Flagstaff 2018 Series

Saturday, May 12, 2018 8:30 AM (GMT-7) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Cycling - mtn cross-country
Location: Flagstaff, AZ, United States
Start type: Interval wave start
Wave grouping: By distance or category
Racers: 520
Timed on: Laptop
Timed with: Chip timing
Updated: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 9:53 AM (GMT-7)
Organized by: MBAA
Race website: www.mbaa.net

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  • Beg Men 15 to 16
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1250Jonathan Hampson Beg Men 15 to 1616M 57:02.9--100%20.22%15.65%
2260Preston A NorburyThin Air Racing Beg Men 15 to 1615M 58:32.3+1:29.4+2.61%97.45%18.13%13.45%
3253Brandon Redenbo Beg Men 15 to 1616M 59:57.5+2:54.6+5.10%95.15%16.15%11.35%
4252Nathan Bigelow Beg Men 15 to 1616M 1:01:08.1+4:05.2+7.16%93.32%14.50%9.61%
5251Josh LittenOro Valley Bicycles Beg Men 15 to 1615M 1:02:00.7+4:57.8+8.70%92.00%13.28%8.31%
6264Gavin BallOro Valley Bicycles Beg Men 15 to 1615M 1:02:10.0+5:07.1+8.97%91.77%13.06%8.08%
7261Noah Koeckes Beg Men 15 to 1615M 1:03:29.3+6:26.4+11.29%89.86%11.21%6.13%
8513Jose Fink Beg Men 15 to 1616M 1:04:09.7+7:06.8+12.47%88.91%10.27%5.13%
9269John KriesWatermark Racing Beg Men 15 to 1615M 1:04:28.5+7:25.6+13.02%88.48%9.83%4.67%
10257Jimmy Mcclelland Beg Men 15 to 1615M 1:05:19.0+8:16.1+14.49%87.34%8.65%3.42%
11265Dillon BaileySun and Spokes Beg Men 15 to 1616M 1:05:33.2+8:30.3+14.91%87.03%8.32%3.07%
12511Caleb EastNorthwest Christian Mountain Biking Beg Men 15 to 1615M 1:07:37.9+10:35.0+18.55%84.35%5.42%0.00%
13544Dylan Burges Beg Men 15 to 1615M 1:08:05.3+11:02.4+19.35%83.79%4.78%-0.68%
14268Andrew Pleva Beg Men 15 to 1616M 1:08:13.0+11:10.1+19.58%83.63%4.60%-0.86%
15512Thomas Lyons Beg Men 15 to 1616M 1:08:13.4+11:10.5+19.59%83.62%4.59%-0.87%
16256Dylan SkinnerWatermark Racing Beg Men 15 to 1614M 1:15:40.7+18:37.8+32.66%75.38%-5.84%-11.90%
17263EJ Callander Beg Men 15 to 1615M 1:15:53.5+18:50.6+33.03%75.17%-6.14%-12.21%
18119Jackson Gray Beg Men 15 to 1615M 1:17:31.7+20:28.8+35.90%73.58%-8.42%-14.63%
19259Ross WilliamsNorthwest Christian Mountain Biking Beg Men 15 to 1616M 1:21:55.7+24:52.8+43.61%69.63%-14.58%-21.14%
20262Christian Hawkins Beg Men 15 to 1616M 1:29:22.1+32:19.2+56.65%63.84%-24.98%-32.14%
21456Job Rains Beg Men 15 to 1616M 1:30:31.8+33:28.9+58.69%63.02%-26.61%-33.86%
22267Garrett CummingsTeam High Gear Beg Men 15 to 1616M 1:38:37.6+41:34.7+72.88%57.84%-37.93%-45.83%
23266Dylan ThomasSun and Spokes Beg Men 15 to 1616M 1:39:02.5+41:59.6+73.61%57.60%-38.51%-46.44%
  • Beg Men 17 to 18
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1270Jack Woods Beg Men 17 to 1817M 1:04:39.3--100%17.74%10.10%
2273Alexander Hawkins Beg Men 17 to 1818M 1:04:59.8+0:20.5+0.53%99.47%17.31%9.63%
3275abel sosa Beg Men 17 to 1817M 1:05:02.3+0:23.0+0.59%99.41%17.25%9.57%
4271Luke Hopkins Beg Men 17 to 1817M 1:09:37.2+4:57.9+7.68%92.87%11.42%3.20%
5485Kolbe Powell Beg Men 17 to 1818M 1:11:15.9+6:36.6+10.22%90.72%9.33%0.91%
6274Ian RyalsTwo Wheel Jones Racing Beg Men 17 to 1817M 1:12:34.4+7:55.1+12.25%89.09%7.67%-0.91%
7276Brennan Glow Beg Men 17 to 1818M 1:15:42.6+11:03.3+17.10%85.40%3.67%-5.27%
8277Dylan Gerken Beg Men 17 to 1818M 1:15:52.4+11:13.1+17.35%85.21%3.47%-5.50%
9272Matthew Lauber Beg Men 17 to 1817M 1:20:39.5+16:00.2+24.75%80.16%-2.62%-12.15%
10496James DeckerTeam High Gear Beg Men 17 to 1818M 2:25:35.6+1:20:56.3+125.18%44.41%-85.24%-102.44%
  • Beg Men 19 to 29
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1248Kaelan Strones Beg Men 19 to 2922M 59:16.4--100%5.11%2.39%
2247Jovan MunozRide Libre Beg Men 19 to 2927M 1:00:31.1+1:14.7+2.10%97.94%3.12%0.34%
3510Chandler Monks Beg Men 19 to 2929M 1:00:56.1+1:39.7+2.80%97.27%2.45%-0.34%
4457Albert GranadosTeam America Sonoran Cycles Beg Men 19 to 2928M 1:09:08.4+9:52.0+16.65%85.73%-10.68%-13.85%
  • Beg Men 30 to 39
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1145Kevin Behrendt Beg Men 30 to 3936M 56:42.4--100%15.93%12.02%
2498Beau Sullivan Beg Men 30 to 3938M 56:59.3+0:16.9+0.50%99.51%15.51%11.58%
3140Eddie McComb Beg Men 30 to 3936M 57:41.3+0:58.9+1.73%98.30%14.47%10.49%
4139Keith AnfensonDCL Multisport Fitness Beg Men 30 to 3937M 59:22.3+2:39.9+4.70%95.51%11.98%7.88%
5146Brandon Ignace Beg Men 30 to 3931M 59:22.6+2:40.2+4.71%95.50%11.97%7.88%
6458Jeff Hawkins Beg Men 30 to 3935M 1:01:16.6+4:34.2+8.06%92.54%9.15%4.93%
7148Ryan Tevis Beg Men 30 to 3930M 1:02:56.2+6:13.8+10.99%90.10%6.69%2.35%
8143Joshua Lemon Beg Men 30 to 3934M 1:03:06.0+6:23.6+11.27%89.87%6.45%2.10%
9153Michael Boule Beg Men 30 to 3934M 1:03:33.1+6:50.7+12.07%89.23%5.78%1.40%
10509Brett Miller Beg Men 30 to 3936M 1:04:08.2+7:25.8+13.10%88.42%4.91%0.49%
11147Jeremy Knapp Beg Men 30 to 3933M 1:04:46.1+8:03.7+14.22%87.55%3.98%-0.49%
12508Brendan SkousenTactical Fitness Racing Beg Men 30 to 3939M 1:07:18.0+10:35.6+18.68%84.26%0.22%-4.42%
13141Stephen ZepedaTeam America Sonoran Cycles Beg Men 30 to 3938M 1:07:19.4+10:37.0+18.72%84.23%0.19%-4.45%
14149Enrique TarangoTeam America Sonoran Cycles Beg Men 30 to 3939M 1:11:08.5+14:26.1+25.46%79.71%-5.47%-10.38%
15460Ryan WalterDynamix Devo Beg Men 30 to 3934M 1:12:34.1+15:51.7+27.97%78.14%-7.59%-12.59%
16540Marco Pisano Beg Men 30 to 3938M 1:14:16.9+17:34.5+30.99%76.34%-10.13%-15.25%
17459Jamie Honie Beg Men 30 to 3935M 1:18:45.9+22:03.5+38.90%71.99%-16.77%-22.21%
18150Thor Fenwick Beg Men 30 to 3931M 1:21:19.5+24:37.1+43.41%69.73%-20.57%-26.18%
19152Michael Wilson Beg Men 30 to 3930M 1:23:10.2+26:27.8+46.67%68.18%-23.31%-29.04%
20151Dan Wilson Beg Men 30 to 3933M 1:23:14.0+26:31.6+46.78%68.13%-23.40%-29.14%
  • Beg Men 40 to 49
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1155Kevin CraigCycle Mania Beg Men 40 to 4942M 54:44.7--100%23.75%18.41%
2171Jeremy Toney Beg Men 40 to 4942M 56:55.3+2:10.6+3.98%96.18%20.72%15.17%
3178Matthew StephanSan Tan Racing Beg Men 40 to 4948M 59:52.5+5:07.8+9.37%91.43%16.61%10.77%
4174Tysen ManuelTeam Winded Beg Men 40 to 4947M 1:01:06.4+6:21.7+11.62%89.59%14.89%8.93%
5158Brian BullardTwo Wheel Jones Racing Beg Men 40 to 4948M 1:01:27.3+6:42.6+12.26%89.08%14.41%8.41%
6175Leonard Zito Beg Men 40 to 4944M 1:01:29.6+6:44.9+12.33%89.03%14.35%8.35%
7507Michael Armstrong Beg Men 40 to 4943M 1:02:00.4+7:15.7+13.26%88.29%13.64%7.59%
8179Steve LingwallSan Tan Racing Beg Men 40 to 4947M 1:02:01.5+7:16.8+13.30%88.26%13.61%7.56%
9157Devin LankfordTucson Endurance Racing MTB Beg Men 40 to 4947M 1:02:08.9+7:24.2+13.52%88.09%13.44%7.38%
