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Part of the Webscorer race timing ecosystem

Webscorer is a complete system for organizing timing-sport races:
  • Race registration: Webscorer.com provides easy-to-use online registration (free & paid)
  • Race timing: Webscorer PRO is a full-featured manual timing app that runs on an iPad / iPhone or an Android tablet / phone
  • Race results: Webscorer.com supports posting of results directly from Webscorer FAN or PRO, or via a file upload
Racers and spectators can follow the registration confirmations, start lists and results on Webscorer.com or download the free Webscorer FAN app that runs on an iPad / iPhone or an Android tablet / phone
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Basic race timer

  • Mass start only (PRO version provides additional start types)
  • No limit on the # of racers
  • You can create a start list for quick recording of results or to start race quickly you can enter racer data at finish
  • You can adjust the race clock to a race already under way or do a countdown to race start
  • Ability to restart a race (false start)
  • All racers are assumed to be racing the same distance
  • Only overall results (no age / gender category results)
  • You can time a race with racer names only (no bibs required) or with names & bibs
  • When a racer finishes, tap a time and then fill in the name or bib #
  • If multiple racers finish together, tap-tap-tap a time for each racer and then enter the names or bib #'s
  • Cancel / error correction for all actions
  • You can edit recorded times, names or bib #'s during and after the race
  • Racers can also be marked as DNS, DNF or DSQ
  • If you missed starting the race on time you can correct this during or after the race
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Results posting / sharing

  • Share the results via Bluetooth with another Webscorer FAN or PRO
  • Or, post the results to Webscorer.com
  • You can choose a public posting, where the start list or results are visible & searchable by anyone or a private posting which requires that you must know the posted URL to access the start list or results
  • Use the private posting option when posting practice races
  • If you use the private posting option, you can still find your own races via My posted races both on the app and on Webscorer.com
  • Preliminary results (during the race) can be shared via Bluetooth and posted to the website during the race
  • If you already posted the results and need to make a correction, edit the data on the app and repost - this replaces the previous posting
  • When posting to Webscorer.com, you can include your own race photo and race notes that get displayed on the results page
  • After posting, you can add your race organizer credentials, link to your own website, edit the race notes and adjust the race location on Webscorer.com
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Download races from Webscorer.com

  • Download both results and start lists
  • Search for races based on date, sport, location or race ID (race ID is the 4- or 5-digit number at the end of the posted race URL)
  • Once downloaded, no internet connection is required to view start list / results
  • Keep a permanent archive of downloaded results on your device
  • Results downloaded from Webscorer.com can be shared with other Webscorer app users via Bluetooth
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Download races via Bluetooth

  • Get a copy of the results from the race organizer's Webscorer PRO after the race (or even preliminary results during the race)
  • Or download results and start lists from another Webscorer FAN
  • Once you have a copy of the results, you can share them with other Webscorer app users
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Follow a race "live"

  • Webscorer PRO can post live results to Webscorer.com during the race, within seconds of each racer finishing
  • Webscorer FAN can follow such a race live, all you need in an active internet connection
  • Once started, you can find the the live race on your Webscorer FAN by tapping Download races / Recent results
  • You can stay on the Recent results panel waiting for the live race to appear - the panel updates itself automatically
  • Tap the race to download it, then tap the distance / category / lap you want to follow and just watch the results appear automatically
  • By default, the app will check for live results every 30 seconds; you can change this to every 10 seconds via the Settings toolbar option
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General notes

  • Times are recorded at an accuracy of one tenth of a second (0.1 seconds)
  • You can exit the app even when a race is running - the app will resume where you left off upon resume
  • You can even turn off the device to save battery during a long race, the race clock keeps running and no data is lost
  • Only word of caution: do not adjust the device's system time during a race - the app keeps track of race clock as an offset from system time
  • Try to keep the screen dry, the touch sensitivity of the screen suffers when water is present
  • When wiping the screen dry, first turn the screen off to prevent any inadvertent taps
  • We recommend against using any screen protectors (thin sheet of plastic), these tend to reduce touch sensitivity
  • The grey status line at the bottom of each panel is designed to give context-sensitive help
  • A Help button is available on all panels which gives you access to this Tutorial
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Race name

  • You can use the default name or type in a race name of your choice (minimum of 4 characters, maximum of 40)
  • You can change the race name during or after the race on the Results panel
  • Multiple races can have the same race name; the app keeps track of the races by combining the race name and race date & time
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Race options

  • Choose Create a start list if you know who's racing before the race start
  • Choose Enter racer data at finish if you don't have time to create a start list or don't know who's racing
  • Choose Names-only race if you're not using bib numbers
  • Choose Race with bibs if racers have bib numbers
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Race clock adjustment

