2020 GBRC Virtual Chuckanut Foot Race

Friday, July 31, 2020 9:00 AM (GMT-7) - Preliminary results

Race info
Sport: Running
Location: Bellingham, WA, United States
Start type: Individual start
Racers: 86
Timing mode: Virtual race
Updated: Saturday, August 15, 2020 6:24 PM (GMT-7)
Organized by: GBRC, Race Directors: Joy Love & Larry Lober
Race website: http://www.gbrc.net/races/chuckanut-foot-race/

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2020 GBRC Virtual Chuckanut Foot Race

Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
1-Derek ThorntonD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race37M 42:29--100%46.19%38.19%
2-Zach BrownD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race37M 43:00+0:31+1.22%98.80%45.53%37.44%
3-Eric BachmeierD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race46M 44:42+2:13+5.22%95.04%43.38%34.97%
4-Jeff Ten PasVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race47M 44:55+2:26+5.73%94.58%43.11%34.65%
5-Caleb GuthrieD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race14M 47:20+4:51+11.42%89.75%40.04%31.13%
6-Dave BushnellD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race46M 47:45+5:16+12.40%88.97%39.52%30.53%
7-Derek DamonD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race49M 48:46+6:17+14.79%87.12%38.23%29.05%
8-Jeff DewittD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race54M 51:01+8:32+20.09%83.27%35.38%25.78%
9-Gregory PierceVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race32M 51:34+9:05+21.38%82.39%34.68%24.98%
10-Marcus KanenagaD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race16M 51:50+9:21+22.01%81.96%34.34%24.59%
11-Marie BeaverD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race54F 53:29+11:00+25.89%79.43%32.25%22.19%
12-Deborah EckhouseD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race33F 54:07+11:38+27.38%78.50%31.45%21.27%
13-Mary WuestD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race31F 55:37+13:08+30.91%76.39%29.55%19.08%
14-David BoureyD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race56M 55:42+13:13+31.11%76.27%29.45%18.96%
15-Larissa GiordanoVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race43F 55:53+13:24+31.54%76.02%29.21%18.70%
16-Jimmy RustD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race14M 56:33+14:04+33.11%75.13%28.37%17.73%
17-Nels PostmaD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race50M 57:23+14:54+35.07%74.03%27.31%16.51%
18-Heidi MainD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race41F 58:09+15:40+36.88%73.06%26.34%15.40%
19-John GowelVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race43M 59:21+16:52+39.70%71.58%24.82%13.65%
20-Steve DuncanD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race52M 59:33+17:04+40.17%71.34%24.57%13.36%
21-Melissa DoergeD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race50F 1:00:15+17:46+41.82%70.51%23.68%12.34%
22-Ella MoenchD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race38F 1:01:55+19:26+45.74%68.61%21.57%9.92%
23-Joy LoveD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race37F 1:02:22+19:53+46.80%68.12%21.00%9.26%
24-Angela GeorgeD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race44F 1:05:33+23:04+54.30%64.81%16.97%4.63%
25-Jo MunizD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race63F 1:05:39+23:10+54.53%64.71%16.84%4.49%
26-Raymond SnyderD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race64M 1:05:50+23:21+54.96%64.53%16.61%4.22%
27-Terry MontagueD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race69M 1:05:56+23:27+55.20%64.43%16.48%4.07%
28-Walt RoqueD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race50M 1:07:24+24:55+58.65%63.03%14.63%1.94%
29-Deb KuiperVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race50F 1:07:38+25:09+59.20%62.81%14.33%1.60%
30-Bradley BazhawD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race32M 1:07:47+25:18+59.55%62.68%14.14%1.38%
31-Peter RustD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race38M 1:08:20+25:51+60.85%62.17%13.44%0.58%
32-Krysten WagnerD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race38F 1:08:44+26:15+61.79%61.81%12.94%0.00%
33-Janet AndrewsD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race57F 1:10:24+27:55+65.71%60.35%10.83%-2.42%
34-Rob BeishlineD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race51M 1:10:35+28:06+66.14%60.19%10.59%-2.69%
35-Tifanie TreterD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race44F 1:11:41+29:12+68.73%59.27%9.20%-4.29%
36-Larry LoberD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race67M 1:13:25+30:56+72.81%57.87%7.00%-6.81%
37-Nicole PiscopoVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race47F 1:13:58+31:29+74.11%57.44%6.31%-7.61%
38-Peg NevaD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race59F 1:15:00+32:31+76.54%56.64%5.00%-9.12%