10168Brett IngersollTactical Fitness Racing Beg Men 40 to 4949M 1:02:12.1+7:27.4+13.62%88.01%13.37%7.30%
11180JC Nichols Beg Men 40 to 4947M 1:02:42.8+7:58.1+14.56%87.29%12.65%6.54%
12167Lance Larson Beg Men 40 to 4945M 1:02:48.7+8:04.0+14.73%87.16%12.52%6.39%
13156Mike Redenbo Beg Men 40 to 4941M 1:04:13.2+9:28.5+17.31%85.25%10.56%4.29%
14246Mark Haughwout Beg Men 40 to 4948M 1:05:23.0+10:38.3+19.43%83.73%8.93%2.56%
15172Christopher RobinsonTeam One Racing Beg Men 40 to 4944M 1:06:20.2+11:35.5+21.17%82.53%7.61%1.14%
16166Aaron BallOro Valley Bicycles Beg Men 40 to 4945M 1:06:20.7+11:36.0+21.19%82.52%7.60%1.12%
17173Greg Cooper Beg Men 40 to 4940M 1:07:05.9+12:21.2+22.57%81.59%6.55%0.00%
18461Garrett Goldman Beg Men 40 to 4949M 1:08:21.0+13:36.3+24.85%80.10%4.80%-1.87%
19165Scott WebsterRide Libre Beg Men 40 to 4947M 1:08:38.7+13:54.0+25.39%79.75%4.39%-2.31%
20164Rob SemingsonRide Libre Beg Men 40 to 4943M 1:08:40.5+13:55.8+25.45%79.72%4.35%-2.35%
21177Trevor Walker Beg Men 40 to 4947M 1:08:41.8+13:57.1+25.48%79.69%4.32%-2.38%
22502Bob Karber Beg Men 40 to 4947M 1:08:56.5+14:11.8+25.93%79.41%3.98%-2.75%
23161Beau Dupont Beg Men 40 to 4943M 1:11:03.9+16:19.2+29.81%77.04%1.02%-5.91%
24169Matt Jenkins Beg Men 40 to 4941M 1:11:57.4+17:12.7+31.44%76.08%-0.22%-7.24%
25462Alex Grimaldo Beg Men 40 to 4942M 1:17:48.0+23:03.3+42.11%70.37%-8.36%-15.95%
26176Andrew Edenholm Beg Men 40 to 4942M 1:20:35.1+25:50.4+47.20%67.93%-12.24%-20.10%
27162Keith Smith Beg Men 40 to 4947M 1:20:52.1+26:07.4+47.72%67.70%-12.63%-20.52%
28525Karl Yoerns Beg Men 40 to 4948M 1:23:12.4+28:27.7+51.99%65.79%-15.89%-24.01%
29163Will SchneiderExhale Bikes Beg Men 40 to 4947M 1:23:25.4+28:40.7+52.39%65.62%-16.19%-24.33%
30534Ryan Bond Beg Men 40 to 4941M 1:32:12.9+37:28.2+68.44%59.37%-28.44%-37.43%
31170Joseph CuevasSun and Spokes Beg Men 40 to 4943M 1:39:33.4+44:48.7+81.86%54.99%-38.66%-48.37%
32154David FullerExhale Bikes Beg Men 40 to 4944M 1:51:05.0+56:20.3+102.91%49.28%-54.72%-65.55%
33159Bruce Wildblood-CrawfordFYCO Racing Beg Men 40 to 4945M 1:55:23.6+1:00:38.9+110.78%47.44%-60.72%-71.98%
  • Beg Men 50+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1189Gregory NogaCarlos OBriens Racing Beg Men 50+50M 1:01:28.4--100%17.35%14.52%
2191Paul Walshaw Beg Men 50+54M 1:02:24.2+0:55.8+1.51%98.51%16.10%13.22%
3500Chuck Adams Beg Men 50+59M 1:05:15.8+3:47.4+6.17%94.19%12.26%9.25%
4190David MooreBicycle World of Kingman Beg Men 50+52M 1:05:32.1+4:03.7+6.61%93.80%11.89%8.87%
5181Dean MinetteRide Libre Beg Men 50+53M 1:06:57.9+5:29.5+8.93%91.80%9.97%6.88%
6188shane chalmers Beg Men 50+52M 1:07:22.5+5:54.1+9.60%91.24%9.42%6.31%
7192Wendel CroyThin Air Racing Beg Men 50+58M 1:07:33.1+6:04.7+9.89%91.00%9.18%6.07%
8187Jeff ColemanTeam One Racing Beg Men 50+63M 1:11:54.8+10:26.4+16.98%85.48%3.32%0.00%
9503Billy Mason Beg Men 50+62M 1:16:44.5+15:16.1+24.84%80.10%-3.17%-6.71%
10186Carlos Arboleda Beg Men 50+51M 1:17:16.7+15:48.3+25.71%79.55%-3.89%-7.46%
11182Greg HopkinsOro Valley Bicycles Beg Men 50+55M 1:18:30.8+17:02.4+27.72%78.30%-5.55%-9.18%
12184Bryan Johnson Beg Men 50+50M 1:19:11.6+17:43.2+28.83%77.62%-6.47%-10.12%
13463Ron MadlerTeam High Gear Beg Men 50+55M 1:19:21.9+17:53.5+29.10%77.46%-6.70%-10.36%
14183Juan ManchaTeam High Gear Beg Men 50+55M 1:36:30.6+35:02.2+56.99%63.70%-29.75%-34.20%
15529Dave JordanCycle Mania Beg Men 50+71M 1:39:39.2+38:10.8+62.11%61.69%-33.97%-38.57%
  • Beg Women 15 to 16
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
188Reilly PhelanThin Air Racing Beg Women 15 to 1615F 1:11:05.0--100%16.31%16.29%
281Abigail MacdonaldTeam High Gear Beg Women 15 to 1616F 1:17:49.0+6:44.0+9.47%91.35%8.38%8.36%
380Abigail BentonTeam One Racing Beg Women 15 to 1616F 1:20:45.5+9:40.5+13.61%88.02%4.91%4.90%
479Hailey Schwartz Beg Women 15 to 1614F 1:21:31.2+10:26.2+14.68%87.20%4.02%4.00%
582Tate Coggins Beg Women 15 to 1616F 1:23:40.6+12:35.6+17.72%84.95%1.48%1.46%
683Sarah Turner Beg Women 15 to 1615F 1:24:55.2+13:50.2+19.47%83.71%0.01%0.00%
7494Abigail Post Beg Women 15 to 1615F 1:26:07.7+15:02.7+21.17%82.53%-1.41%-1.42%
885Anja DreyFYCO Racing Beg Women 15 to 1616F 1:26:47.0+15:42.0+22.09%81.91%-2.18%-2.19%
9380Mary Hill Beg Women 15 to 1613F 1:29:10.6+18:05.6+25.45%79.71%-5.00%-5.01%
1084Clara Hill Beg Women 15 to 1615F 1:29:13.4+18:08.4+25.52%79.67%-5.05%-5.07%
1186Sierra King Beg Women 15 to 1616F 1:43:10.1+32:05.1+45.14%68.90%-21.47%-21.49%
  • Beg Women 17 to 18
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1465Mary PowersThin Air Racing Beg Women 17 to 1818F 1:21:23.1--100%3.98%3.41%
290Kristen BettsWatermark Racing Beg Women 17 to 1817F 1:22:36.7+1:13.6+1.51%98.52%2.53%1.95%
391Anny Wilson Beg Women 17 to 1818F 1:25:53.8+4:30.7+5.54%94.75%-1.34%-1.95%
489Erin Hill Beg Women 17 to 1817F 1:29:08.1+7:45.0+9.52%91.31%-5.17%-5.79%
  • Beg Women 19 to 29
Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
193Hannah CarmenBeg Women 19 to 2926F 1:11:30.2--100%1.87%1.87%
292Brooke LymanBeg Women 19 to 2922F 1:14:13.3+2:43.1+3.80%96.34%-1.87%-1.87%
  • Beg Women 30 to 39
Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
194Sarah SwimBeg Women 30 to 3936F 1:19:42.8--100%14.29%5.46%
297Jennifer McCombBeg Women 30 to 3936F 1:19:50.5+0:07.7+0.16%99.84%14.15%5.31%
396Donna EllsworthBeg Women 30 to 3935F 1:28:47.6+9:04.8+11.39%89.77%4.53%-5.31%
495Angelena PalmaioliBeg Women 30 to 3934F 2:03:40.1+43:57.3+55.14%64.46%-32.97%-46.67%
  • Beg Women 40 to 49
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1100Caroline Oreel Beg Women 40 to 4947F 1:11:50.3--100%20.26%17.69%
2545Kristen Luetkemeier Beg Women 40 to 4941F 1:17:54.4+6:04.1+8.45%92.21%13.52%10.74%
398Jennifer Damato Beg Women 40 to 4940F 1:21:35.9+9:45.6+13.59%88.04%9.43%6.51%
4102Angelina Castagno Beg Women 40 to 4941F 1:27:16.7+15:26.4+21.49%82.31%3.12%0.00%
5103Tammy Kempton Beg Women 40 to 4941F 1:39:04.6+27:14.3+37.92%72.51%-9.98%-13.52%
6101Jennifer CurtisTeam One Racing Beg Women 40 to 4943F 1:43:16.6+31:26.3+43.76%69.56%-14.64%-18.33%
799Sheri Erwin Beg Women 40 to 4945F 1:49:39.3+37:49.0+52.64%65.51%-21.72%-25.64%
  • Beg Women 50+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1547Linda Kiehne Beg Women 50+50F 1:15:37.3--100%10.16%8.71%
2105Renee KeatyMcDowell Mountain Cycles Beg Women 50+52F 1:17:41.6+2:04.3+2.74%97.33%7.70%6.21%
3106Rebecca Ellis Beg Women 50+57F 1:27:59.2+12:21.9+16.35%85.95%-4.52%-6.21%
4104Mary Kay NaughtonPosterhanger.com Beg Women 50+50F 1:35:24.6+19:47.3+26.17%79.26%-13.34%-15.17%
  • Elite Men
