2017 SORBA Huntsville TTT #8

Thursday, July 27, 2017 5:57 PM (GMT-5) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - mtn cross-country
Location: Huntsville, AL, United States
Start type: Individual start
Racers: 175
Timing mode: Multi-device splits
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO 2.6
Updated: Friday, July 28, 2017 9:36 AM (GMT-5)

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2017 SORBA Huntsville TTT #8

Place -2 Racer name Affiliation Category Gender Finish time
17Tim BarnackMonte Insano Male 50 & overM 20:18.1--100%27.50%25.07%
229Lane Polak Male 25-29M 20:32.3+0:14.2+1.17%98.85%26.65%24.20%
32Korey ShivelyKorey Shively Jr. Male 15-17M 20:36.4+0:18.3+1.50%98.52%26.41%23.95%
423Joe ThompsonHUNTSVILLE Male 35-39M 20:37.0+0:18.9+1.55%98.47%26.37%23.91%
573Christopher Castor ClydesdaleM 20:38.9+0:20.8+1.71%98.32%26.26%23.80%
679Stephen Perera Male 25-29M 20:49.3+0:31.2+2.56%97.50%25.64%23.16%
712Brian RobinsonJohnson And Hayes Physical Therapy Male 40-44M 21:37.0+1:18.9+6.48%93.92%22.80%20.22%
811Annette Evers-Reeves Male 45-49F 21:56.1+1:38.0+8.05%92.55%21.66%19.05%
964JJ Parker Male 40-44M 22:14.7+1:56.6+9.57%91.26%20.56%17.90%
1088Dean Richert Male 50 & overM 22:27.5+2:09.4+10.62%90.40%19.79%17.12%
1170Phil Buzzetta Male 40-44M 22:34.3+2:16.2+11.18%89.94%19.39%16.70%
12126Steve Goolsby Male 40-44M 22:46.7+2:28.6+12.20%89.13%18.65%15.93%
131Kody Shively Jr. Male 15-17M 23:05.4+2:47.3+13.73%87.92%17.54%14.78%
14105Forrest EgeTrailhead Inc. Single SpeedM 23:20.5+3:02.4+14.97%86.98%16.64%13.86%
1577Mark Altonji ClydesdaleM 23:26.5+3:08.4+15.47%86.61%16.28%13.49%
1644Riley O'Brien Jr. Male 14 & underM 23:34.1+3:16.0+16.09%86.14%15.83%13.02%
17179Rusty Deshazo Male 50 & overM 23:51.4+3:33.3+17.51%85.10%14.80%11.95%
18140Steve Justice Male 50 & overM 23:53.6+3:35.5+17.69%84.97%14.67%11.82%
1974David Calvert Male 30-34M 23:55.4+3:37.3+17.84%84.86%14.56%11.71%
2050Brent Carter-------- Male 18-24M 24:06.8+3:48.7+18.78%84.19%13.88%11.01%
21104Rich Leeman ClydesdaleM 24:29.2+4:11.1+20.61%82.91%12.55%9.63%
2231Marty McClearyHUNTSVILLE Male 50 & overM 24:35.5+4:17.4+21.13%82.56%12.18%9.24%
23116JEFF SCATES ClydesdaleM 24:43.1+4:25.0+21.76%82.13%11.72%8.77%
24176Nick WiggintonBicycle Cove Male 30-34M 24:49.7+4:31.6+22.30%81.77%11.33%8.37%
2593Chad EdwardsMadison Trailblazers Male 50 & overM 24:50.8+4:32.7+22.39%81.71%11.27%8.30%
26150John Hutchens Jr. Male 14 & underM 25:05.4+4:47.3+23.59%80.92%10.40%7.40%
27100Scott Adams Male 45-49M 25:15.3+4:57.2+24.40%80.39%9.81%6.79%
283Sean Shively Male 45-49M 25:20.2+5:02.1+24.80%80.13%9.52%6.49%
2990David Leviner Male 50 & overM 25:22.9+5:04.8+25.02%79.99%9.35%6.33%
30123John Larch Male 45-49M 25:36.2+5:18.1+26.11%79.29%8.56%5.51%
