We just released a new website feature that addresses the following frequent requests:
- Can I have a customized page (with a fixed URL) on Webscorer for my club that has all our results & registrations?
- Before the race, can I place a URL on my website which racers can click to find the results, once posted?
- Could I have my organizer name, logo & website link automatically added to posted results?
- Each time when I edit results on the app & repost, I have to add back my custom logo - can this be fixed?
- If you have an account on Webscorer, you now have a page with a fixed URL listing all your races
- Navigate to any race page, and click on the "Organizer page" menu button
- That will take you to the race organizer's page listing all "Public" results, start lists and open registrations
- You may also customize your own “Organizer page” (here's ours:
Here's how you can customize your own "Organizer page":
1. Sign in to with your email address & password
2. Navigate to (or click on Race organizers / My settings)
3. You can specify the following on this page
    - Organizer name
    - Organizer website
    - Organizer home town
    - Organizer page notes
    - Organizer logo
    - Customized organizer page URL
4. Note that all fields are optional, include those you want and leave the rest blank
    - We don’t need to know your exact home location, getting your home town is sufficient
    - Your home town will be listed on "Race organizer info" section if specified
    - The map information will also enable racers to find you using the map as a filter (coming soon)
5. The organizer notes will appear only on your unique organizer page
    - Use the notes to describe your own club, business or organization
    - You can include additional clickable links to other websites
    - You may also include a link to an image to show it as part of the organizer notes
6. You can also choose whether your name, website & logo are automatically included on all posted races
    - This applies to registrations, start lists and results
    - You can change the defaults after posting which will override the automation
    - If you include a custom photo when posting results from the app, the photo will be included instead of the logo
7. By default, everyone with an account on has a unique organizer page URL
    - The default URL is, where the xxxx is your unique user id in our database (e.g. 3726)
    - This URL can always be used to access your organizer page, alongside your customized URL
8. You may also create a customized URL for your own organizer page
    - For example, your URL can be
    - The URL you choose must be unique (when you click “Save changes”, the website will check for uniqueness)
    - The URL must include at least one letter (so that it will not conflict with future userid-based URLs)
    - The custom part must be at least 4 characters long and may also contain numbers and the “-“ and “_” characters
9. Notes about “My organizer page”
    - The URL is public, and hence only public races will be shown
    - If you don’t want some races to show up, set “Race visibility = Private” by clicking on “Edit race info”
    - By default, the page will show results and results series
    - Click on the “View registrations” or “View start lists” menu button to change the race type shown
    - Only open registrations will be shown
    - On each results, start list and registration page, there's a "Organizer page" menu button for navigation


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