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
12Jacob MoralesAZ Devo Elite Men19M 2:04:19.0--100%1.74%0.79%
2516Brian Matter Elite Men40M 2:04:19.8+0:00.8+0.01%99.99%1.73%0.78%
342TJ WoodruffStans NoTubes - Pivot Elite Men35M 2:06:17.7+1:58.7+1.59%98.43%0.18%-0.78%
41John SalskovHatch Toyota Racing Elite Men42M 2:11:08.8+6:49.8+5.49%94.79%-3.66%-4.66%
  • Elite Women
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
140Amy ChandosCZ Racing Elite Women30F 1:46:21.1--100%4.80%4.80%
241Tristen MusselmanTeam One Racing Elite Women20F 1:57:03.9+10:42.8+10.07%90.85%-4.80%-4.80%
  • Exp Women 15 to 16
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
147Zaydie CroyAZ Devo Exp Women 15 to 1616F 1:57:47.5--100%17.58%3.03%
246Addie WalkerAZ Devo Exp Women 15 to 1615F 2:01:28.0+3:40.5+3.12%96.97%15.01%0.00%
345Angelina Stilwell Exp Women 15 to 1615F 3:09:29.9+1:11:42.4+60.88%62.16%-32.59%-56.01%
  • Exp Women 17 to 18
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
149Cecilia DepueAZ Devo Exp Women 17 to 1818F 1:55:27.8--100%4.86%4.86%
2486Morgan GrubeTeam One Racing Exp Women 17 to 1818F 2:07:15.2+11:47.4+10.21%90.74%-4.86%-4.86%
  • Exp Women 45+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1543Donna CanaleLandis Trek MTB Exp Women 45+54F 2:23:03.3--100%3.80%3.80%
254Debbie Meyer Exp Women 45+59F 2:34:21.8+11:18.5+7.90%92.67%-3.80%-3.80%
  • Exp Women Open
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
153Erin OsborneFlagstaff Bicycle Revolution Exp Women Open28F 1:48:26.7--100%13.59%12.43%
2464Andrea Horner Exp Women Open45F 2:03:30.6+15:03.9+13.89%87.80%1.59%0.26%
352Erin Cahill Exp Women Open28F 2:04:09.8+15:43.1+14.49%87.34%1.07%-0.26%
451Rachel Goldschmid Exp Women Open26F 2:25:54.0+37:27.3+34.54%74.33%-16.25%-17.82%
  • Expert Men 15 to 16
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
15Zach FernauHatch Toyota Racing Expert Men 15 to 1616M 1:40:10.7--100%7.02%6.54%
29Finn Perelstein Expert Men 15 to 1615M 1:45:37.1+5:26.4+5.43%94.85%1.97%1.47%
38Kole HartWatermark Racing Expert Men 15 to 1616M 1:48:45.6+8:34.9+8.57%92.11%-0.94%-1.47%
4444Bryce Johnston Expert Men 15 to 1616M 1:56:25.6+16:14.9+16.22%86.04%-8.06%-8.62%
  • Expert Men 17 to 18
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
112Tyler AdamsHatch Toyota Racing Expert Men 17 to 1817M 1:33:31.5--100%14.42%8.34%
215Theodore FabianAZ Devo Expert Men 17 to 1817M 1:38:16.3+4:44.8+5.08%95.17%10.08%3.69%
3527James Garrett StackerExhale Bikes Expert Men 17 to 1818M 1:41:36.9+8:05.4+8.65%92.04%7.02%0.41%
413Kevin AndersonTeam High Gear Expert Men 17 to 1818M 1:42:02.2+8:30.7+9.10%91.66%6.63%0.00%
511Derek BettsWatermark Racing Expert Men 17 to 1817M 1:46:29.2+12:57.7+13.86%87.83%2.56%-4.36%
610Ethan VibalOro Valley Bicycles Expert Men 17 to 1817M 1:49:57.0+16:25.5+17.56%85.06%-0.61%-7.76%
714Jayden WightAZ Devo Expert Men 17 to 1817M 2:33:07.5+59:36.0+63.73%61.08%-40.11%-50.07%
  • Expert Men 45+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
133Sean HahnCZ Racing Expert Men 45+51M 2:17:45.2--100%6.73%6.28%
239Bryan AntolGST Racing Expert Men 45+48M 2:19:14.1+1:28.9+1.08%98.94%5.73%5.27%
336Charlie BeadlesGST Racing Expert Men 45+57M 2:24:57.4+7:12.2+5.23%95.03%1.85%1.38%
435Grant TaylorJT Racing Expert Men 45+57M 2:26:58.7+9:13.5+6.70%93.72%0.49%0.00%
531Jim WilliamsExhale Bikes Expert Men 45+53M 2:27:21.3+9:36.1+6.97%93.48%0.23%-0.26%
637Michael McAfeeOro Valley Bicycles Expert Men 45+49M 2:30:33.7+12:48.5+9.30%91.49%-1.94%-2.44%
734Greg CarmichaelExhale Bikes Expert Men 45+53M 2:47:01.9+29:16.7+21.25%82.47%-13.09%-13.64%
  • Expert Men Open
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
124Jared BeckerCZ Racing Expert Men Open31M 2:08:32.4--100%9.11%6.41%
229Grayson HughesAZ Devo Expert Men Open19M 2:09:59.8+1:27.4+1.13%98.88%8.08%5.35%
325Trygve NorengOro Valley Bicycles Expert Men Open43M 2:10:22.8+1:50.4+1.43%98.59%7.81%5.07%
418John SawaskyFlagstaff Bicycle Revolution Expert Men Open48M 2:12:05.7+3:33.3+2.77%97.31%6.59%3.82%
522Bryan VahjenWatkin Law Veloworx Expert Men Open32M 2:13:37.4+5:05.0+3.95%96.20%5.51%2.71%
623Eugene GonzalezThin Air Racing Expert Men Open31M 2:16:45.0+8:12.6+6.39%94.00%3.30%0.43%
717Jerrad CooperFlagstaff Bicycle Revolution Expert Men Open43M 2:17:20.8+8:48.4+6.85%93.59%2.88%0.00%
828Geordie HackettExhale Bikes Expert Men Open43M 2:23:27.1+14:54.7+11.60%89.61%-1.44%-4.44%
920James TruncaliAbsolute Bikes Expert Men Open36M 2:24:08.0+15:35.6+12.13%89.18%-1.92%-4.94%
10523Zack HeimBicycle World TV Expert Men Open36M 2:29:38.4+21:06.0+16.42%85.90%-5.81%-8.95%
1116Vince RobinsonPivot Cycles Expert Men Open20M 2:30:13.3+21:40.9+16.87%85.57%-6.23%-9.37%
1230Spencer CiammittiAZ Devo Expert Men Open19M 2:38:54.6+30:22.2+23.63%80.89%-12.37%-15.70%
1326Dan ColeyTeam America Sonoran Cycles Expert Men Open40M 2:43:21.0+34:48.6+27.08%78.69%-15.51%-18.93%
  • Expert SS Men
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
14Scott CountrymanFlagstaff Bicycle Revolution Expert SS Men26M 2:14:09.2--100%3.99%1.86%
23Jonathan DufekCZ Racing Expert SS Men31M 2:16:41.7+2:32.5+1.89%98.14%2.17%0.00%
3531Carter WarrenThe Velo Bike Shop Expert SS Men20M 2:28:20.9+14:11.7+10.58%90.43%-6.17%-8.53%
  • Expert SS Women
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
144LaJuan KelleyExhale Bikes Expert SS Women48F 2:08:33.6--100%4.30%4.30%
243Laurel SroufeCZ Racing Expert SS Women38F 2:20:06.5+11:32.9+8.98%91.76%-4.30%-4.30%
  • Inter Men 15 to 16
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1118Jacob HarrelsonWatermark Racing Inter Men 15 to 1616M 1:40:15.6--100%14.22%13.98%
2120Bryce AdamsHatch Toyota Racing Inter Men 15 to 1615M 1:40:46.2+0:30.6+0.51%99.49%13.78%13.54%
3117Ryan DepueThin Air Racing Inter Men 15 to 1615M 1:41:44.8+1:29.2+1.48%98.54%12.94%12.70%
4445Wyatt Horner Inter Men 15 to 1615M 1:46:08.0+5:52.4+5.86%94.47%9.19%8.94%
5121Zak NorrisFYCO Racing Inter Men 15 to 1616M 1:51:13.5+10:57.9+10.94%90.14%4.83%4.57%
6123Jacob CollinsThin Air Racing Inter Men 15 to 1616M 1:53:57.7+13:42.1+13.67%87.98%2.49%2.22%
7111Parker BrownWatermark Racing Inter Men 15 to 1616M 1:54:28.4+14:12.8+14.18%87.58%2.05%1.78%
8532Jesse Maxwell Inter Men 15 to 1616M 1:56:26.3+16:10.7+16.14%86.11%0.37%0.10%
9112Tag BroaderipHatch Toyota Racing Inter Men 15 to 1614M 1:56:39.8+16:24.2+16.36%85.94%0.18%-0.10%
10109Jackson BargerTeam One Racing Inter Men 15 to 1616M 1:56:49.3+16:33.7+16.52%85.82%0.04%-0.23%
11114Lucas BentonTeam One Racing Inter Men 15 to 1616M 1:57:26.7+17:11.1+17.14%85.37%-0.49%-0.77%
