Try Webscorer PRO FREE for 30 days!

No questions asked, no strings attached:
  • For iPad or iPhone:
  • 30 day promo step 1Install Webscorer for iPhone or Webscorer for iPad from the Apple App Store
  • 30 day promo step 2Once installed, tap the "Upgrade to Webscorer PRO" option from the app's home panel
  • 30 day promo step 3Tap the "Try PRO free for 30 days" button
  • 30 day promo step 4You'll get a pop-up saying "30-day PRO subscription completed successfully"

  • This offer is limited to one free upgrade per user (and one per device)
  • The free trial is limited to max 10 racers
  • After 30 days, the app will revert itself to Webscorer FAN
  • All races timed during the trial period are saved, and can still be edited and re-posted to
  • After the 30 day trial, you can subscribe to PRO for USD $50 / year
  • For more information, please see the Race Timing page, Tutorials and Videos
Webscorer PRO for iPhone & iPad