Race 3 HS Boys 110m Hurdles

Friday, April 16, 2021 8:46 AM (GMT-4) - Start list

Race info
Sport: Running - track
Location: Wilmington, NC, United States
Start type: Mass start
Racers: 192
Updated: Friday, April 16, 2021 8:46 AM (GMT-4)
Organized by: Cape Fear Academy
Race website: www.krtnilm.org

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Bib Racer name
Distance Category Wave Gender Start time
3 Zyon Allison NC United  M
6 Ariyana Austin NC United  F
8 Toni Sherrod Hoke County Blazers  F
9 Aubrey Briscoe-Tobi NC United  F
10 Malia Brown NC United  F
12 Kaylin Calvin NC United  F
13 Ethan George NC United  M
17 Kasey Howard NC United  F
18 Caitlin Lewis NC United  F
26 Zariah Louissaint NC United  F
27 Astarry McBride NC United  F
28 Shakayla McDowell NC United  F
30 Max Cabrera Fayetteville Academy  M
31 Kalil Dennison Fayetteville Academy  M
32 Wyatt Duchon Fayetteville Academy  M
33 Yeon Hong Fayetteville Academy  M
34 Nathanael Kelleher Fayetteville Academy  M
35 Connor McBrayer Fayetteville Academy  M
36 Michael Rice Fayetteville Academy  M
37 Zoe Dorsey Fayetteville Academy  F
38 Izzy Faulkner Fayetteville Academy  F
39 Bailey Lutynski Fayetteville Academy  F
40 Joshua Ashurst Fayetteville Christian  M
41 Evan Bailey Fayetteville Christian  M
42 Myles Burger Fayetteville Christian  M
43 Shahron James Fayetteville Christian  M
44 Alex Kardouni Fayetteville Christian  M
45 Noah Mabus Fayetteville Christian  M
46 Matthew Macagg Fayetteville Christian  M
47 Thomas Macagg Fayetteville Christian  M
48 Sam Miller Fayetteville Christian  M
49 Roderick Roberts Fayetteville Christian  M
50 Tomas Stevens Fayetteville Christian  M
51 Isabella Bailey Fayetteville Christian  F
52 Julianna Bailey Fayetteville Christian  F
53 Ashley Bernard Fayetteville Christian  F
54 Aeryon Davis Fayetteville Christian  F
55 Olivia Delellis Fayetteville Christian  F
56 Aeriya Griffin Fayetteville Christian  F
57 Hayley Matthews Fayetteville Christian  F
58 Rachel Pierce Fayetteville Christian  F
59 Omauri Robinson Fayetteville Christian  F
60 Allicya Seeley Fayetteville Christian  F
61 Andrew Wall NC United  M
62 N'Diyah Southerland Hoke County Blazers  F
63 Van Lawless Cape Fear Flyers  M
64 Georgia Layton Cape Fear Flyers  F
65 William Marhold Cape Fear Flyers  M
67 Holly McKee Cape Fear Flyers  F
68 Lily McKee Cape Fear Flyers  F
69 Teagan McKee Cape Fear Flyers  F
70 Amelia Medlin Cape Fear Flyers  F
71 Exie Medlin Cape Fear Flyers  F
72 Declan Middleswarth Cape Fear Flyers  M
73 Finley Nelligan Cape Fear Flyers  F
74 Dylan Park Cape Fear Flyers  M
75 Eva Lily Perry Cape Fear Flyers  F
76 Isaiah Perry Cape Fear Flyers  M
77 John Rollins-Fado Cape Fear Flyers  M
78 Dylan Schmick Cape Fear Flyers  M
79 Aiden Schroeder Cape Fear Flyers  M
80 Joy Shaver Cape Fear Flyers  F
81 Lillian Smith Cape Fear Flyers  F
82 Sage Terzaken Cape Fear Flyers  F
83 Colten Wescoe Cape Fear Flyers  M
84 Breelyn Yeoman Cape Fear Flyers  F
85 Dylan Zuege Cape Fear Flyers  M
86 Ethan Zuege Cape Fear Flyers  M
87 Joey Langhorst Cape Fear Flyers  M
88 Bates Lancaster Cape Fear Flyers  M
89 Bradley Krieger Cape Fear Flyers  M
90 Hannah Grace Cape Fear Flyers  F
93 Laila Southerland Hoke County Blazers  F
94 Kaleb Terry-Howard NC United  M
96 Zahara Waite-Bell NC United  F
97 Ellie Garrett Cape Fear Flyers  F
99 Jalen Ennett Cape Fear Flyers  M
100 Desmond McKee Cape Fear Flyers  M
148 Garrett Snyder NC United  M
306 Chloe Davis Cape Fear Flyers  F
307 Tye Coury Cape Fear Flyers  M
328 Joella Smith Hoke County Blazers  F
329 Shane Bigoness Coastal Christian  M
330 Max Bos Coastal Christian  M
331 Vince Bottigier Coastal Christian  M
332 Eli Bright Coastal Christian  M
333 Christian Carne Coastal Christian  M
334 Noah Carter Coastal Christian  M
335 Eli Conner Coastal Christian  M
336 Michael Cooke Coastal Christian  M
337 Caleb Cottle Coastal Christian  M
338 Josh Cowell Coastal Christian  M