12122Tyler WalfordWatermark Racing Inter Men 15 to 1616M 1:58:18.4+18:02.8+18.00%84.75%-1.23%-1.51%
13116Miles MokelkeTeam One Racing Inter Men 15 to 1615M 1:58:28.5+18:12.9+18.17%84.63%-1.37%-1.65%
14501Zach AlexanderFlat Tire Bike Shop Inter Men 15 to 1615M 2:16:27.4+36:11.8+36.10%73.47%-16.76%-17.08%
15115Gabriel MojicaOro Valley Bicycles Inter Men 15 to 1616M 2:17:11.2+36:55.6+36.83%73.08%-17.38%-17.71%
16495Max Brydenthal Inter Men 15 to 1616M 2:23:37.2+43:21.6+43.25%69.81%-22.88%-23.23%
  • Inter Men 17 to 18
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1130Jason SealoverTeam One Racing Inter Men 17 to 1818M 1:50:20.8--100%19.01%19.57%
2447Caleb RobinsonTeam One Racing Inter Men 17 to 1818M 1:56:48.3+6:27.5+5.85%94.47%14.28%14.86%
3129Zach BettsWatermark Racing Inter Men 17 to 1817M 2:02:42.8+12:22.0+11.21%89.92%9.94%10.55%
4126Thomas Turner Inter Men 17 to 1817M 2:04:31.0+14:10.2+12.84%88.62%8.62%9.24%
5131James RockowFYCO Racing Inter Men 17 to 1817M 2:17:11.6+26:50.8+24.33%80.43%-0.69%0.00%
6127Matthew CuevasSun and Spokes Inter Men 17 to 1818M 2:21:13.3+30:52.5+27.98%78.14%-3.64%-2.94%
7125James NebrigTeam High Gear Inter Men 17 to 1817M 2:33:42.2+43:21.4+39.29%71.79%-12.81%-12.03%
8446Skyler GrayOro Valley Bicycles Inter Men 17 to 1818M 2:39:17.2+48:56.4+44.35%69.28%-16.90%-16.10%
9128Isaak WeaverTeam One Racing Inter Men 17 to 1818M 2:40:30.8+50:10.0+45.46%68.75%-17.80%-17.00%
  • Inter Men 19 to 29
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1448Jonathan Barlow Inter Men 19 to 2928M 1:40:05.2--100%12.25%5.60%
2132Philip Neumann Inter Men 19 to 2929M 1:40:46.0+0:40.8+0.68%99.33%11.65%4.96%
3135Conner MonksJT Racing Inter Men 19 to 2923M 1:42:06.8+2:01.6+2.02%98.02%10.47%3.68%
4138Colton TaylorJT Racing Inter Men 19 to 2924M 1:42:21.3+2:16.1+2.27%97.78%10.26%3.46%
5134Nathan Comerford Inter Men 19 to 2927M 1:46:01.2+5:56.0+5.93%94.40%7.04%0.00%
6133Reed ByrnesCZ Racing Inter Men 19 to 2920M 1:50:53.2+10:48.0+10.79%90.26%2.78%-4.59%
7137Clayton MillerCarlos OBriens Racing Inter Men 19 to 2929M 1:52:48.9+12:43.7+12.72%88.72%1.09%-6.41%
8136Michael BustamanteCountertop Shop Inter Men 19 to 2926M 2:21:55.4+41:50.2+41.80%70.52%-24.43%-33.86%
9533Riley Bond Inter Men 19 to 2919M 2:29:31.8+49:26.6+49.40%66.93%-31.10%-41.04%
  • Inter Men 30 to 39
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1219Matt ZaccardiJT Racing Inter Men 30 to 3938M 1:42:27.6--100%16.86%12.61%
2209Deven GudinasFleming Wealth Strategies.Com Inter Men 30 to 3936M 1:47:06.0+4:38.4+4.53%95.67%13.10%8.65%
3221Gonzalo BarroilhetThe Velo Bike Shop Inter Men 30 to 3932M 1:47:06.5+4:38.9+4.54%95.66%13.09%8.65%
4220Jeffrey AllenJT Racing Inter Men 30 to 3932M 1:47:44.8+5:17.2+5.16%95.09%12.58%8.10%
5212BJ LivelyExhale Bikes Inter Men 30 to 3937M 1:48:32.2+6:04.6+5.93%94.40%11.93%7.43%
6214Andrew Harrington Inter Men 30 to 3937M 1:50:42.8+8:15.2+8.06%92.55%10.17%5.57%
7217Steve GibbsSan Tan Racing Inter Men 30 to 3934M 1:56:27.5+13:59.9+13.66%87.98%5.51%0.67%
8517Wilson BurwellTeam Santini USA Inter Men 30 to 3937M 1:56:38.4+14:10.8+13.84%87.84%5.36%0.52%
9211Joshua BuckheisterUp 7th Inter Men 30 to 3939M 1:57:14.8+14:47.2+14.43%87.39%4.87%0.00%
10218Mike Hardt Inter Men 30 to 3931M 1:58:42.8+16:15.2+15.86%86.31%3.68%-1.25%
11208Ryan Nichols Inter Men 30 to 3935M 2:01:22.9+18:55.3+18.47%84.41%1.51%-3.53%
12528Dave Olson Inter Men 30 to 3936M 2:02:29.6+20:02.0+19.55%83.65%0.61%-4.47%
13213Paul Pina Inter Men 30 to 3936M 2:10:32.8+28:05.2+27.41%78.49%-5.92%-11.34%
14216Darren Hiebel Inter Men 30 to 3937M 2:23:03.8+40:36.2+39.63%71.62%-16.08%-22.02%
15215Aaron Urquidez Inter Men 30 to 3937M 2:23:35.2+41:07.6+40.14%71.36%-16.51%-22.47%
16210Steven BarnesExhale Bikes Inter Men 30 to 3937M 2:35:52.8+53:25.2+52.14%65.73%-26.48%-32.95%
17526Dan Bittle Inter Men 30 to 3930M 2:45:29.4+1:03:01.8+61.52%61.91%-34.28%-41.15%
  • Inter Men 40 to 49
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1236Wes BiesenDynamix Devo Inter Men 40 to 4940M 1:44:04.0--100%14.98%9.70%
2229Hayes McNeil Inter Men 40 to 4944M 1:46:43.1+2:39.1+2.55%97.52%12.81%7.40%
3237Tyler Nelson Inter Men 40 to 4940M 1:47:36.4+3:32.4+3.40%96.71%12.09%6.63%
4223David TannerTactical Fitness Racing Inter Men 40 to 4941M 1:48:47.7+4:43.7+4.54%95.65%11.12%5.60%
5243Mike ArciniagaTeam Vitesse Inter Men 40 to 4942M 1:49:24.5+5:20.5+5.13%95.12%10.62%5.06%
6224Kevin McNamaraTucson Endurance Racing MTB Inter Men 40 to 4948M 1:49:34.3+5:30.3+5.29%94.98%10.48%4.92%
7226Todd TankersleyExhale Bikes Inter Men 40 to 4947M 1:50:41.9+6:37.9+6.37%94.01%9.56%3.95%
8225Philip Madeley Inter Men 40 to 4942M 1:51:10.6+7:06.6+6.83%93.60%9.17%3.53%
9239Jacob TungExhale Bikes Inter Men 40 to 4942M 1:52:16.3+8:12.3+7.88%92.69%8.28%2.58%
10235Cory KemptonFlagstaff Bicycle Revolution Inter Men 40 to 4941M 1:52:51.3+8:47.3+8.44%92.21%7.80%2.07%
11232Shawn VacaThin Air Racing Inter Men 40 to 4944M 1:52:56.1+8:52.1+8.52%92.15%7.74%2.00%
12241Kevin Hill Inter Men 40 to 4947M 1:55:12.0+11:08.0+10.70%90.34%5.89%0.04%
13222Steven NaughtonPosterhanger.com Inter Men 40 to 4946M 1:55:14.7+11:10.7+10.74%90.30%5.85%0.00%
14450Bob MeneelyTeam Vitesse Inter Men 40 to 4949M 1:57:58.9+13:54.9+13.37%88.21%3.61%-2.37%
15449William CobbFlagstaff Bicycle Revolution Inter Men 40 to 4948M 1:58:51.4+14:47.4+14.21%87.56%2.90%-3.13%
16238Toby Tsosie Inter Men 40 to 4943M 2:03:38.2+19:34.2+18.81%84.17%-1.01%-7.28%
17230Tim Baker Inter Men 40 to 4948M 2:04:49.8+20:45.8+19.95%83.37%-1.98%-8.32%
18242Joshua LawtonTactical Fitness Racing Inter Men 40 to 4946M 2:09:04.3+25:00.3+24.03%80.63%-5.45%-12.00%
19240Michael SheehyBicycle Outfitters Inter Men 40 to 4947M 2:13:33.7+29:29.7+28.34%77.92%-9.12%-15.89%
20233Aaron Hayne Inter Men 40 to 4944M 2:16:00.8+31:56.8+30.70%76.51%-11.12%-18.02%
21231Ryan Christensen Inter Men 40 to 4943M 2:16:14.5+32:10.5+30.92%76.38%-11.30%-18.22%
22245Joe Pfyffer Inter Men 40 to 4949M 2:22:57.6+38:53.6+37.37%72.79%-16.79%-24.05%
23227Chris GrayOro Valley Bicycles Inter Men 40 to 4945M 2:30:11.3+46:07.3+44.32%69.29%-22.70%-30.32%
24244Russ CummingsTeam High Gear Inter Men 40 to 4947M 2:35:05.5+51:01.5+49.03%67.10%-26.70%-34.58%
25228Daniel Erwin Inter Men 40 to 4945M 2:35:07.2+51:03.2+49.06%67.09%-26.73%-34.60%
  • Inter Men 50+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1282Bradley WilliamsThin Air Racing Inter Men 50+57M 1:46:02.9--100%14.82%11.79%
2284Kent McDonaldLegends Racing Team Inter Men 50+53M 1:49:57.3+3:54.4+3.68%96.45%11.68%8.54%