31159Michael Shales Male 50 & overM 25:38.1+5:20.0+26.27%79.20%8.45%5.39%
32187Laurel SharpLaurel Sharp WomenF 25:50.7+5:32.6+27.30%78.55%7.70%4.62%
3351Andy Coffman Male 35-39M 25:53.2+5:35.1+27.51%78.43%7.55%4.46%
34121Joe Homitz Male 30-34M 26:07.7+5:49.6+28.70%77.70%6.69%3.57%
355TJ Hyser Jr. Male 14 & underM 26:14.1+5:56.0+29.23%77.38%6.31%3.18%
366Bella Hyser Jr. Female 14 & underF 26:36.4+6:18.3+31.06%76.30%4.98%1.81%
3799Lewis WhiteGravity Brokers Inc. ClydesdaleM 27:01.7+6:43.6+33.13%75.11%3.47%0.25%
38108Jeff Bennett Male 50 & overM 27:09.8+6:51.7+33.80%74.74%2.99%-0.25%
3941John Gauthier Male 50 & overM 27:15.5+6:57.4+34.27%74.48%2.65%-0.60%
40170Derek PommerenckBicycle Cove ClydesdaleM 27:31.6+7:13.5+35.59%73.75%1.69%-1.59%
4157Mark Stofer Male 40-44M 28:01.0+7:42.9+38.00%72.46%-0.06%-3.40%
4214Missy Goebel WomenF 28:11.3+7:53.2+38.85%72.02%-0.67%-4.03%
4349Patrick Clark Male 40-44M 28:32.5+8:14.4+40.59%71.13%-1.93%-5.34%
44136RAPHAEL VERGES Male 50 & overM 28:42.1+8:24.0+41.38%70.73%-2.50%-5.93%
45153Chris Wrenn WomenF 29:02.4+8:44.3+43.04%69.91%-3.71%-7.18%
4685Jim FlemingSallye Fleming Male 50 & overM 29:02.8+8:44.7+43.08%69.89%-3.73%-7.20%
47147Kyle Medlen Single SpeedM 29:07.9+8:49.8+43.49%69.69%-4.04%-7.51%
48177Noah Huinker Jr. Male 15-17M 29:10.9+8:52.8+43.74%69.57%-4.22%-7.70%
49114Charles Gough Male 50 & overM 29:22.7+9:04.6+44.71%69.10%-4.92%-8.42%
5027Will Barnwell Male 40-44M 30:09.0+9:50.9+48.51%67.34%-7.67%-11.27%
51182Colin Hynes Jr. Male 14 & underM 30:10.7+9:52.6+48.65%67.27%-7.78%-11.38%
52101Sarah Schlapman WomenF 30:21.4+10:03.3+49.53%66.88%-8.41%-12.03%
5356Madison Stofer Jr. Female 15-17F 30:25.8+10:07.7+49.89%66.72%-8.67%-12.31%
5428Laura Mccrain WomenF 30:27.1+10:09.0+50.00%66.67%-8.75%-12.39%
558Erin Hyser WomenF 30:31.4+10:13.3+50.35%66.51%-9.01%-12.65%
5696TOM STROUD Male 50 & overM 30:34.5+10:16.4+50.60%66.40%-9.19%-12.84%
5784Erin McMahon WomenF 30:37.2+10:19.1+50.83%66.30%-9.35%-13.01%
5839Doug Ford Male 45-49M 30:43.2+10:25.1+51.32%66.09%-9.71%-13.38%
59107Randy Dill Male 50 & overM 31:19.4+11:01.3+54.29%64.81%-11.86%-15.60%
60115Jeffrey ClearyHuntsvilel Male 40-44M 31:25.6+11:07.5+54.80%64.60%-12.23%-15.98%
61184Paul DupreHUNTSVILLE Male 50 & overM 31:48.2+11:30.1+56.65%63.84%-13.58%-17.37%
62148Fisher Hutchens Male 50 & overM 32:01.1+11:43.0+57.71%63.41%-14.35%-18.17%
63124Dana Overton WomenF 32:18.6+12:00.5+59.15%62.83%-15.39%-19.24%
64175Billy McCarty ClydesdaleM 32:33.2+12:15.1+60.35%62.36%-16.26%-20.14%
65127James ElliottOWENS CROSS ROADS Male 40-44M 33:06.6+12:48.5+63.09%61.32%-18.25%-22.20%
6661Caitlyn Parker WomenF 33:17.4+12:59.3+63.98%60.98%-18.89%-22.86%
67103Aubrey Pearce WomenF 35:35.0+15:16.9+75.27%57.05%-27.08%-31.32%
