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Webscorer race timing


The Webscorer timing app runs on an iPad, iPad mini, iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 5 or later. An Android version is also available for devices running Android version v4.0 or later.

The simple timer & results app (Webscorer FAN) is free – and you can try Webscorer PRO free for 30 days and thereafter subscribe to PRO when needed.

Or on your iPad or iPhone, tap the "App Store" icon, and search for "Webscorer".

Android app available via Google Play or the Amazon app storestore.

Mobile timing solution
  • The Webscorer timing app runs on a smart phone or a tablet - no need for laptops & generators
  • Start & finish line can be anywhere - no need for timing buildings, campers or canopies
  • Results can be posted to the web live during the race - no need for printers & paper
Fraction of the cost of PC-based timing software
  • The PRO timing app is priced at just $50 / year subscription
  • First 30 days is free – no strings attached
  • The PRO subscription covers up to 5 devices, which can involve multiple timing stations
Live / instant results
  • Results are posted to within seconds of each racer finishing
  • Racers can also download the free Webscorer app to download a copy of the results "to go"
  • If there's no cell connectivity, share results via Bluetooth to any device running the Webscorer app
High-end features, yet super easy to use
  • Supports practically any type of race from 1 to 1000+ racers in 40+ sports
  • Race registration, setup, timing & results posting integrated together
  • Intuitive, innovative, easy-to-use graphical user interface for scoring racers
  • Download start list from Webscorer online registration
  • Import start lists via Excel / .TXT file
  • Multiple start types:
    • Mass start
    • Interval start
    • Individual start
    • Pursuit start
    • Manual wave start
    • Interval wave start
  • Multiple distances, multiple categories
  • Lap times, split times, relay races
  • Exclude certain laps from total time (transition stages)
  • Handicaps:
    • Time-based
    • Percentage
    • Fractional
    • Age / gender-based
    • Sailboat racing
  • Penalties / bonuses:
    • Numeric or time-based
    • Multiple entries per racer
  • Team scoring:
    • An additional race-within-race for team totals
    • Combine times or points per place
  • Predicted-time race
  • Live results
  • Results listed by distance, by category, by gender
  • Exclude top overall finishers from category results
  • Multi-device timing:
    • Bib sync
    • Name sync
    • Multi-device splits
    • Point-to-point races
  • Immediate & easy error correction
  • Tap history for figuring out timing issues
  • The Webscorer app can be downloaded for free
  • New users can subscribe to PRO for free for 30 days
  • Thereafter, the PRO subscription costs $50 / year
  • The PRO subscription does not auto-renew, subscribe when needed
  • The app is available worldwide from your local Apple App Store
  • Note that the App Store pricing vary from country to country
  • You can also purchase the PRO subscription on with a credit card or PayPal

For more information, please see our FAQ.