3283Chris ForcumTeam High Gear Inter Men 50+55M 1:49:58.6+3:55.7+3.70%96.43%11.66%8.52%
4287Ashley Johnson Inter Men 50+57M 1:50:22.3+4:19.4+4.08%96.08%11.35%8.19%
5279Barry WeissmanCarlos OBriens Racing Inter Men 50+56M 1:53:04.2+7:01.3+6.62%93.79%9.18%5.95%
6285James SessionsTeam America Sonoran Cycles Inter Men 50+56M 1:54:36.5+8:33.6+8.07%92.53%7.94%4.67%
7289Steve Wright Inter Men 50+52M 1:56:47.0+10:44.1+10.12%90.81%6.20%2.86%
8296Joe MurrayUp 7th Inter Men 50+51M 1:58:49.6+12:46.7+12.05%89.25%4.55%1.16%
9278Gene TorrisiSlippery Pig Bikes Inter Men 50+54M 1:59:24.2+13:21.3+12.59%88.82%4.09%0.68%
10290Richard Cassey Inter Men 50+51M 1:59:54.2+13:51.3+13.06%88.44%3.69%0.26%
11281Rick SnyderFlat Tire Bike Shop Inter Men 50+58M 2:00:13.3+14:10.4+13.36%88.21%3.43%0.00%
12293Andy AllsupFleming Wealth Strategies.Com Inter Men 50+56M 2:03:45.1+17:42.2+16.69%85.69%0.60%-2.94%
13505Chad BonineFlat Tire Bike Shop Inter Men 50+50M 2:03:50.9+17:48.0+16.78%85.63%0.52%-3.02%
14292David WeickRed Rock Racing Inter Men 50+56M 2:06:39.6+20:36.7+19.44%83.73%-1.74%-5.36%
15286Patrick Burns Inter Men 50+50M 2:07:32.8+21:29.9+20.27%83.14%-2.45%-6.09%
16294Dan MusselmanTeam One Racing Inter Men 50+50M 2:08:43.4+22:40.5+21.38%82.38%-3.40%-7.07%
17288Sal DiFonzoFlat Tire Bike Shop Inter Men 50+50M 2:13:53.8+27:50.9+26.26%79.20%-7.55%-11.37%
18297Dave Krassner Inter Men 50+50M 2:19:31.4+33:28.5+31.57%76.01%-12.07%-16.06%
19280John FritzLandis Trek MTB Inter Men 50+56M 2:21:38.8+35:35.9+33.57%74.87%-13.78%-17.82%
20295Steve Cunningham Inter Men 50+57M 2:27:52.5+41:49.6+39.44%71.71%-18.78%-23.00%
21291Brad HarrisExhale Bikes Inter Men 50+54M 2:41:47.2+55:44.3+52.56%65.55%-29.95%-34.57%
  • Inter SS Men
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1308Rhys LouisThe Velo Bike Shop Inter SS Men25M 1:42:18.5--100%12.71%10.44%
2506Jesse Calvin Inter SS Men28M 1:43:26.7+1:08.2+1.11%98.90%11.74%9.45%
3307Jay ReitzSingle Speed Coffee Inter SS Men43M 1:47:23.0+5:04.5+4.96%95.27%8.38%6.00%
4299Josef PaluchExhale Bikes Inter SS Men44M 1:51:04.5+8:46.0+8.57%92.11%5.23%2.77%
5300James Bailey Inter SS Men37M 1:51:23.9+9:05.4+8.88%91.84%4.96%2.49%
6304Rob GriffinOX Endurance Two Wheel Jones Racing Inter SS Men44M 1:53:46.2+11:27.7+11.20%89.93%2.93%0.41%
7306Brian KleinmanThin Air Racing Inter SS Men39M 1:54:42.6+12:24.1+12.12%89.19%2.13%-0.41%
8302Tristan BruceWatermark Racing Inter SS Men22M 1:55:06.4+12:47.9+12.51%88.88%1.79%-0.76%
9305Antonio UbachOro Valley Bicycles Inter SS Men41M 1:55:17.8+12:59.3+12.70%88.73%1.63%-0.92%
10309Ian Wischmeier Inter SS Men41M 2:04:51.2+22:32.7+22.04%81.94%-6.52%-9.29%
11303Brent KulsethTREK Store West Phoenix Inter SS Men38M 2:13:59.8+31:41.3+30.97%76.35%-14.32%-17.29%
12301Ryan SuessVassago Bicycles Inter SS Men44M 2:33:09.9+50:51.4+49.71%66.80%-30.68%-34.07%
  • Inter SS Men 45+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1344James AudiaOro Valley Bicycles Inter SS Men 45+45M 1:47:11.7--100%13.96%8.11%
2346Mike KennedyCountertop Shop Inter SS Men 45+45M 1:56:08.2+8:56.5+8.34%92.30%6.78%0.45%
3345James BruceWatermark Racing Inter SS Men 45+48M 1:56:39.7+9:28.0+8.83%91.89%6.36%0.00%
4347Manny Garcia Inter SS Men 45+52M 2:21:05.9+33:54.2+31.63%75.97%-13.26%-20.95%
5452Gary BrandMcDowell Mountain Cycles Inter SS Men 45+56M 2:21:49.1+34:37.4+32.30%75.59%-13.84%-21.56%
  • Inter SS Women
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
173Hillary MathisOro Valley Bicycles Inter SS Women41F 1:31:23.0--100%0.00%0.00%
  • Inter SS Women 45+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
174Jody BartzVassago Bicycles Inter SS Women 45+46F 1:35:46.2--100%4.50%4.50%
275Susan WilliamsExhale Bikes Inter SS Women 45+60F 1:44:47.8+9:01.6+9.43%91.39%-4.50%-4.50%
  • Inter Women 15 to 16
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
155Ivy BaileyThin Air Racing Inter Women 15 to 1616F 1:45:03.4--100%0.00%0.00%
  • Inter Women 17 to 18
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
159Faith HahnCZ Racing Inter Women 17 to 1818F 1:38:47.9--100%4.65%2.82%
258Hannah Bernier Inter Women 17 to 1818F 1:41:40.1+2:52.2+2.90%97.18%1.88%0.00%
360Pilar CarpenterFYCO Racing Inter Women 17 to 1817F 1:50:22.6+11:34.7+11.72%89.51%-6.53%-8.57%
  • Inter Women 19 to 29
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
161Marie Boone Inter Women 19 to 2928F 1:23:04.3--100%3.72%1.90%
263Maclayne HahnCZ Racing Inter Women 19 to 2922F 1:24:09.4+1:05.1+1.31%98.71%2.46%0.62%
3514Carly MossOro Valley Bicycles Inter Women 19 to 2929F 1:25:12.6+2:08.3+2.57%97.49%1.24%-0.62%
462Katherine WoodAbsolute Bikes Inter Women 19 to 2924F 1:32:41.1+9:36.8+11.57%89.63%-7.42%-9.45%
  • Inter Women 30 to 39
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
164Katherine BestAbsolute Bikes Inter Women 30 to 3934F 1:23:09.8--100%5.96%5.65%
265Jennifer KuhnThin Air Racing Inter Women 30 to 3937F 1:26:13.3+3:03.5+3.68%96.45%2.50%2.18%
366Elizabeth JobeOro Valley Bicycles Inter Women 30 to 3933F 1:30:03.4+6:53.6+8.29%92.35%-1.83%-2.18%
4521Jessica Lash Inter Women 30 to 3932F 1:34:18.2+11:08.4+13.40%88.19%-6.63%-6.99%
  • Inter Women 40 to 49
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
169Steffi GriffinOX Endurance Two Wheel Jones Racing Inter Women 40 to 4948F 1:32:49.3--100%12.98%12.98%
270Kiki DivenExhale Bikes Inter Women 40 to 4944F 2:00:30.3+27:41.0+29.82%77.03%-12.98%-12.98%
  • Inter Women 50+
Place Bib Racer name Category Age Gender Finish time
171Lesli BrooksInter Women 50+53F 1:45:26.3--100%0.00%0.00%
  • Junior Boys 11 to 12
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1399Cyrus HembreeThrive Youth Cycling Junior Boys 11 to 1211M 39:10.4--100%24.28%21.60%
2487Barrett BelangerWatkin Law Veloworx Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 39:35.6+0:25.2+1.07%98.94%23.46%20.76%
3394Aidan McDonaldOro Valley Bicycles Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 39:37.8+0:27.4+1.17%98.85%23.39%20.68%
4393River ValdezThrive Youth Cycling Junior Boys 11 to 1211M 40:20.5+1:10.1+2.98%97.10%22.02%19.26%
5395Sander BiesenDynamix Devo Junior Boys 11 to 1211M 42:02.1+2:51.7+7.31%93.19%18.74%15.87%
6476Reece Culliney Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 42:53.3+3:42.9+9.48%91.34%17.09%14.16%
7389Seth KnoebelVassago Bicycles Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 43:04.2+3:53.8+9.95%90.95%16.74%13.80%
8398Elliot SemonskyEl Grupo Youth Cycling Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 43:50.6+4:40.2+11.92%89.35%15.25%12.25%