6854Nathan Stofer Jr. Male 14 & underM 35:36.0+15:17.9+75.36%57.03%-27.14%-31.39%
6924Evan CurlBlevins Bicycle Company Jr. Male 14 & underM 35:42.3+15:24.2+75.87%56.86%-27.51%-31.77%
7052Ashton Coffman Jr. Male 14 & underM 36:20.6+16:02.5+79.02%55.86%-29.79%-34.13%
71111Clay MorganThe Movie Blue Drive-In Male 50 & overM 37:44.7+17:26.6+85.92%53.79%-34.80%-39.30%
7243Charli O'Brien Jr. Female 15-17F 45:28.3+25:10.2+123.98%44.65%-62.39%-67.82%
73113John Williams Male 45-49M 46:16.6+25:58.5+127.95%43.87%-65.27%-70.79%
749Devin WilsonNica/Belles Jr. Male 14 & underM 46:28.5+26:10.4+128.92%43.68%-65.98%-71.52%
-4Mark Johnson Male 50 & overM DNF-----
-10Philip ArmbrustHUNTSVILLE Male 35-39M DNF-----
-13Brian Baxter Male 40-44M DNF-----
-15Isaiah Uchida Male 18-24M DNF-----
-17Bryce AndersonHuntsvile ClydesdaleM DNF-----
-18Madison Smith Jr. Female 14 & underF DNF-----
-19Jackson Smith Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-20John Penley Jr. Male 15-17M DNF-----
-21Cooper R GunterHUNTSVILLE Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-22Cooper GunterHUNTSVILLE Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-25Grant McAlpinNICA Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-30Spencer HarrisonStrava Male 25-29M DNF-----
-32Eli Reagh Single SpeedM DNF-----
-33Ryan Chaffin Male 40-44M DNF-----
-34Curtis StolaasLeaf In Creek Male 35-39M DNF-----
-35Michael Layne Male 18-24M DNF-----
-36David Hardy Male 50 & overM DNF-----
-37Ethan FordBuckhorn High School MTB Jr. Male 15-17M DNF-----
-38Madi FordBuckhorn High Scool MTB Jr. Female 15-17F DNF-----
-40Rob Youngren Single SpeedM DNF-----
-42Sherry O'Brien WomenF DNF-----
-45Brian Bartlett Male 25-29M DNF-----
-46Ryan UchidaMadison Male 45-49M DNF-----
-47Will Higdon Male 50 & overM DNF-----
-48Dylan Joffrion Male 18-24M DNF-----
-53Chelsey Coffman WomenF DNF-----
-55Alex Stofer Jr. Female 14 & underF DNF-----
-58Jade BustosNew Market Jr. Female 14 & underF DNF-----
-59Carter Loney Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-60Joseph PenleyMove Daddy Cycling Jr. Male 15-17M DNF-----
-62Bailey Parker Jr. Female 15-17F DNF-----
-63Luke Parker Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-65Jon ShieldsTRAILHEAD ClydesdaleM DNF-----
-66Robby ShieldsTRAILHEAD Male 50 & overM DNF-----
-67Parker Gillum Male 50 & overM DNF-----
-68Jack Buzzetta Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-69Charlie Buzzetta Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-71Michael Stephenson ClydesdaleM DNF-----
-72Dustin Winslow Single SpeedM DNF-----
-75Ann Decrescenzo WomenF DNF-----
-76Bill Simpson ClydesdaleM DNF-----
-78Benjamin JohnsBenjamin Johns Male 18-24M DNF-----
-80Sean Higgins Jr. Male 15-17M DNF-----
-81Jacob McCleary Male 40-44M DNF-----