  • If no adjustment is made, the race clock starts at 0:00:00
  • Tap the race clock field to make an adjustment to the race clock
  • The countdown allows you to auto-start the race, e.g. if you need to leave the start area with the timer before the race starts
  • To setup a race countdown for 10 minutes to race start:
    • Select Set race countdown
    • Choose 10 mins 0 secs from the dial
    • Tap Done
    • When it's exactly 10 minutes to race start, tap the green timer button
  • When a countdown is under way, tap the green Start button to stop the countdown and tap the button again to start over
  • During the countdown, all other options on the Race Start panel are disabled
  • The adjustment for a start time allows you to start the timer after the actual race start time
  • For example if you are not able to be present at the start area, someone else can note the start time and allow you to synchronize the timer later
  • Say a race started an hour ago:
    • You'd set the race clock to Adjust for start time
    • Set 1:01:00 on the dial
    • Tap Done
    • Wait until exactly 1:01:00 has passed since the race start before tapping the green start button
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Name list

  • When creating a start list, it's quickest to first add all the names to the name list before navigating to the Start List panel
  • You can also add names on the Start List panel
  • The use of the name list is optional when recording racer data at finish
  • However, pre-entering names makes it quicker to record racers as they finish
  • The name list is available for editing before the race as well as during the race
  • Name can be in any form (James Smith / SMITH James / Smith, James), maximum length is 40 characters
  • All names entered before, during or after the race finish get added to the name list, ready to be used at the next race
  • Note that if you delete a name from the name list, that name is not deleted from the results
  • Duplicate names are not allowed; if you have two racers with identical names, use a middle initial to make the names unique
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Race control

  • Once a race has been started but there are no finishers yet, the Race control toolbar icon gives you the option to restart the race
  • This is handy when there has been a false start or perhaps there was an immediate crash after the start, prompting a restart
  • If there are times already tapped or racers finished, you'll first need to cancel any tapped times and / or delete finished racers before the Restart race option is available
  • Alternatively, you can also choose to finish the race and start a new race, using the just finished race results as a template (via Race archive / My results)
  • Once all racers have finished, tap the Finish race option to end the race
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Timing views

When using a start list, there are three different timing views to record times for racers
  • Normal view presents a graphical view of racer boxes where the time stamp & racer are recorded together when tapping the racer box
  • Fast-tap view separates the time stamp & racer recording
    • You can tap a time stamp, followed by tapping the racer box
    • You can pre-enter the racer box, followed by the time stamp
  • Keypad view is useful in a large race where the racer boxes fill up multiple pages
    • You can tap a time stamp, followed by keying in the bib number
    • You can pre-enter the bib number, followed by the time stamp
You can switch between these timing views during the race as you wish
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Normal view

  • This is the default view when starting a race
  • The racers are presented as graphical boxes on the screen
  • To finish a racer, you'll tap the racer box which will record a time for that racer when the racer crosses the finish line
  • Once tapped, the racer box turns yellow for 5 seconds, after which the racer box disappears from the screen
  • During the 5-second period which the racer box is yellow, you can tap the box again to make an error correction
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Fast-tap view

  • This view separates the steps of recording a time stamp for a racer and associating that time entry with a particular racer
  • You can switch to the Fast-tap view by tapping the toolbar icon on the Race Finish panel
  • To finish a racer, tap the green timer button to record a time for a racer, then tap the correct racer box to associate that racer with the recorded time stamp
  • Or alternatively, you can tap the racer box first (if you know which racer is approaching), followed by tapping the timer button
  • When multiple racers are finishing close together, this view allows you to tap multiple times in quick sequence (tap-tap-tap)
  • Once you have recorded time stamps, you then have no time limit to enter the bib #'s or racer names in finish order sequence to match
  • You can also pre-enter multiple bibs (or names in a race where bibs are not used), followed by tapping time stamps for them when the racers cross the finish line
  • If you pre-enter 2 bibs (or names), the timer button will split into two:
    • Tap Different times to record separate time stamps for each racer
    • Tap Same time to record the same time stamp for both racers
    • You can edit the time stamp by tapping on the yellow time field
  • You can edit the racer's name by tapping green arrow to the right of the time stamp
  • If you want to assign the time to another racer, you can tap the yellow Bib box which will bring up a pop-up allowing you to swap the bib to another or assign the time to a No bib
  • If you want to cancel the fast-tap entry altogether, tap the yellow Seq # box which will give you a pop-up to confirm the cancellation
  • Tap the yellow Race clock field to edit the recorded time stamp
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Keypad view

