Webscorer race registration

The Webscorer online registration service is tightly integrated with Webscorer PRO, and can also be used with other timing software.

Immediate access to your entry fees
  • All registration proceeds are paid directly to your bank account
  • Webscorer never sees the money flow, and will not deduct any fees from the payments
  • Support for multiple payment gateways (you’d link your bank account with the gateway)
    • PayPal (40+ countries)
    • Elavon (US & Canada)
    • Authorize.net (US)
    • Stripe.com (US, Canada, UK, Ireland)
    • Caledon (Canada)
  • You can also allow racers to pay the entry fee via a bank transfer or via check
    • No gateway account required
    • No credit card fees subtracted
    • Good option for countries where bank-to-bank account transfers are easy / free
Dramatically lower processing fees
  • No markups: the payment processor of your choice will deduct just the actual credit card fees
  • Webscorer fee is just $1 / racer which you will pay us after the registration has closed
  • See bottom of the this page for a comparison of the registration fees
  • If you collect no entry fee, the registration is totally free
Integration with the Webscorer PRO timing app
  • Download the registered racer list directly to Webscorer PRO
  • You can start timing the race within minutes after closing the online registration
  • No need to deal with .TXT files, or to have Excel skills to format registration data
  • Allows your registration to stay open longer, reducing day-of-race entries & hassles
High-end features, yet super easy to use
  • Single-page design, most users can create the registration page in 5 minutes
  • Racers are not required to create an account on Webscorer.com to register for your race
  • Supports both paid registration (entry fee collected) and free registration (no entry fee)
  • Series registration: combine multiple registrations into a series (with a discount to sign up for all)
  • Assign fees by distance or by category
  • Setup any number of fee increases by date
  • Add a processing fee (fixed fee or %, or both)
  • Keep track of sales tax separately
  • Sell T-shirts etc. as part of the registration
  • Ask for donations
  • Auto-create age categories from date of birth or age
  • Create your own custom questions
  • Limit entries by distance, category or total number
  • Waiting lists – selectively invite racers waitlisted to register
  • Discount codes: set usage limits, track usage, upload Groupon etc. codes
  • Move racer registration from one race to another
  • Create downloadable reports by day / month / year / date range
  • Customize confirmation email with Facebook links etc.
  • Email all registered racers
  • Online registration where no entry fee is collected is free
  • Credit card fees are charged by your payment gateway (not by Webscorer)
  • Webscorer fee is $1 / racer (USD), payable after the registration has closed
  • The free online registration is available worldwide
  • The paid online registration availability is limited only by the geographic support of your chosen payment gateway
  • The registration is offered presently only in English, translated / localized support coming soon
  • Check here to find out the details on PayPal's support for your country: PayPal Worldwide

Try out the online registration service for free: My race registrations

For more information, please see registration tutorial.

  • Average entry fee
  • Racers per race
  • Races per year
  • Registration site
  • SignMeUp.com
  • UltraSignup.com
  • Active.com
  • BikeReg.com
  • Webscorer.com
  • Per racer
  • $1.00
  • $1.00
  • $1.25
  • $2.00
  • $1.00
  • % of entry fee
  • 6.50%
  • 4.50%
  • 6.75%
  • 3.00%
  • 2.20%
  • Minimum
  • None
  • None
  • $3.25
  • None
  • None