Rnd 3-PJ's Offroad Stampede

Friday, November 6, 2020 12:00 (GMT+10) - Sunday, November 8, 2020 11:00 (GMT+10)

Event info
Sport: Motor sports
Location: Kingaham, Australia
Registrations: 15
Registration closes: Thursday, November 5, 2020 23:59 (GMT+10)
Organized by: Ultra4 Australia
Event website: www.ultra4australia.com.au
Event notes
The registration for this event DOES NOT cover entry into the park.
Payment to the park will be required when entering the park.
LCMP Park fees will apply. $60 Per Tow Car (this covers race car as well)
Everyone must go through main office which is open from 8-5pm Thursday, 8-9pm Friday and opens at 8am Saturday
We will be camped at Billabong or Diaper Flats
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1. The participant acknowledge and accepts the inherent risks of the proposed recreational and leisure activity/activities provide by the listed parties and the possibility of personal injury or property damage or loss resulting there from and that motor sport is dangerous and you can get hurt and that the vehicle is safe to enter/use.
2. The participant agrees to abide by the following rules of the listed parties at all times:
a) The participant shall not engage in reckless or foolish behavior likely to cause injury to Himself/herself or any other person or property;
b) All participants must follow the directives of the listed parties and its management and Staff at all times;
c) Any participant injured, or observing that another participant has been injured, shall notify the listed parties management or staff of the incident immediately.
3. All participants agree to fully compensate the listed parties for damage and/or loss to the property of the listed parties where such damage or loss is attributable to their own careless or intentional actions.
4. All participants agree to indemnify the listed parties against all claims made by any other person against the listed parties in respect of injury, loss or damage is arising out of or in connection with the participant’s failure to comply with the rules and/or directions of the listed parties its management or staff.
5. By participating in this/these activity/activities, the participant acknowledges and accepts that the listed parties does not accept liability what so ever from:
a) All manner of accidents that may result in injury or worse and/a property damage or loss of any kind there from
b) Inability of the participant to continue in their present work profession as a result of any injury sustained;
c) Any injury or death or loss of any kind that may be attributed to acts of terrorism;
d) The forces of nature, including, but not limited to earthquake, fire, flood and landslides;
e) Accident to or failure of, machinery or equipment or industrial action that may cause injury or worse or loss of any kind.
6. The participant understand and acknowledges the dangers associated with consumption of alcohol and mind altering substances before or during the activities, and the participant accepts full responsibility for injury, loss or damage associated with any such consumption.
7. If the participant suffers any injury or illness, the participant agrees and consents that the listed parties may provide evacuation, first aid and medical treatment at the participant’s expense.
8. The participant releases, waives and forever holds harmless the listed parties from all claims for any loss sustained by him/her in connection with the activity/activities.
9. The participant agrees that the terms and conditions contained herein may be pleaded as a bar to any action, suit or proceedings taken at any time by the participant against Ultra4 Australia, Ultra4 Productions Pty Ltd or B&C English arising out of or as a consequence or participation in the activity/activities. 10. By personally executing this disclaimer form the participant warrants that he/she is at least eighteen (18) years of age. Where this disclaimer form is executed by a parent, guardian or other person, for and on behalf of the participant the person executing this disclaimer form warrants that he/she has authority to do so and that such parent, guardian or other person, agrees to indemnify the listed parties in terms of the indemnity contained in clause 4 hereof.
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