Canaccord Corporate Cup Start List and Chip IDs

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 04:00 (GMT-7) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Running
Location: Saint Helier, Jersey
Start type: Interval wave start
Wave grouping: Custom
Racers: 104
Timed on: iPhone
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 4.2
Chip timing: Bluetooth RFID
Updated: Monday, July 27, 2020 07:40 (GMT-7)
Organized by: Trail Monkey Jersey
Race website:

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Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
151Ernst & Lungs Runner 1Ernst & Lungs Team EntryF/M 18:13.9--100%23.50%19.76%04:00:01
281Grant Thornton Road Runners Runner 1Grant Thornton Road Runners Team EntryM 18:14.4+0:00.5+0.05%99.95%23.46%19.72%04:00:01
357Fairway Flyers Runner 1Fairway Flyers Team EntryF/M 18:23.1+0:09.2+0.84%99.17%22.86%19.09%04:00:01
45Alex Picot's Scrambled Legs Runner 3Alex Picot's Scrambled Legs Team EntryM 18:23.2+0:09.3+0.85%99.16%22.85%19.08%04:00:01
535BNP Paribas Team 2 Runner 3BNP Paribas Team 2 Team EntryF/M 18:25.5+0:11.6+1.06%98.95%22.69%18.91%04:00:01
693Intertrust Funds Runner 1Intertrust Funds Team EntryM 18:30.4+0:16.5+1.51%98.51%22.35%18.55%04:00:01
745EGL - Runner 1EGL - Between A Walk And A Hard Pace Team EntryF/M 19:04.3+0:50.4+4.61%95.60%19.98%16.06%04:00:01
8134Nexus Technology Runner 1Nexus Technology Team EntryM 19:05.5+0:51.6+4.72%95.50%19.89%15.98%04:00:01
969FX Fitness Runner 1FX Fitness Team EntryF/M 19:08.5+0:54.6+4.99%95.25%19.68%15.76%04:00:01
1034BNP Paribas Team 2 Runner 2BNP Paribas Team 2 Team EntryF/M 19:10.0+0:56.1+5.13%95.12%19.58%15.65%04:00:01
1171FX Fitness Runner 3FX Fitness Team EntryF/M 19:16.7+1:02.8+5.74%94.57%19.11%15.15%04:00:01
1272FX Fitness Runner 4FX Fitness Team EntryF/M 19:28.6+1:14.7+6.83%93.61%18.28%14.28%04:00:01
1310Apex Funds Solutions Jersey Runner 2Apex Funds Solutions Jersey Team EntryF/M 19:36.8+1:22.9+7.58%92.96%17.70%13.68%04:00:01
14118LGL Group 1 Runner 2LGL Group 1 Team EntryF/M 19:40.9+1:27.0+7.95%92.63%17.42%13.38%04:00:01
15101Jog On Runner 3Jog On Team EntryF/M 19:41.1+1:27.2+7.97%92.62%17.40%13.36%04:00:01
16106Langham Hall Stars 1 Runner 2Langham Hall Stars 1 Team EntryF/M 19:51.3+1:37.4+8.90%91.82%16.69%12.62%04:00:01
17159Pinnacle Procrastinators Runner 2Pinnacle Procrastinators Team EntryF/M 19:57.9+1:44.0+9.51%91.32%16.23%12.13%04:00:01
1859Fairway Flyers Runner 3Fairway Flyers Team EntryF/M 20:08.8+1:54.9+10.50%90.49%15.46%11.33%04:00:01
19124LGL Group 2 Runner 3LGL Group 2 Team EntryF/M 20:17.7+2:03.8+11.32%89.83%14.84%10.68%04:00:01
20120LGL Group 1 Runner 4LGL Group 1 Team EntryF/M 20:18.8+2:04.9+11.42%89.75%14.77%10.60%04:00:01
2136BNP Paribas Team 2 Runner 4BNP Paribas Team 2 Team EntryF/M 20:30.4+2:16.5+12.48%88.91%13.95%9.75%04:00:01
2247EGL - Runner 3EGL - Between A Walk And A Hard Pace Team EntryF/M 20:37.7+2:23.8+13.15%88.38%13.44%9.21%04:00:01