339 Austin Durst Coastal Christian  M
340 Caleb Fargo Coastal Christian  M
341 Aiden Garrett Coastal Christian  M
342 Jake Garrett Coastal Christian  M
343 Carter Grace Coastal Christian  M
344 Charles Graham Coastal Christian  M
345 McKoy Graham Coastal Christian  M
346 Aaron Grassi Coastal Christian  M
347 Mason Hodges Coastal Christian  M
348 Collin Kitts Coastal Christian  M
349 Johnathan Kruger Coastal Christian  M
350 Spenswer Lewis Coastal Christian  M
351 Jackson McNulty Coastal Christian  M
352 Sam Morgan Coastal Christian  M
353 Tyler Niloff Coastal Christian  M
354 Thad O'Neill Coastal Christian  M
355 Connor Perry Coastal Christian  M
356 Jacob Russell Coastal Christian  M
357 Jack Shepherd Coastal Christian  M
358 Ethan Shumate Coastal Christian  M
359 Zachary Smits Coastal Christian  M
360 Jack Sterrett Coastal Christian  M
361 Cameron Sumners Coastal Christian  M
362 Isaac Williams Coastal Christian  M
363 Ava Basler Coastal Christian  F
364 Hannah Bloodworth Coastal Christian  F
365 Audrey Borges Coastal Christian  F
366 Zoe Bos Coastal Christian  F
367 Julia Butler Coastal Christian  F
368 Emma Cowell Coastal Christian  F
369 Whitney Culver Coastal Christian  F
370 Madeline Fischer Coastal Christian  F
371 Sydney Fontaine Coastal Christian  F
372 Anna Claire Fuller Coastal Christian  F
373 Kinsey Gerow Coastal Christian  F
374 Bree Hall Coastal Christian  F
375 Kaitlyn Harrison Coastal Christian  F
376 Lola Higgins Coastal Christian  F
377 Lindsey King Coastal Christian  F
378 Brooke McIntyre Coastal Christian  F
379 Madi Ripa Coastal Christian  F
380 Siena Thigpen Coastal Christian  F
381 Kora KB Witzenman Coastal Christian  F
382 Caleb Aiken Hoke County Blazers  M
383 Zion Aiken Hoke County Blazers  M
384 Noah Bennett Hoke County Blazers  M
385 Alonna Gilmore Hoke County Blazers  F
386 Alyssa Gilmore Hoke County Blazers  F
387 Torey Greenier Hoke County Blazers  F
388 Trevor Greenier Hoke County Blazers  M
389 Ta'Kera Jenkins Hoke County Blazers  F
390 Kamilah Lewis Hoke County Blazers  F
391 Treasure Jones Hoke County Blazers  F
392 Ja'Marius McNealy Hoke County Blazers  M
393 Jordan Moore Hoke County Blazers  M
394 Mari Polk Hoke County Blazers  M
395 Ashton Povanda Hoke County Blazers  M
396 Raven Richardson Hoke County Blazers  F
397 Omari Salone Hoke County Blazers  F
398 Orza Salone Hoke County Blazers  M
399 Shekinah Sellers Hoke County Blazers  F
400 Allison Clifford Cape Fear Flyers  F
498 Preslee Cook Cape Fear Flyers  F
499 Theodore Clifford Cape Fear Flyers  M
500 Charlie Clifford Cape Fear Flyers  M
537 Evena Wilkinson NC United  F
549 Evan Acome Cape Fear Flyers  M
550 Everett Wilkinson NC United  M
551 Riley Seitz 13-Unattached  F
562 Suzanne Albert Cape Fear Flyers  F
566 Sadie Bass Cape Fear Flyers  F
569 Jack Albert Cape Fear Flyers  M
571 Jax Cheney Cape Fear Flyers  M
572 Jamar Brumm Cape Fear Flyers  M
573 Sally Bass Cape Fear Flyers  F
800 Erik Head Cape Fear Academy  M
801 Kieran Barclay Cape Fear Academy  M
802 Tanner Macpherson Cape Fear Academy  M
803 Collin Hinson Cape Fear Academy  M
804 Sydney Cortina Cape Fear Academy  F
805 Cameron Tait Cape Fear Academy  F
806 Sara Harvey Cape Fear Academy  F
807 Caroline Houston Cape Fear Academy  F
808 Avery Bishop Cape Fear Academy  F
810 Mikoyia Murphy NC United  F
811 Walker Morrow Cape Fear Academy  M
812 Avery Block Cape Fear Academy  F
814 Wade Johnson Cape Fear Academy  M
815 Dalton Mitchell Cape Fear Academy  M
816 Jason Huang Cape Fear Academy  M
817 Juliette Gadbsy Cape Fear Academy  F
818 Fraley Kelley Cape Fear Academy  F
819 Catchie McDonald Cape Fear Academy  F
820 Alex Zakszeski Cape Fear Academy  F
821 Will Johnson Cape Fear Academy  M
822 Alex Cai Cape Fear Academy  M
823 Maddox Ragon MS_Cape Fear Academy  M
824 Jordan Kenney MS_Cape Fear Academy  M
825 Salem Morrow Cape Fear Academy  F
880 Juliana Martinez Cape Fear Academy  F