Pak'nSave Summer Series Rice Mountain Classic

Sunday, March 14, 2021 10:00 (GMT+13)

Event info
Sport: Cycling - road
Location: Gladstone, New Zealand
Registrations: 16
Registration closes: Friday, March 12, 2021 23:59 (GMT+13)
Organized by: PNP Cycling CLub
Event website:

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Please review the waiver provided by the event organizer and click the check box below to accept it. Print waiver
Competitors, all volunteers and officials by starting and attending the event do so at their own risk (as per BikeNZ rules) and imply their acceptance of this condition and absolve the race organisation of liability.

Numbers and timing tags are provided. Number to be worn on centre back or jersey pockets. Electronic timing tags must be returned at the end of each race or pay $20 penalty.

All roads ridden during the series are open. Riders must abide by NZ traffic and road rules, especially double yellow line rule. Ride on left side of the road at all times. Riders must take strict notice of road patrols, road works, marshal and traffic regulations. The Event Director reserves the right to disqualify any rider for breach of NZ Road Rules, dangerous or unsportsmanlike behaviour. Verbal abuse of other riders, volunteers, and supports will not be tolerated and may result in cancellation of any prize money owing or disqualification of the infringing rider at Event Director discretion. Any complaints should be logged to the Event Director.

Riders repeatedly riding on wrong side of the road will be given a time penalty or slowest time for their grade and on 2nd offence – disqualification. This rule is not about occasional movement over the line due to movement in the peloton or a quick passing manoeuvre over the line. It is about attacks on the wrong side of the road, continually sitting over the line, and sitting over the line on blind corners or with oncoming traffic. Riders should form second and third echelons in cross winds.

Finishes will be indicated by a finishing line, chequered flag, timing equipment and road cones. There will be signs displayed at 2km, 1km, 500m to before the finish. Riders should take personal note of the mapped location of the course in case they miss a turn or otherwise (take course map if uncertain). Noted distances are approximate.

Support vehicles. No feeding from support vehicles is permitted. Feeding at designated feed zones only when they exist. Do not park within 1 km of the finish.

Prizes and prize money will be contingent on riders completing the Series.

Results will be posted online as soon as possible after the event.

Following vehicles. Only official vehicles are permitted to follow. Supporters, please use alternative routes where possible to access view points etc.

In the case of a tie for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place at the end of the series, the rider with the highest first placings within the respective Competition wins the placing (not time on GC, not final event placing). If number of first placings are drawn, then second placings decide, and so forth until separation occurs.

BikeNZ Standard rules for bikes. Bikes must be road worthy, safe, and checked. It is the rider's responsibility to ensure they are riding a safe bike for their own and other riders' safety.

Neutral Service: Wheel wagons may be available. Mechanics will do their best to provide you with our own wheel, but this may not be guaranteed. Name and number on cardboard in spokes please. You may or may not be drafted back up to the last bunch on the road depending on safety.

Ambulance crew will be on the course for all events.
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