23194Team Cando Runner 1Team Cando Team EntryF/M 20:40.0+2:26.1+13.36%88.22%13.28%9.04%04:00:01
24102Jog On Runner 4Jog On Team EntryF/M 20:41.6+2:27.7+13.50%88.10%13.17%8.93%04:00:01
2528BNP Paribas Team 1 Runner 2BNP Paribas Team 1 Team EntryF/M 20:58.7+2:44.8+15.07%86.91%11.97%7.67%04:00:01
2617Baker & Partners Runner 3Baker & Partners Team EntryM 20:59.2+2:45.3+15.11%86.87%11.94%7.64%04:00:01
2760Fairway Flyers Runner 4Fairway Flyers Team EntryF/M 20:59.7+2:45.8+15.16%86.84%11.90%7.60%04:00:01
28158Pinnacle Procrastinators Runner 1Pinnacle Procrastinators Team EntryF/M 21:00.9+2:47.0+15.27%86.76%11.82%7.51%04:00:01
2964Fairway Triers Runner 2Fairway Triers Team EntryF/M 21:10.5+2:56.6+16.14%86.10%11.15%6.81%04:00:01
30195Team Cando Runner 2Team Cando Team EntryF/M 21:12.9+2:59.0+16.36%85.94%10.98%6.63%04:00:01
31182Santander Flames Runner 1Santander Flames Team EntryM 21:20.8+3:06.9+17.09%85.41%10.43%6.05%04:00:01
3276Gaspe Gaspers Runner 2Gaspe Gaspers Team EntryF/M 21:21.3+3:07.4+17.13%85.37%10.39%6.01%04:00:01
3322Bedell Cristin Runner 2Bedell Cristin Team EntryF/M 21:23.8+3:09.9+17.36%85.21%10.22%5.83%04:00:01
3448EGL - Runner 4EGL - Between A Walk And A Hard Pace Team EntryF/M 21:33.1+3:19.2+18.21%84.60%9.57%5.15%04:00:01
353Alex Picot's Scrambled Legs Runner 1Alex Picot's Scrambled Legs Team EntryM 21:33.6+3:19.7+18.26%84.56%9.53%5.11%04:00:01
3658Fairway Flyers Runner 2Fairway Flyers Team EntryF/M 21:39.1+3:25.2+18.76%84.20%9.15%4.71%04:00:01
379Apex Funds Solutions Jersey Runner 1Apex Funds Solutions Jersey Team EntryF/M 21:40.8+3:26.9+18.91%84.09%9.03%4.58%04:00:01
3833BNP Paribas Team 2 Runner 1BNP Paribas Team 2 Team EntryF/M 21:46.3+3:32.4+19.42%83.74%8.65%4.18%04:00:01
3912Apex Funds Solutions Jersey Runner 4Apex Funds Solutions Jersey Team EntryF/M 21:54.8+3:40.9+20.19%83.20%8.05%3.56%04:00:01
4099Jog On Runner 1Jog On Team EntryF/M 22:00.5+3:46.6+20.71%82.84%7.65%3.14%04:00:01
4182Grant Thornton Road Runners Runner 2Grant Thornton Road Runners Team EntryM 22:05.0+3:51.1+21.13%82.56%7.34%2.81%04:00:01
42130LGL Group 3 Runner 3LGL Group 3 Team EntryF/M 22:06.3+3:52.4+21.25%82.48%7.25%2.71%04:00:01
43164Rathbones Racers Runner 1Rathbones Racers Team EntryF/M 22:13.6+3:59.7+21.91%82.03%6.74%2.18%04:00:01
4463Fairway Triers Runner 1Fairway Triers Team EntryF/M 22:19.9+4:06.0+22.49%81.64%6.30%1.72%04:00:01
45176Sanne - Team 2 Runner 1Sanne - Team 2 Team EntryF/M 22:22.6+4:08.7+22.74%81.48%6.11%1.52%04:00:01
46197Team Cando Runner 4Team Cando Team EntryF/M 22:26.0+4:12.1+23.05%81.27%5.87%1.27%04:00:01
4778Gaspe Gaspers Runner 4Gaspe Gaspers Team EntryF/M 22:37.6+4:23.7+24.11%80.58%5.06%0.42%04:00:01
48135Nexus Technology Runner 2Nexus Technology Team EntryM 22:37.8+4:23.9+24.12%80.56%5.04%0.40%04:00:01
4970FX Fitness Runner 2FX Fitness Team EntryF/M 22:40.2+4:26.3+24.34%80.42%4.88%0.23%04:00:01
5094Intertrust Funds Runner 2Intertrust Funds Team EntryM 22:41.0+4:27.1+24.42%80.37%4.82%0.17%04:00:01