  • A fast-tap view on a large device such as an iPad can show 72 racer boxes, whereas the fast-tap view on a smaller device such as an iPhone 5 can show just 16 racer boxes
  • Hence especially on a phone device, the keypad mode of entering bibs is the most practical timing view when there are more than a few dozen racers
  • Same principle as Fast-tap view: you can tap a time followed by the bib or you can pre-enter the bib followed by a time stamp
  • You can tap any number of time stamps before entering matching bib numbers
  • In fact one "safe" timing strategy in a busy race is to tap time stamps only during the race and enter the bibs after all racers are in (bibs recorded separately on paper by a helper)
  • You can switch between the three timing views (Normal view, Fast-tap view and Keypad view) at any time during the race
  • To change a bib #, tap the yellow Bib field
  • To delete an entry, tap the yellow Seq # field
  • To edit the time stamp, tap the yellow Race clock field
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  • You can visit the Results panel during the race to view or edit results or to post preliminary results via Bluetooth or to Webscorer.com
  • Note that if you share results via Bluetooth or post results to Webscorer.com before the race is finished, the results will say Preliminary results
  • You'll need to repost the results once the race has been completed to change the Preliminary results to Final results
  • To enter the names in a race where bibs are recorded, you can enter the names on the Results panel during the race one at a time or after the race together
  • If you want to mark a racer DNS (Did Not Start), DNF (Did Not Finish) or DSQ (Disqualified)
    • During the race, tap the DNS/DNF/DSQ button in the racer box view, choose the option, then tap the racer box
    • After the race, tap the racer's name, tap Edit next to the time and tap the DNS/DNF/DSQ button
  • In a large race, you can use the Sort list button to order the results based on Time (fastest time on top), Name (alphabetical order) or Bib # (smallest to largest)
  • If you tap the Home button when the timer is still running, you'll get a pop-up asking you whether you want to finish the race; this is an alternative to the Race control button to end the race
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Post results via Bluetooth

  • To post results via Bluetooth or to Webscorer.com, you must first choose a sport type from a list of options
  • The sport is used for making it easier to search for races on Webscorer.com
  • To share the results with another Webscorer FAN (or PRO), tap the Share via Bluetooth option
  • Note that the recipient of the results must simultaneously tap Download races / Download via Bluetooth
  • Once both sides have tapped the Bluetooth option, the sender will see the recipient's device name on the pop-up window
  • To initiate the transfer, simply tap the device name and wait for the transfer to complete
  • If there are multiple devices on the list, pick one (only one device can receive the results at a time)
  • If there are no devices on the list, make sure that both devices have Bluetooth turned on (see Settings app of the device)
  • If you get an error (e.g. timeout), just retry the transfer
  • Note that Bluetooth typically requires that the devices are within 10 feet / 3 meters of one another
  • Posting results via Bluetooth is always free
  • When you share the results with other Webscorer FAN users, they get a non-editable, non-postable copy of the results
  • If the recipient's Webscorer FAN (or PRO) has the same email address (see Settings), then an editable / postable copy of the results will be shared
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Post results to Webscorer.com

  • Before you post results to Webscorer.com for the first time, the app will ask you to register an email address / password
  • The app and the website use the account information to keep track of your own posted races
  • When you download a race you posted, you'll have edit and reposting rights
  • When others download a race you posted, they'll get a read-only copy; this is to ensure no one else can make changes to your results
  • You don't have to post the results immediately after the race, you can do so later by accessing the race via Race archive / My results
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Post results options

  • You can optionally include your own race photo when posting
  • If no photo is supplied, the website uses a sport-specific stock photo on the results page
  • You can also include optional Race notes which can describe the race, who organized it, weather or other related facts
  • The race notes are displayed as part of the Race Info on the results page, max 2000 characters
  • Once you've successfully posted the results, a Results Posted panel gives you the URL of the results page
  • You can email this link to your racers or click on an option to open the results page with the browser on your device
  • You can erase your own posted results from Webscorer.com via Race archive / My results / Race name
  • Another option to erase the race is to sign in to Webscorer.com with the same email address / password you entered in the app
  • After signing in with your email address / password, navigate to Race organizers / My results
  • You can delete the results form this list
  • Once signed in, you'll get an extra menu option called Edit race info on the results page on Webscorer.com
  • The Edit race info option allows you to edit the race name, date, race location, add a race photo and include race organizer information
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Four archive locations

There are four archive locations for races on your local device:
  • My results - race results timed by you on your device or posted by your user ID to Webscorer.com and downloaded to the app
  • Downloaded results - results posted by others and downloaded from Webscorer.com or via Bluetooth
  • My start lists - start lists created your user ID & downloaded to the app from Webscorer.com or via Bluetooth
  • Downloaded start lists - start lists created by others and downloaded to the app from Webscorer.com or via Bluetooth
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Archive management