-82Kelly GrovesHarvest Male 45-49M DNF-----
-86Cody JohnsonCody Johnson Male 18-24M DNF-----
-89Tyler HarbinGarver Male 30-34M DNF-----
-91Ralcy Velazco Male 35-39M DNF-----
-92Reese EdwardsMadison Trailblazers Jr. Male 15-17M DNF-----
-94John Duda Male 45-49M DNF-----
-95Drew EkstromHUNTSVILLE Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-97Claire Adams Jr. Female 14 & underF DNF-----
-98Chloe Adams Jr. Female 15-17F DNF-----
-102Tom Hyser Male 40-44M DNF-----
-106Patrick CondronRed Belly Racing Male 50 & overM DNF-----
-110Shannon Mathis WomenF DNF-----
-112Susan MorganThe Derek Zoolander Center For Kids WomenF DNF-----
-117Larry Foor ClydesdaleM DNF-----
-118John Hunt Male 50 & overM DNF-----
-119Christopher HuntNesin Physical Therapy Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-120Phillip ReedHUNTSVILLE Male 18-24M DNF-----
-122Camilla WilbanksEmily Wilbanks Jr. Female 14 & underF DNF-----
-129Steve TruittTrailhead Bikes Male 50 & overM DNF-----
-130Chad Davis Male 50 & overM DNF-----
-131Wayne Garrett Male 50 & overM DNF-----
-133Markus Zwahlen Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-134Peter Zwahlen Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-135Jakob Zwahlen Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-137Nastacia Bove WomenF DNF-----
-138Erin VelpelHUNTSVILLE WomenF DNF-----
-139Justin HannaHUNTSVILLE Male 25-29M DNF-----
-142George Hooper Male 50 & overM DNF-----
-143Conlan Farr Jr. Male 15-17M DNF-----
-144Lenard Soto Male 45-49M DNF-----
-145Joseph Soto Male 18-24M DNF-----
-146Katie Soto Jr. Female 15-17F DNF-----
-149Sara Hutchens Jr. Female 15-17F DNF-----
-151Hadrian Soto Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-152Andy Keith Male 30-34M DNF-----
-154Luke Chapuran Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-155Brian Chapuran Male 40-44M DNF-----
-156Sidney Seyboth Jr. Female 14 & underF DNF-----
-157Jason Seyboth Male 40-44M DNF-----
-160Ned UllrichMadison Single SpeedM DNF-----
-161Greg Kessler Male 25-29M DNF-----
-162Michael Kinzer Male 35-39M DNF-----
-163Jackson Hughes Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-164Percy BurnettNew Market Male 45-49M DNF-----
-165Caleb McMillion Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-166Sam McMillion Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-169Brandon WelchBlevins Bicycles Male 40-44M DNF-----
-174Chad Swaim Male 40-44M DNF-----
-178Brian Huinker Male 40-44M DNF-----
-180Marcus CarmackSelf Male 50 & overM DNF-----
-181Addison Braun Jr. Male 14 & underM DNF-----
-188Grant Rogers Male 25-29M DNF-----
-189Jeff Northcutt Male 50 & overM DNF-----
-190Matthew ReishHUNTSVILLE Male 30-34M DNF-----
-250Michael Butler Male 35-39M DNF-----
-251Brett Franklin Male 40-44M DNF-----