5146EGL - Runner 2EGL - Between A Walk And A Hard Pace Team EntryF/M 22:42.2+4:28.3+24.53%80.30%4.74%0.08%04:00:01
5211Apex Funds Solutions Jersey Runner 3Apex Funds Solutions Jersey Team EntryF/M 22:43.3+4:29.4+24.63%80.24%4.66%0.00%04:00:01
5395Intertrust Funds Runner 3Intertrust Funds Team EntryM 22:45.0+4:31.1+24.78%80.14%4.54%-0.12%04:00:01
54136Nexus Technology Runner 3Nexus Technology Team EntryM 22:46.7+4:32.8+24.94%80.04%4.42%-0.25%04:00:01
554Alex Picot's Scrambled Legs Runner 2Alex Picot's Scrambled Legs Team EntryM 22:47.3+4:33.4+24.99%80.00%4.38%-0.29%04:00:01
5683Grant Thornton Road Runners Runner 3Grant Thornton Road Runners Team EntryM 22:47.6+4:33.7+25.02%79.99%4.36%-0.32%04:00:01
57137Nexus Technology Runner 4Nexus Technology Team EntryM 22:53.8+4:39.9+25.59%79.63%3.93%-0.77%04:00:01
5839Cirque Du Canaccord Runner 1Cirque Du Canaccord Team EntryM 23:01.8+4:47.9+26.32%79.16%3.37%-1.36%04:00:01
59141Ogier Objectors (To Running) Runner 2Ogier Objectors (To Running) Team EntryF/M 23:08.1+4:54.2+26.89%78.81%2.93%-1.82%04:00:01
6096Intertrust Funds Runner 4Intertrust Funds Team EntryM 23:08.2+4:54.3+26.90%78.80%2.92%-1.83%04:00:01
61117LGL Group 1 Runner 1LGL Group 1 Team EntryF/M 23:10.8+4:56.9+27.14%78.65%2.74%-2.02%04:00:01
62105Langham Hall Stars 1 Runner 1Langham Hall Stars 1 Team EntryF/M 23:26.0+5:12.1+28.53%77.80%1.67%-3.13%04:00:01
63185Santander Flames Runner 4Santander Flames Team EntryM 23:28.7+5:14.8+28.78%77.65%1.48%-3.33%04:00:01
64129LGL Group 3 Runner 2LGL Group 3 Team EntryF/M 23:38.2+5:24.3+29.65%77.13%0.82%-4.03%04:00:01
6566Fairway Triers Runner 4Fairway Triers Team EntryF/M 23:39.2+5:25.3+29.74%77.08%0.75%-4.10%04:00:01
66119LGL Group 1 Runner 3LGL Group 1 Team EntryF/M 23:47.0+5:33.1+30.45%76.66%0.20%-4.67%04:00:01
6729BNP Paribas Team 1 Runner 3BNP Paribas Team 1 Team EntryF/M 24:08.7+5:54.8+32.43%75.51%-1.31%-6.26%04:00:01
68196Team Cando Runner 3Team Cando Team EntryF/M 24:12.2+5:58.3+32.75%75.33%-1.56%-6.52%04:00:01
6927BNP Paribas Team 1 Runner 1BNP Paribas Team 1 Team EntryF/M 24:26.5+6:12.6+34.06%74.59%-2.56%-7.57%04:00:01
7016Baker & Partners Runner 2Baker & Partners Team EntryM 24:28.5+6:14.6+34.24%74.49%-2.70%-7.72%04:00:01
7175Gaspe Gaspers Runner 1Gaspe Gaspers Team EntryF/M 24:33.6+6:19.7+34.71%74.23%-3.05%-8.09%04:00:01
72107Langham Hall Stars 1 Runner 3Langham Hall Stars 1 Team EntryF/M 24:36.2+6:22.3+34.95%74.10%-3.24%-8.28%04:00:01
73100Jog On Runner 2Jog On Team EntryF/M 24:36.4+6:22.5+34.97%74.09%-3.25%-8.30%04:00:01
7477Gaspe Gaspers Runner 3Gaspe Gaspers Team EntryF/M 24:50.6+6:36.7+36.26%73.39%-4.24%-9.34%04:00:01
75177Sanne - Team 2 Runner 2Sanne - Team 2 Team EntryF/M 24:57.6+6:43.7+36.90%73.04%-4.73%-9.85%04:00:01
7615Baker & Partners Runner 1Baker & Partners Team EntryM 25:03.3+6:49.4+37.43%72.77%-5.13%-10.27%04:00:01
77183Santander Flames Runner 2Santander Flames Team EntryM 25:57.9+7:44.0+42.42%70.22%-8.95%-14.27%04:00:01
