Great Seal May FUNduro (Volunteer)

Saturday, May 4, 2019 9:00 AM (GMT-5)

Event info
Sport: Cycling - mtn enduro
Location: Chillicothe, OH, United States
Registrations: 8
Registration closes: Friday, May 3, 2019 11:59 PM (GMT-5)
Organized by: COMBO
Event website:
Event notes
We had so much fun last year at our first FUNduro that we are bringing it back!

Volunteers are crucial to the success of this event! As a thank you we will give you a killer T Shirt for your services, sweet!

Parking will be provided by Rivers Bend Bike shop at 1796 Lick Run rd. Chillicothe, 45601. The registration, awards, and camping will be here.

Assignments offered will be:

Race Timer: 11:30am-4:00pm. The most important people out there! You will stand at either the start or finish of a stage using an iPad provided by our sponsor Experimac. You will tap the bib number of the racer on the screen either starting them or recording their finish time. It is likely you will cover more than one stage, for example the start of stage 1 and then move to and record the start of stage 3. We absolutely need at least 6 people for timing.

Registration: Sit at a table and check racers in on race day from 9-11am. You will hand them a number plate and input the number into the registration list on the iPad.

Bike Patrol: 11:30am-4:00pm. Keeping the mountain biking world safe. You must be a Bike Patroller to sign up for this assignment.

Photographer: 11:30am-4:00pm. Get out there on the course and get some sick shots of our racers. Stick around and get some podium shots as well as candids of people being people. You love a reason to get out in the woods to use your gear, now you get a t shirt for your services!

General Support: Now-May 4 11:59pm. You'll know who you are. I'll hand pick you .

Race Day Itinerary:

9-11AM sign up

11:30 Riders meeting

Race starts at High Noon!

Afterwards, hangout by a fire and make some new friends!Free camping, beverages, and food will be offered Saturday night! Pre-rides will be happening a few weekends in advance of the race and will be posted on facebook. The course map will be available soon.

Awards will start as soon as we can finish the results!
Afterwards, hangout by a fire, drink North High beer,
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COMBO Basic Liability Waiver, Indemnification Agreement, Permission to Provide Medical Treatment & Publicity Release

Event name: COMBO Winter Race Series Event Date: May 4, 2019 Leader: Mike Whaley


Summary: Prior to participating in this event, you and your parent/guardian (if you are under 18) must read and sign this Waiver. By signing this Waiver, you and your parent/guardian is agreeing that both you and your parent/guardian will not sue the Central Ohio Mountain Biking Organization and National Mountain Bike Patrol (collectively referred to as “COMBO”), its volunteers, or officers, or any other person for any claims that may arise from your participation in this event. You and your parent/guardian assume total responsibility for injuries or damage you may sustain arising from admission to this facility, as further detailed below

You are solely responsible for your own safety: In signing this agreement for myself or for the named participant (if the participant is under age 18), I know that those participating will be exposed to risks of serious bodily injury, sickness, or death due to circumstances inherent in this event, including the negligent acts or omissions of others. I also understand and am aware that mountain biking is an inherently dangerous activity and there are a variety of specific risks and dangers inherent in a voluntary activity such as this, including, without limitation, falls, collisions with other participants, motor vehicles, or stationary objects. I may be participating out of doors and exposed to adverse weather conditions, poor sanitation, air or waterborne microorganisms, exposure to frost bite, rising water, drowning, or falling objects. I am aware that anyone who is inadequately prepared, trained or in inadequate physical condition is more likely to be injured or killed. I further understand that there is a risk of becoming lost or separated from the rest of the group and I may incur personal liability for the costs of rescue of me or members of my family. I also understand that I may be injured while on land or while traveling via motor vehicle or on foot due to my own carelessness or because of the negligence of others. Despite these risks and in exchange for being permitted to participate in this event, I voluntarily agree to assume all of these and other risks inherent in the event.
I acknowledge that I (or the participant for whom I sign if under age 18) am physically capable and sufficiently trained for the completion of this event. I also attest that the equipment used by me (or the participant for whom I sign if under age 18) has been inspected by me and is in good condition and that I am familiar with its proper use. I am also aware that any medical support provided for this event, if any, is likely to be limited to that provided by volunteer personnel with limited first aid training who may be called upon to provide assistance to me during the event. I consent and authorize any such volunteer to assist me (or the participant for whom I sign if under age 18) or to perform such assistance as, in the opinion of such person, may be necessary or appropriate. I understand further that any such medical or other services provided to me (or the participant for whom I sign if under age 18) is not an admission of liability to provide or to continue to provide any such services and is not a waiver by any of said parties’ rights under this agreement. I understand that COMBO assumes no responsibility or liability with respect to my participation in this event. I agree, however, to abide by any decision of any official of COMBO relative to my ability to safely participate in this event. I promise, as well, for myself or the named participant (if the participant is under 18) to wear any safety equipment as required by an official of COMBO such as, but not limited to, helmets, guards, or personal flotation devices. The bicycle helmet will meet the standards of CPSC, ASTM or SNELL and be worn at all times while riding the bicycle. I agree to waive my rights to any benefits associated with this event if I fail to wear appropriate safety equipment.
You agree not to hold COMBO responsible: Having read this waiver and knowing these facts and in consideration of COMBO’ acceptance of my application for participation in this event, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, do hereby agree to release, hold harmless, and discharge COMBO, all sponsors, representatives and volunteers, any involved municipalities or other organization and the boards, trustees, officers, employees, or volunteers of any of them, from any and all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation and/or my own acts of negligence in this event whether or not liability may arise out of negligence, recklessness or carelessness on the part of the persons or entities named in this waiver. This release applies, for example, to injuries or damages related to your conduct, bicycle and equipment, the conduct or equipment of other participants, the design of the course, the condition of the course and facility, and the conduct of COMBO and its volunteers, even if such conduct by COMBO or its volunteers is negligent..
I further agree to indemnify the persons and entities listed in this agreement for any liability they incur to me, a member of my family, or the participant in connection with this event. I further agree that if, in breach of this agreement, I institute any judicial proceedings against any of the persons listed in this agreement in connection with this event, I shall bring them in the Common Pleas Court of Franklin County, Ohio, or in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, located in Columbus, Ohio, and I consent to personal jurisdiction in those courts. I further agree that, if in breach of this agreement, I institute any such proceedings, I am responsible for all costs and attorneys fees of any person or entity against whom I institute such proceedings
You allow us to use pictures and videos of this event that may include you: I also grant permission to COMBO and its sponsors to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings or any record of this event for legitimate purposes