9387Luke MortensenDynamix Devo Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 44:43.7+5:33.3+14.18%87.58%13.54%10.48%
10397Simon Clark Junior Boys 11 to 1211M 44:58.7+5:48.3+14.82%87.09%13.05%9.98%
11401Sawyer Campion Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 45:20.7+6:10.3+15.75%86.39%12.35%9.24%
12475Perrin ReynwarEl Grupo Youth Cycling Junior Boys 11 to 1211M 49:23.3+10:12.9+26.08%79.32%4.53%1.15%
13520Jaxon TaylorThrive Youth Cycling Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 50:32.4+11:22.0+29.02%77.51%2.30%-1.15%
14392Chase MilhamDCL Multisport Fitness Junior Boys 11 to 1211M 50:33.1+11:22.7+29.05%77.49%2.28%-1.18%
15396Thomas Peterson Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 51:13.5+12:03.1+30.76%76.47%0.98%-2.52%
16400Tomas Salazar Junior Boys 11 to 1211M 51:37.9+12:27.5+31.80%75.87%0.19%-3.34%
17548Frankie Mayes Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 53:47.1+14:36.7+37.30%72.83%-3.97%-7.65%
18402Joaquin RasmussenEl Grupo Youth Cycling Junior Boys 11 to 1211M 55:14.8+16:04.4+41.03%70.91%-6.80%-10.57%
19390Sam SaltonstallTeam One Racing Junior Boys 11 to 1211M 56:34.3+17:23.9+44.41%69.25%-9.36%-13.22%
20474Damian Ruiz Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 59:32.6+20:22.2+52.00%65.79%-15.10%-19.17%
21391Jack Jeffreys Junior Boys 11 to 1211M 1:00:50.5+21:40.1+55.31%64.39%-17.61%-21.77%
22477Daniel WalkerEl Grupo Youth Cycling Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 1:05:26.6+26:16.2+67.06%59.86%-26.51%-30.98%
23388Elliot Anderosn Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 1:08:52.7+29:42.3+75.83%56.87%-33.15%-37.86%
24549Matthew Trapp Junior Boys 11 to 1212M 1:42:16.9+1:03:06.5+161.10%38.30%-97.72%-104.71%
  • Junior Boys 13 to 14
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1378Izaac AdamsEl Grupo Youth Cycling Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 52:03.4--100%22.72%21.03%
2364Enrico DiMambro Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 53:17.6+1:14.2+2.38%97.68%20.88%19.15%
3374Ethan Wright Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 53:35.7+1:32.3+2.96%97.13%20.43%18.69%
4357Gabe Harrelson Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 53:49.2+1:45.8+3.39%96.72%20.10%18.35%
5472Nikoli Cooper Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 54:44.7+2:41.3+5.16%95.09%18.73%16.95%
6489Cameron BarrettTwo Wheel Jones Racing Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 57:16.4+5:13.0+10.02%90.89%14.97%13.11%
7372Remi DrogiFYCO Racing Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 57:17.2+5:13.8+10.05%90.87%14.95%13.09%
8348Liam ClarkDynamix Devo Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 57:18.4+5:15.0+10.09%90.84%14.92%13.06%
9468John Goldman Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 58:02.9+5:59.5+11.51%89.68%13.82%11.94%
10370Gabe DrogiFYCO Racing Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 59:15.5+7:12.1+13.83%87.85%12.03%10.10%
11355Hugo KrassnerTeam One Racing Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:00:19.4+8:16.0+15.88%86.30%10.45%8.49%
12363Anders NorengOro Valley Bicycles Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:02:02.4+9:59.0+19.18%83.91%7.90%5.88%
13352Gavin Brownfield Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:02:03.8+10:00.4+19.22%83.88%7.86%5.85%
14350Dane Bigelow Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:02:50.7+10:47.3+20.72%82.83%6.70%4.66%
15371Cameron KirkFYCO Racing Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:02:50.9+10:47.5+20.73%82.83%6.70%4.66%
16349Easton CribbsTeam One Racing Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:02:52.7+10:49.3+20.79%82.79%6.65%4.61%
17538William BlessingDynamix Devo Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:04:03.6+12:00.2+23.06%81.26%4.90%2.82%
18360Brayden BakerCarlos OBriens Racing Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:04:22.6+12:19.2+23.67%80.86%4.43%2.34%
19373Scott HectorOro Valley Bicycles Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:05:01.9+12:58.5+24.92%80.05%3.46%1.35%
20471Keian Litchfield Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:05:34.0+13:30.6+25.95%79.40%2.66%0.53%
21365Oren Johnson Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:06:16.2+14:12.8+27.30%78.55%1.62%-0.53%
22358Daniel CurtisTeam One Racing Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:06:21.0+14:17.6+27.46%78.46%1.50%-0.65%
23377Ty Rohrbough Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:06:57.4+14:54.0+28.62%77.75%0.60%-1.58%
24356Emory BurdenTeam One Racing Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:06:58.6+14:55.2+28.66%77.72%0.57%-1.61%
25537David Blessing Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:07:10.1+15:06.7+29.03%77.50%0.28%-1.90%
26467Shawn Kuzma Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:08:17.1+16:13.7+31.17%76.23%-1.37%-3.59%
27366Trent Winton Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:09:50.3+17:46.9+34.16%74.54%-3.68%-5.95%
28361Jacob SemingsonTwo Wheel Jones Racing Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:09:52.0+17:48.6+34.21%74.51%-3.72%-5.99%
29550Alex Trapp Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:10:27.2+18:23.8+35.34%73.89%-4.59%-6.88%
30369Lukas PicoFYCO Racing Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:15:31.0+23:27.6+45.07%68.93%-12.11%-14.56%
31362Liam RyalsTwo Wheel Jones Racing Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:17:25.4+25:22.0+48.73%67.24%-14.94%-17.45%
32359Matthew KuhnThin Air Racing Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:17:42.6+25:39.2+49.28%66.99%-15.37%-17.89%
33368Thomas PaludaEl Grupo Youth Cycling Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:17:49.8+25:46.4+49.51%66.89%-15.55%-18.07%
34470Ronan Hedberg Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:18:32.7+26:29.3+50.88%66.28%-16.61%-19.16%
35554Travis Corcoran Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:18:33.8+26:30.4+50.92%66.26%-16.63%-19.18%
36484Kyler Powell Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:19:17.1+27:13.7+52.31%65.66%-17.71%-20.28%
37469Elias Robinson Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:19:29.4+27:26.0+52.70%65.49%-18.01%-20.59%
38367Luke Bonaime Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:24:46.3+32:42.9+62.84%61.41%-25.85%-28.60%
39375Leonardo RoccaforteFlyrs Flagstaff Youth Riders Junior Boys 13 to 1414M 1:27:48.5+35:45.1+68.68%59.28%-30.36%-33.21%
40376Tobias ObergEl Grupo Youth Cycling Junior Boys 13 to 1413M 1:36:32.1+44:28.7+85.44%53.93%-43.31%-46.45%