78184Santander Flames Runner 3Santander Flames Team EntryM 26:05.0+7:51.1+43.07%69.90%-9.45%-14.79%04:00:01
79140Ogier Objectors (To Running) Runner 1Ogier Objectors (To Running) Team EntryF/M 26:06.4+7:52.5+43.19%69.84%-9.54%-14.90%04:00:01
80125LGL Group 2 Runner 4LGL Group 2 Team EntryF/M 26:14.3+8:00.4+43.92%69.48%-10.10%-15.48%04:00:01
8140Cirque Du Canaccord Runner 2Cirque Du Canaccord Team EntryM 26:31.2+8:17.3+45.46%68.75%-11.28%-16.72%04:00:01
82143Ogier Objectors (To Running) Runner 4Ogier Objectors (To Running) Team EntryF/M 26:38.2+8:24.3+46.10%68.45%-11.77%-17.23%04:00:01
8352Ernst & Lungs Runner 2Ernst & Lungs Team EntryF/M 26:45.4+8:31.5+46.76%68.14%-12.27%-17.76%04:00:01
84206Joan Inwood Solo EntryF 26:47.2+8:33.3+46.92%68.06%-12.40%-17.89%04:00:01
85108Langham Hall Stars 1 Runner 4Langham Hall Stars 1 Team EntryF/M 26:56.2+8:42.3+47.75%67.68%-13.03%-18.55%04:00:01
866Alex Picot's Scrambled Legs Runner 4Alex Picot's Scrambled Legs Team EntryM 27:12.1+8:58.2+49.20%67.02%-14.14%-19.72%04:00:01
87142Ogier Objectors (To Running) Runner 3Ogier Objectors (To Running) Team EntryF/M 27:50.1+9:36.2+52.67%65.50%-16.80%-22.50%04:00:01
88160Pinnacle Procrastinators Runner 3Pinnacle Procrastinators Team EntryF/M 27:57.2+9:43.3+53.32%65.22%-17.29%-23.03%04:00:01
89128LGL Group 3 Runner 1LGL Group 3 Team EntryF/M 28:12.3+9:58.4+54.70%64.64%-18.35%-24.13%04:00:01
9021Bedell Cristin Runner 1Bedell Cristin Team EntryF/M 28:14.2+10:00.3+54.88%64.57%-18.48%-24.27%04:00:01
9141Cirque Du Canaccord Runner 3Cirque Du Canaccord Team EntryM 28:21.6+10:07.7+55.55%64.29%-19.00%-24.81%04:00:01
92161Pinnacle Procrastinators Runner 4Pinnacle Procrastinators Team EntryF/M 29:00.6+10:46.7+59.12%62.85%-21.73%-27.68%04:00:01
9330BNP Paribas Team 1 Runner 4BNP Paribas Team 1 Team EntryF/M 29:20.9+11:07.0+60.97%62.12%-23.15%-29.16%04:00:01
94123LGL Group 2 Runner 2LGL Group 2 Team EntryF/M 29:45.5+11:31.6+63.22%61.27%-24.87%-30.97%04:00:01
9542Cirque Du Canaccord Runner 4Cirque Du Canaccord Team EntryM 29:47.3+11:33.4+63.39%61.20%-24.99%-31.10%04:00:01
96178Sanne - Team 2 Runner 3Sanne - Team 2 Team EntryF/M 29:51.8+11:37.9+63.80%61.05%-25.31%-31.43%04:00:01
97191Scrambled Legs Runner 4Scrambled Legs Team EntryF/M 29:54.4+11:40.5+64.04%60.96%-25.49%-31.62%04:00:01
98122LGL Group 2 Runner 1LGL Group 2 Team EntryF/M 30:10.6+11:56.7+65.52%60.42%-26.62%-32.81%04:00:01
99190Scrambled Legs Runner 3Scrambled Legs Team EntryF/M 30:20.1+12:06.2+66.39%60.10%-27.29%-33.51%04:00:01
100179Sanne - Team 2 Runner 4Sanne - Team 2 Team EntryF/M 30:24.8+12:10.9+66.82%59.95%-27.61%-33.85%04:00:01
10165Fairway Triers Runner 3Fairway Triers Team EntryF/M 31:58.2+13:44.3+75.35%57.03%-34.15%-40.70%04:00:01
10218Baker & Partners Runner 4Baker & Partners Team EntryM 39:29.8+21:15.9+116.64%46.16%-65.73%-73.83%04:00:01
103188Scrambled Legs Runner 1Scrambled Legs Team EntryF/M 58:49.0+40:35.1+222.61%31.00%-146.80%-158.86%04:00:01
-2Sophie Le Blond Solo EntryF DNF-----04:00:01