Swim 4 Orán

Saturday, September 14, 2019 10:00 (GMT+1)

Event info
Sport: Swimming - open water
Location: Craigavon, United Kingdom
Registration closes: Friday, September 13, 2019 23:59 (GMT+1)
Organized by: Lurgan Masters and Open Water Swimming Club
Event website: https://www.facebook.com/events/2073912292705257/
Event notes
Swim 4 Orán will be a charity open water swimming event and family fun day hosted by Lurgan Masters and Open Water Swim Club in conjunction with the Children's Heartbeat Trust.

Race distances will include 750m, 1.5k and 3k.
Additionally, we will have a 300m junior race (parents can accompany their child if they wish) and a 150m fun swim with Ripples Special Olympics Swim Club.
Wetsuit and Skins swim available for the adult entries only. Children under 14 MUST wear wetsuits

We aim to provide something fun for everyone in the water or on dry land with a range of attractions and amusements to keep non-swimmers entertained.

We are doing all this to raise funds for the Children's Heartbeat Trust and in memory of Orán Creaney.
Orán is the late grandson of one of our founding members, Francie McAlinden. He was born in June 2008 with a single ventricle heart. His heart condition coupled with a feeding peg meant that he had little energy and was tube fed three times a day. This never got him down and he was proud of his “Special Heart”. He loved life and making people happy.

Sadly, after his third open heart surgery, Orán passed away on the 7th of October 2014. He was 6 years old. In memory of this brave little boy, we challenge you to “Swim 4 Orán”. Whether you’re an experienced swimmer or just want to give it a go we’ve something for everyone.
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1. Open Water Swimming
Lurgan Masters and Open Water Swimming Club are working to deliver the opportunity of swimming and competing in the open water.
Competitors in the Swim 4 Orán event must, however, be aware that open water swimming is much more
physically demanding than pool swimming and competitors face hazards and risks, including, but not
limited to:
• Slip and fall hazards at the entry point and exit points due to uneven ground and wet
• Cuts and abrasions from rocks and sharp objects (including glass) on the shoreline and
at the entry and exit points
• Submerged hazards such as rocks or objects which are partially buried on the lake floor which are not visible from the water surface
• Collisions with objects floating in the sea
• Collisions and contact with other swimmers competing in the race
• Collisions with rescue boats and kayaks
• Collisions with swimmers and marine users who are not participating in the race but
who cross the race course
• Water pollution
• Stings and bites from contacts with marine or river life
• Hypothermia due to low air and sea temperature and length of time spent in the water
• Seasickness and disorientation from wind and waves
• Effect of wind, waves, currents and tidal streams
• Hazards caused by the shape of the sea floor or river floor or lake bed
• Damage or theft to personal property while swimming
• Hazards posed by spectators and members of the public.
This list is not exhaustive.

Before competing in the Swim 4 Orán, all competitors need to acclimatize to swimming in the
sea and open water. We are hosting a variety of swims at different distanced and swimmers must be prepared for swimming the distance that they are entering. The water temperature can vary
from approximately nine degrees Celsius to seventeen degrees Celsius. The weather on the day will also impact water temperature.
Each swimmer must evaluate conditions before the Swim for him or herself to consider if it is
suitable for them to swim. Conditions at each race will be different depending on wind,
weather, water temperature and lough conditions and therefore can only be assessed on the day
at each race location.
Where a swimmer has a doubt after evaluating conditions before their Swim 4 Orán, they should
not swim.
Conditions, which may be suitable for your fellow competitors, may not be suitable for you.

2. Race Rules
Race Rules – Registration before Race
• Please arrive early for each race. Online registration will close Friday 2nd August at midnight. On the day of the event please ensure that you sign in AT LEAST ONE HOUR BEFORE YOUR RACE COMMENCES. Attending the race briefing is mandatory. competitors will not be allowed to take the water without having been signed in and briefed.
• If it is your first time competing, or if you are have been competing for several years, please arrive an hour before your race.
• Whatever you are wearing - a wetsuit or swimsuit you must declare it at registration.
Race Rules - The Start
• All open water races shall start from a designated start line marked by inflatable buoys
or gate.
• If in the opinion of the starter, an unfair advantage has been gained at the start, the
offending competitor may be penalised or disqualified.
• Any competitor who crosses the start line before the start may be penalised or
disqualified by the race referee or starter.
• All escort or safety craft should be stationed prior to the race so as not to interfere with
any competitor.
• Even if they start together, the men’s and ladies’ races shall be treated as separate
events. The same for wetsuit and skins swim categories. Tow floats may be used however they are not mandatory.
Race Rules - The Race.
• If in the opinion of a Referee, an action of a swimmer or an escort safety craft, or a
swimmer’s approved representative is deemed to be ‘unsporting’ the referee shall
disqualify the swimmer concerned with immediate effect.

• Escort safety craft shall manoeuvre so as not to obstruct or place themselves directly
ahead of any swimmer and not take unfair advantage by pacing or slipstreaming.
• The safety of competitors and officials is of paramount importance. All competitors
must immediately obey instructions from safety boats, crew or safety officials. Failure to
comply with competitor safety instructions shall result in immediate disqualification.
• Rendering assistance by a medical officer to a swimmer in apparent distress should
always supersede official rules of disqualification through “intentional contact” with a
• No swimmer shall be permitted to use or wear any device which may be an aid to their
speed, endurance or buoyancy. Goggles, a maximum of two caps, nose clip and
earplugs may be used.
• Swimmers shall be allowed to use grease or other such substances providing these are
not, in the opinion of the Referee, excessive.
• The pacing of a swimmer by another person entering the water is not permitted.
• Competitors who do not finish the course within the time limits shall be removed from
the water except that the referee may allow a competitor outside the time limit to
complete the course but not participate in any points or prizes awarded.
• Any competitors deemed by the race referee, not to have completed the course as
outlined at the start, shall be disqualified
Race Rules - The Finish
• The finish point for all races shall be clearly marked, with inflatable buoys, flags or gate.
• The race referee or starter shall be the sole judge for finishing positions.
• Finishing positions may be recorded using a variety of methods appropriate to the
logistics at the race venue.
• Electronic timing and stopwatch timing will both be used will be used for races.
• The Finish Judges and Timekeepers shall be placed to be able to observe the finish. The
area in which they are stationed should be for their exclusive use.
• Upon leaving the water some swimmers may require assistance. Swimmers should only be touched or handled if they display a need or ask for assistance.
Race Rules – Wetsuit Race
• All swimmers in the same event will start together.

3. Changes to Race Rules
Lurgan Masters and Openwater Swimming Club reserve the right to make
amendments to these Rules and Swimmer’s Declaration at short notice to ensure the safety of
swimmers, rescue crews, race officials and spectators and to ensure good administration and
fair competition of the open water swimming races.
Name of parent or guardian who approves this activity
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