  • Junior Boys 6 to 8
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1431Axel MortensenDynamix Devo Junior Boys 6 to 88M 23:50.5--100%32.23%27.94%
2435Connor BullardTwo Wheel Jones Racing Junior Boys 6 to 88M 27:25.9+3:35.4+15.06%86.91%22.02%17.09%
3438Keelan Nelson-CastagnoFlyrs Flagstaff Youth Riders Junior Boys 6 to 87M 28:15.2+4:24.7+18.50%84.39%19.69%14.60%
4441Jonah KnorowskiDynamix Devo Junior Boys 6 to 87M 28:56.6+5:06.1+21.40%82.37%17.73%12.52%
5557Reed HeymanDynamix Devo Junior Boys 6 to 88M 29:36.9+5:46.4+24.22%80.51%15.82%10.49%
6436Luka HinkleFlyrs Flagstaff Youth Riders Junior Boys 6 to 87M 30:11.0+6:20.5+26.60%78.99%14.20%8.77%
7440James WeismanDynamix Devo Junior Boys 6 to 86M 30:38.7+6:48.2+28.54%77.80%12.89%7.37%
8437Rex Kleinman Junior Boys 6 to 87M 32:19.8+8:29.3+35.60%73.74%8.10%2.28%
9432Zachary Keller Junior Boys 6 to 88M 33:50.4+9:59.9+41.94%70.45%3.81%-2.28%
10434Luke Pfannes Junior Boys 6 to 86M 35:29.4+11:38.9+48.86%67.18%-0.88%-7.27%
11535Roman Pico Junior Boys 6 to 88M 36:10.5+12:20.0+51.73%65.91%-2.83%-9.34%
12542Trenton AinardiFlyrs Flagstaff Youth Riders Junior Boys 6 to 88M 40:50.7+17:00.2+71.32%58.37%-16.11%-23.45%
13522Straton Mccomb Junior Boys 6 to 87M 42:48.0+18:57.5+79.52%55.70%-21.66%-29.36%
14555Myles Maule Junior Boys 6 to 86M 45:43.2+21:52.7+91.77%52.15%-29.96%-38.19%
15439Cru Keller Junior Boys 6 to 87M 46:05.9+22:15.4+93.35%51.72%-31.04%-39.33%
16433Devin Keller Junior Boys 6 to 86M 50:39.4+26:48.9+112.47%47.07%-44.00%-53.11%
  • Junior Boys 9 to 10
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1419Damiano Rivera de RosalesEl Grupo Youth Cycling Junior Boys 9 to 109M 40:43.2--100%24.30%21.43%
2420James Bailey IVFYCO Racing Junior Boys 9 to 1010M 42:18.9+1:35.7+3.92%96.23%21.33%18.35%
3412Soren Damato Junior Boys 9 to 1010M 45:11.0+4:27.8+10.96%90.12%16.00%12.82%
4409Maks MortensenDynamix Devo Junior Boys 9 to 109M 45:11.8+4:28.6+10.99%90.10%15.98%12.79%
5414Liam O'BrienSonoran Cycles Junior Boys 9 to 1010M 45:48.4+5:05.2+12.49%88.90%14.84%11.61%
6410Jack KnoebelVassago Bicycles Junior Boys 9 to 1010M 46:27.7+5:44.5+14.10%87.64%13.63%10.35%
7423Jack Knorowski Junior Boys 9 to 109M 49:15.8+8:32.6+20.98%82.66%8.42%4.94%
8421Daniel HembreeThrive Youth Cycling Junior Boys 9 to 1010M 50:57.3+10:14.1+25.14%79.91%5.27%1.68%
9519Ryker TaylorThrive Youth Cycling Junior Boys 9 to 1010M 52:41.7+11:58.5+29.41%77.27%2.04%-1.68%
10411Barrett DamatoSun and Spokes Junior Boys 9 to 1010M 54:18.7+13:35.5+33.38%74.97%-0.97%-4.80%
11556Shadrach Phillips Junior Boys 9 to 109M 56:40.5+15:57.3+39.18%71.85%-5.36%-9.36%
12422Jack HarrisonThrive Youth Cycling Junior Boys 9 to 1010M 58:59.7+18:16.5+44.88%69.02%-9.67%-13.84%
13418Tarek Nelson-CastagnoFlyrs Flagstaff Youth Riders Junior Boys 9 to 109M 1:00:57.7+20:14.5+49.71%66.80%-13.33%-17.63%
14415Cruz BlueFlyrs Flagstaff Youth Riders Junior Boys 9 to 1010M 1:04:16.5+23:33.3+57.85%63.35%-19.49%-24.02%
15416Konrad Kleinman Junior Boys 9 to 1010M 1:10:46.5+30:03.3+73.81%57.53%-31.57%-36.57%
16536Emmaline Blessing Junior Boys 9 to 109M 1:16:04.0+35:20.8+86.80%53.53%-41.41%-46.78%
  • Junior Girls 11 to 12
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1407Vicki WeismanDynamix Devo Junior Girls 11 to 1211F 47:38.3--100%20.72%14.99%
2405Sarah FernauCycle Mania Junior Girls 11 to 1212F 50:21.9+2:43.6+5.72%94.59%16.18%10.12%
3427Taylor Becker-KopkeEl Grupo Youth Cycling Junior Girls 11 to 1210F 52:14.1+4:35.8+9.65%91.20%13.07%6.78%
4404Taryn RinglerOro Valley Bicycles Junior Girls 11 to 1211F 55:00.3+7:22.0+15.46%86.61%8.46%1.84%
5541Jenny Sanders Junior Girls 11 to 1212F 56:02.2+8:23.9+17.63%85.01%6.74%0.00%
6478Kiana Hedberg Junior Girls 11 to 1211F 1:02:14.1+14:35.8+30.64%76.55%-3.57%-11.06%
7479Emilia Canal IbarraEl Grupo Youth Cycling Junior Girls 11 to 1212F 1:05:47.4+18:09.1+38.10%72.41%-9.49%-17.41%
8406Kaitlyn Whitehead Junior Girls 11 to 1212F 1:11:15.9+23:37.6+49.60%66.85%-18.60%-27.18%
9408Katherine Foley Junior Girls 11 to 1212F 1:20:14.1+32:35.8+68.43%59.37%-33.53%-43.18%
  • Junior Girls 13 to 14
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1383Jessie Wildblood-CrawfordFYCO Racing Junior Girls 13 to 1413F 1:05:30.1--100%12.41%12.36%
2492Bella MoroccoDynamix Devo Junior Girls 13 to 1413F 1:06:11.0+0:40.9+1.04%98.97%11.50%11.45%
3384Zoe LeeFYCO Racing Junior Girls 13 to 1413F 1:11:26.1+5:56.0+9.06%91.69%4.47%4.42%
4491Emma Post Junior Girls 13 to 1413F 1:13:02.9+7:32.8+11.52%89.67%2.32%2.26%
5379Hailey Redenbo Junior Girls 13 to 1414F 1:14:44.3+9:14.2+14.10%87.64%0.06%0.00%
6385Sydney NorrisFYCO Racing Junior Girls 13 to 1413F 1:16:22.4+10:52.3+16.60%85.77%-2.13%-2.19%
7382Caitlin SchneiderExhale Bikes Junior Girls 13 to 1414F 1:16:23.0+10:52.9+16.61%85.75%-2.14%-2.20%
8551Zofia Sawasky Junior Girls 13 to 1413F 1:18:01.8+12:31.7+19.13%83.94%-4.34%-4.40%
9552Mackenzie Spillman Junior Girls 13 to 1413F 1:31:20.2+25:50.1+39.44%71.71%-22.14%-22.21%
  • Junior Girls 6 to 8
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1483Olivia Bevier Junior Girls 6 to 88F 22:19.5--100%26.71%30.97%
2490Avery BarrettTwo Wheel Jones Racing Junior Girls 6 to 87F 30:54.0+8:34.5+38.41%72.25%-1.44%4.46%
3442Presley BiesenDynamix Devo Junior Girls 6 to 87F 32:20.6+10:01.1+44.87%69.03%-6.17%0.00%
4482Ella WalterDynamix Devo Junior Girls 6 to 88F 33:15.0+10:55.5+48.94%67.14%-9.15%-2.80%
5518Harlee TaylorThrive Youth Cycling Junior Girls 6 to 88F 33:29.6+11:10.1+50.03%66.66%-9.95%-3.56%
  • Junior Girls 9 to 10
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1425Stella BiesenDynamix Devo Junior Girls 9 to 109F 55:23.2--100%14.51%11.89%
2430Maddi WeismanDynamix Devo Junior Girls 9 to 109F 57:41.5+2:18.3+4.16%96.00%10.95%8.22%
3426Siena BiesenDynamix Devo Junior Girls 9 to 109F 57:44.0+2:20.8+4.24%95.94%10.89%8.16%
4429Luciana De la HuertaEl Grupo Youth Cycling Junior Girls 9 to 109F 1:02:51.7+7:28.5+13.50%88.11%2.97%0.00%
5481Mia HudsonEl Grupo Youth Cycling Junior Girls 9 to 109F 1:12:21.4+16:58.2+30.64%76.55%-11.69%-15.10%
6428Lucille BiedermanEl Grupo Youth Cycling Junior Girls 9 to 1010F 1:12:49.3+17:26.1+31.48%76.06%-12.40%-15.84%
7480Lucilia McKisson Junior Girls 9 to 109F 1:14:38.7+19:15.5+34.77%74.20%-15.22%-18.74%
  • Marathon Men
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
12017Trevor OlsonCarlos OBriens Racing Marathon Men45M 3:08:54.2--100%13.05%17.20%
22008Weston RasmussenCZ Racing Marathon Men27M 3:11:22.0+2:27.8+1.30%98.71%11.92%16.12%