38-Wendy AlbrechtD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race58F 1:15:00+32:31+76.54%56.64%5.00%-9.12%
40-Anne IsenhartVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race43F 1:16:00+33:31+78.89%55.90%3.73%-10.57%
41-Corinna Healey-SmithVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race45F 1:19:45+37:16+87.72%53.27%-1.02%-16.03%
42-Mary AndersonD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race40F 1:20:18+37:49+89.02%52.91%-1.71%-16.83%
43-Jeff TottenD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race60M 1:22:12+39:43+93.49%51.68%-4.12%-19.59%
44-Kimberly NicholsVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race34F 1:23:12+40:43+95.84%51.06%-5.39%-21.05%
45-Kenneth HayVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race77M 1:23:45+41:16+97.14%50.73%-6.08%-21.85%
46-Vicki GriffithsVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race77F 1:32:03+49:34+116.67%46.15%-16.60%-33.92%
47-Teresa ParkeD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race49F 1:32:47+50:18+118.40%45.79%-17.53%-34.99%
48-Katie FleischmannVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race38F 1:32:51+50:22+118.56%45.75%-17.61%-35.09%
48-Tiffany MortonD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race46F 1:32:51+50:22+118.56%45.75%-17.61%-35.09%
50-Ariella RossD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race30F 1:37:42+55:13+129.97%43.48%-23.75%-42.14%
51-Angela GoldorVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race50F 1:38:00+55:31+130.68%43.35%-24.13%-42.58%
52-Don ClarkVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race85M 1:40:00+57:31+135.39%42.48%-26.67%-45.49%
53-Alison WalkerVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race34F 1:50:47+1:08:18+160.77%38.35%-40.33%-61.18%
54-Julie DentonD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race57F 1:55:41+1:13:12+172.30%36.72%-46.53%-68.31%
55-Scott BlumeD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race68M 1:55:46+1:13:17+172.50%36.70%-46.64%-68.43%
56-Freddi SteeleVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race63F 1:56:25+1:13:56+174.03%36.49%-47.46%-69.37%
57-Johannah NelsonD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race40F 2:06:50+1:24:21+198.55%33.50%-60.66%-84.53%
58-Violet Van DiestVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race62F 2:07:07+1:24:38+199.22%33.42%-61.02%-84.94%
59-Linda PierceVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race65F 2:17:16+1:34:47+223.11%30.95%-73.87%-99.71%
60-Holly OrbanVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race54F 2:22:00+1:39:31+234.25%29.92%-79.87%-106.60%
61-Marilyn StemerickVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race69F 2:33:00+1:50:31+260.14%27.77%-93.80%-122.60%
62-Thierry WerderitsD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race70M 2:40:46+1:58:17+278.42%26.43%-103.64%-133.90%
63-Jane WilcoxVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race67F 3:00:00+2:17:31+323.70%23.60%-128.00%-161.88%
--Tim SchafermeyerVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race29M DNF-----
--Ashley PerryD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race36F DNF-----
--Luisa LopezVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race49F DNF-----
--Andrea YengichD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race32F DNF-----
--Anna KirbyD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race31F DNF-----
--Laura SingletaryVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race50F DNF-----
--Mike SingletaryVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race57M DNF-----
--Erin FraserVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race33F DNF-----
--Brandon DuppenthalerVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race37M DNF-----
--Kimberly EpochD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race46F DNF-----
--Scott WehrweinD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race32M DNF-----
--Kristoffer Waynetska WaynetskaD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race29M DNF-----
--Ets KanenagaVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race86F DNF-----
--Alison AllenVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race59F DNF-----
--Beth McCallD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race32F DNF-----
--Jiaxing BrisboisVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race14M DNF-----
--Meilene BrisboisVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race11F DNF-----
--Joan Zhong-BrisboisVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race51F DNF-----
--Kara EwingVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race44F DNF-----
--Maya EwingVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race16F DNF-----
--Julie CraneD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race52F DNF-----
--Sabrina HouckVirtual Chuckanut Foot Race29F DNF-----
--Jamie JohnsonD I Y Chuckanut Foot Race42F DNF-----