrowing from the fable, this is a race for the slow as well as the fast. Speed alone is not the goal. The victory is in finishing the run. This is a good introduction to trail running (and to local trails), and the falls are a spectacular natural attraction. The 10K+ (10.8 km or 6.7 miles) is a trail run on a small scale. It covers beautiful and varied terrain, the flat Larch Meadow Trail, the easy Bear Trail, and the rolling Lake Trail. There is one long, steep hill that climbs about 450 feet in under a mile, lending another interpretation to the race name: slow up, fast down.
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On the day of the race, I will check my temperature and not participate in the race if my temperature is above normal.
I will stay home and not participate in the race if I have felt ill within 7 days of the race, even if I am fully vaccinated.
Unless I am fully vaccinated, I will stay home and not participate in the race if I have been exposed to a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of the race.
I will stay home and not participate in the race if I have tested positive for COVID-19 unless it has been at least 14 days and I have subsequently tested negative.
I will bring a mask and wear it before and after the race, and at the start until I am no longer near others.
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I, the undersigned accept full responsibility for myself and for any injuries I may incur during this Tortoise and Hare Trail run. I have read both pages of this application and I fully understand that participating in this event may be dangerous to my health. Sprained ankles and wrists, lacerations, bruises, broken bones, lightning strikes, insect bites, animal bites, collisions with vehicles or barbed wire, hypothermia, and heat exhaustion are real possibilities. I fully understand that there will be no medical or emergency personnel on the course. I have trained sufficiently for this event. I will not hold any of the organizers, land owners, Finger Lakes Runners Club, Buttermilk Falls State Park, Finger Lakes Trail Conference, New York State Department of Parks and Recreation, Road Runners Club of America, Niagara Athletic Congress, USAT&F, any agency within the state of New York, or any volunteers responsible. My actions and mishaps are accountable to no one but myself. I agree to withdraw from the race if so instructed by a race official. I grant the race organizers the free use of my name, and any photos or videos of me for any use related to the race they see fit. I acknowledge that my entry fee is non-refundable, even if the race is canceled because of an act of nature or mankind. If participant is under 18, agreeing to this waiver indicates that the parent or guardian has approved this activity.

In addition to the foregoing, I agree to abide by all of FLRC’s instructions aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19. I understand that, even with these instructions in place, there remains a risk that I could contract COVID-19 while participating in this race. I further understand that contracting COVID-19 may lead to serious illness or death. I voluntarily assume these risks, and I hereby release and discharge all of the entities and persons named above from all claims or liabilities relating to any injury or loss connected to COVID-19 or any other illness that I may contract during this race.
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