32024Tim RacetteMcDowell Mountain Cycles Marathon Men31M 3:11:38.0+2:43.8+1.45%98.58%11.80%16.01%
42021Micah ClingerExhale Bikes Marathon Men40M 3:12:55.5+4:01.3+2.13%97.92%11.20%15.44%
52026Nick SkaggsWatkin Law Veloworx Marathon Men36M 3:22:49.3+13:55.1+7.37%93.14%6.65%11.10%
62010Lewis Elliot Marathon Men38M 3:27:06.4+18:12.2+9.64%91.21%4.67%9.23%
72025Aidan RhodesExhale Bikes Marathon Men18M 3:30:46.5+21:52.3+11.58%89.62%2.98%7.62%
82014Andy StraversRez Dog Racing Marathon Men41M 3:31:03.7+22:09.5+11.73%89.50%2.85%7.49%
92009Kyle GandyCZ Racing Marathon Men26M 3:42:59.8+34:05.6+18.05%84.71%-2.64%2.26%
102015Gregory CavanaughRez Dog Racing Marathon Men38M 3:47:56.6+39:02.4+20.67%82.87%-4.92%0.09%
112000Steve LovejoyExhale Bikes Marathon Men50M 3:48:21.9+39:27.7+20.89%82.72%-5.11%-0.09%
122011Andy ByrnesCZ Racing Marathon Men49M 3:51:54.4+43:00.2+22.76%81.46%-6.74%-1.64%
132037Phil Schneider Marathon Men42M 3:53:28.9+44:34.7+23.60%80.91%-7.47%-2.34%
142019Robin SchwartzExhale Bikes Marathon Men28M 3:58:29.1+49:34.9+26.25%79.21%-9.77%-4.53%
152007Cory Fagerholm Marathon Men48M 3:58:34.9+49:40.7+26.30%79.18%-9.81%-4.57%
162022James StreeterOro Valley Bicycles Marathon Men53M 4:09:41.6+1:00:47.4+32.18%75.65%-14.93%-9.44%
172012eric Lafontaine Marathon Men40M 4:09:47.2+1:00:53.0+32.23%75.63%-14.97%-9.48%
182013Peter Tempest Marathon Men56M 4:12:20.2+1:03:26.0+33.58%74.86%-16.14%-10.60%
192038Scott HeinsiusCosmic Cycles Marathon Men34M 4:13:35.2+1:04:41.0+34.24%74.49%-16.72%-11.15%
202018Mark TimmExhale Bikes Marathon Men57M 4:20:13.0+1:11:18.8+37.75%72.59%-19.77%-14.05%
212023Tanner Bohlender Marathon Men17M 4:25:09.7+1:16:15.5+40.37%71.24%-22.05%-16.22%
222020Dan WhitehillVR7 Marathon Men53M 4:25:20.1+1:16:25.9+40.46%71.19%-22.13%-16.30%
232006Bill Miller Marathon Men55M 4:59:32.7+1:50:38.5+58.57%63.06%-37.87%-31.29%
242004Andrew Colbert Marathon Men37M 5:11:50.2+2:02:56.0+65.08%60.58%-43.53%-36.68%
252027Travis WaldronTwo Wheel Jones Racing Marathon Men43M 1:42:09.3-1:26:44.9+45.92%54.08%-52.98%-55.23%
262040Michael ODonnell Marathon Men54M 1:54:15.2-1:14:39.0+39.52%60.48%-47.41%-49.92%
272041Daniel AlasuBicycle Ranch Racing Marathon Men29M 1:59:13.4-1:09:40.8+36.89%63.11%-45.12%-47.74%
282016Chris RinglerOro Valley Bicycles Marathon Men42M 2:01:48.0-1:07:06.2+35.52%64.48%-43.94%-46.62%
  • Marathon Women
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
12031Chase EdwardsCZ Racing Marathon Women34F 3:44:20.8--100%5.09%5.95%
22043Anna KiepOver The Edge Sedona Marathon Women38F 3:58:32.3+14:11.5+6.33%94.05%-0.92%0.00%
32032Beth UtleyOro Valley Bicycles Marathon Women42F 4:07:07.0+22:46.2+10.15%90.79%-4.54%-3.60%
42035Bethany HancockExhale Bikes Marathon Women26F 4:25:50.2+41:29.4+18.49%84.39%-12.46%-11.44%
52033Karlene OlsonCarlos OBriens Racing Marathon Women44F 4:43:14.6+58:53.8+26.25%79.21%-19.83%-18.74%
62034Evie RacetteMcDowell Mountain Cycles Marathon Women33F 4:55:57.8+1:11:37.0+31.92%75.80%-25.21%-24.07%
72036Shawna HeinsiusCosmic Cycles Marathon Women31F 4:58:27.4+1:14:06.6+33.03%75.17%-26.26%-25.12%
82042Emily DunningExhale Bikes Marathon Women30F 2:13:37.7-1:30:43.1+40.44%59.56%-43.47%-43.98%
92028Laura NagyExhale Bikes Marathon Women50F 2:56:24.1-47:56.7+21.37%78.63%-25.37%-26.05%
102030Shawna GlazierCZ Racing Marathon Women35F 3:30:43.3-13:37.5+6.07%93.93%-10.85%-11.66%
112029Lucy DreyFYCO Racing Marathon Women18F 3:45:51.5+1:30.7+0.67%99.33%4.45%5.32%
  • Masters Men 60+
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1342William Pepper Masters Men 60+60M 1:48:17.7--100%17.26%18.80%
2341Wayne Gorry Masters Men 60+64M 1:51:58.7+3:41.0+3.40%96.71%14.44%16.04%
3339Robert WilliamsExhale Bikes Masters Men 60+66M 2:09:03.4+20:45.7+19.17%83.91%1.39%3.23%
4340Rob WilsonBicycle Ranch Racing Masters Men 60+64M 2:11:35.2+23:17.5+21.51%82.30%-0.54%1.34%
5343James Hart Masters Men 60+60M 2:15:09.3+26:51.6+24.80%80.13%-3.27%-1.34%
6455Bob BrunswickAbsolute Bikes Masters Men 60+60M 2:16:12.4+27:54.7+25.77%79.51%-4.07%-2.13%
7335John PorvaznikTwo Wheel Jones Racing Masters Men 60+60M 2:26:04.5+37:46.8+34.89%74.14%-11.61%-9.53%
8337Steven AlwardTeam High Gear Masters Men 60+66M 2:28:41.0+40:23.3+37.29%72.84%-13.60%-11.48%
  • Plus Bike Men
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1326Ryan MortensenDynamix Devo Plus Bike Men40M 1:45:26.3--100%17.78%12.21%
2331Scott Keller Plus Bike Men38M 1:47:51.8+2:25.5+2.30%97.75%15.89%10.19%
3330Lance BaileyThin Air Racing Plus Bike Men43M 1:49:14.0+3:47.7+3.60%96.53%14.82%9.05%
4332Todd FernauCycle Mania Plus Bike Men43M 1:54:25.9+8:59.6+8.53%92.14%10.76%4.72%
5454Gabriel Carbajal Plus Bike Men45M 1:56:25.7+10:59.4+10.42%90.56%9.21%3.06%
6453Brandon Hedberg Plus Bike Men43M 2:00:06.1+14:39.8+13.91%87.79%6.34%0.00%
7333Jason Clark Plus Bike Men47M 2:00:47.8+15:21.5+14.57%87.29%5.80%-0.58%
8515Christopher KennedySlippery Pig Bikes Plus Bike Men48M 2:18:37.9+33:11.6+31.48%76.06%-8.11%-15.43%
9327Dennis WebbVassago Bicycles Plus Bike Men44M 2:24:49.4+39:23.1+37.35%72.80%-12.94%-20.58%
10328Ronald Gould Plus Bike Men33M 2:28:20.7+42:54.4+40.69%71.08%-15.68%-23.52%
11329Gonzo McGurk Plus Bike Men48M 3:04:29.5+1:19:03.2+74.98%57.15%-43.87%-53.61%
  • Plus Bike Women
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
176Angela WhiteExhale Bikes Plus Bike Women48F 2:01:26.3--100%5.32%5.32%
278Lindsey Stepp Plus Bike Women36F 2:15:05.3+13:39.0+11.24%89.90%-5.32%-5.32%
  • Rock Crusher Men
Place Bib Racer name Affiliation Category Age Gender Finish time
1319Kevin DenzExhale Bikes Rock Crusher Men37M 1:49:26.7--100%12.01%7.51%
2315Herb RosboroughThin Air Racing Rock Crusher Men41M 1:50:31.4+1:04.7+0.99%99.02%11.15%6.60%
3323Cory FosterOro Valley Bicycles Rock Crusher Men39M 1:54:53.0+5:26.3+4.97%95.27%7.64%2.91%
4318Jeremy KuhnThin Air Racing Rock Crusher Men40M 1:55:23.8+5:57.1+5.44%94.84%7.23%2.48%
5312Christopher MacIntyre Rock Crusher Men51M 1:56:05.9+6:39.2+6.08%94.27%6.67%1.89%
6325Paul Mickelbart Rock Crusher Men42M 1:57:08.8+7:42.1+7.04%93.43%5.82%1.00%
7310Johan LevinExhale Bikes Rock Crusher Men39M 1:59:31.1+10:04.4+9.20%91.57%3.92%-1.00%
8324Sean McDonaldOro Valley Bicycles Rock Crusher Men45M 2:01:36.6+12:09.9+11.12%90.00%2.23%-2.77%
9322Tony RoseExhale Bikes Rock Crusher Men42M 2:04:54.5+15:27.8+14.13%87.62%-0.42%-5.56%
10313Jason Bigelow Rock Crusher Men46M 2:23:47.6+34:20.9+31.38%76.11%-15.60%-21.52%
11320Dave Coggins Rock Crusher Men41M 2:24:29.7+35:03.0+32.03%75.74%-16.16%-22.11%
12321John Gray Rock Crusher Men41M 2:34:51.3+45:24.6+41.49%70.68%-24.49%-30.86%