Would you be interested in having the results and registration pages on shown in your own language?


We just posted a website update that implements the first two languages - Finnish and French.  Go to any results or registration page, and you'll see a "Language" drop down at the very top of the page - pick "Suomi" for Finnish and "Francais" for French.


We're seeking volunteers to help do the translation to other languages.  Here's what you can expect:


1. We'd email you an Excel XLS file that you'd review & edit

2. The entries are already translated to your language by Google Translate

3. You'd review & correct the translation, as appropriate


How much work?  Turns out Google Translate does a reasonable job so it took our Finland native only about 4 hours effort to do the translation into Finnish.  Depending on your translation skills and familiarity with Webscorer, the actual time commitment may vary.


We'd still expect the race organizer to know English as the organizer pages and the app will remain English only, but the idea is that participants who register for your race and view the results of your race would have a fully localized experience.


For obvious reasons, we can only pick one volunteer per language.  Please send an email to if you're interested, a note about your qualifications - and how quickly you'd expect to get the task completed.


As our language skills are limited, we will not be able to judge the quality of your work until we publish the work for everyone to see on - and get some feedback.  Hence there's no (immediate) prize / award for volunteering, your motivation should be a selfish one - to provide a cool racer experience in your own language.  If your work ends up being stellar, we will recognize it with an appropriate reward.

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