  • You can delete races from each of the archive locations by swiping on the race name
  • Or, tap the Edit button to do delete individual races or tap the Delete all button to delete all races on that archive
  • Each stored race takes a minimal amount of storage space on your device, even a race with 1,000 racers uses up less than 1 MB
  • You can sort the races listed in each archive using the Sort button on the toolbar
  • The sort options are race name & date for My Results, and race name, date, sport, location and raceid for downloaded races
  • Once a race has been deleted, there's no way to undo the delete locally
  • If you delete the race from your device but you had previously posted the race to Webscorer.com, you can download it back to your device
  • Downloaded races can't be edited or posted to Webscorer.com but they can be shared via Bluetooth
  • You can erase your own posted races from Webscorer.com using the Erase posted results option on the Results Info panel
  • Provided you're using the same registered email address, your own races will be editable and re-postable after downloading from Webscorer.com
  • It is a good idea to post important races to Webscorer.com (or to another device) for archival purposes, should you ever lose your device
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My posted results / My posted start lists

  • This option will appear on the Download Races panel once you have posted results to Webscorer.com
  • The website will keep track of your posted races based on the email address of your Webscorer account
  • You can download your own races back from Webscorer.com, edit them and post them again to Webscorer.com
  • Races posted by others, will download as non-editable and cannot be posted to Webscorer.com
  • Your own posted results will be downloaded to My results folder
  • Races posted by others will be downloaded to Downloaded results folder
  • You can also manage your own results on Webscorer.com by signing to the website with your registered email address and password
  • To download a race posted by someone else as editable / postable, change the email address / password using the Settings toolbar option
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Recent results / Recent start lists

  • Tapping on Recent Results will download just the race headers for the most recent 100 results posted on Webscorer.com
  • The following is shown for each race: race name, race date & time, sport type, location and race ID
  • The race ID is the digits at the end of the race URL, e.g. www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=1464
  • Once you find your race, simply tap on the race and it will be downloaded to your device
  • The app automatically displays the Results Info panel for the race you tapped & from there you can proceed to View results
  • All downloaded races (posted by others) will be stored in Race archive / Downloaded results
  • To download another race, go back to the Home panel and choose Download races / Recent results
  • As Webscorer gains popularity, the most recent 100 races may not include the race you're looking for, hence you may want to set your own race filters
  • To set race filters, tap the Race filters option at the top of on the Recent Races panel
  • You can set four types of filters for the most recent 100 races list:
    • Filter races by the sport(s) you're interested in
    • Filter races by country (US & Canada have an additional state / province option)
    • You can filter the results by start type
    • You can also filter the results by additional Webscorer PRO features
  • Once set, the app will remember your selections and will always filter the 100 most recent races list based on the settings until changed
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Search for results / Search for start lists

  • The Search Results panel is useful for finding results posted a while ago or to download results when you know the race ID
  • You can search for races that took place on a particular date, with or without sport or location filters
  • You can use just one filter type or all filters together
  • If the search criteria finds more than 100 races, the most recent 100 will be listed
  • You can keep honing in your search filters until you find the race you're looking for
  • Once you've found the correct race, tap the race name and it will be downloaded to your device
  • Downloading should be relatively quick, a few seconds in most cases
  • However, large races (e.g. this one with 9,901 racers www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=1493) can take a couple of minutes
  • The download speed will depend on your device's processor speed and the speed of your internet connection
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Download via Bluetooth

  • Tap this option to initiate the download of race via Bluetooth from another Webscorer FAN or Webscorer PRO
  • To receive the race, you don't need to do anything but to wait until the download has completed
  • The sender will need to initiate the transfer simultaneously from the other end and pick your device name from the list
  • If the download does not succeed, check that you have Bluetooth turned on via your device's Settings
  • If the download fails for some other reason, try again by initiating the transfer from both ends
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Follow LIVE results on your device

  • Webscorer FAN allows you to follow results from a race that's timed live with Webscorer PRO
  • The app makes it much easier & quicker to follow live results vs. using a browser to access the live results page on Webscorer.com
  • First find the race via Recent Results or Search Results and download it to your device
  • A live race will appear in the race listing with a red label LIVE Results
  • Once downloaded, tap View preliminary results and navigate to the distance / category / lap you're interested in following
  • Results updates will appear automatically, you don't have to tap anything to get the results to show up
  • The Webscorer PRO used for timing will post an update to Webscorer.com within seconds of each racer finishing
  • Webscorer FAN will check for updates on Webscorer.com every 30 seconds (default setting)
  • You can change the frequency at which your device checks for updates via the Settings toolbar option
  • The available settings are 10, 30 and 60 seconds plus an option which turns the automatic update off (i.e. you have to exit & re-enter the particular results panel to see updates)
  • The live race feature consumes minimal amount of cellular bandwidth as it transfers only the new results data on each update cycle
  • No new data is downloaded if there are no new results on a given update interval
  • We've measured that a race where 800 racers finish in a span of 4 hours consumes less than 2 MB of cellular data
  • Unless the you follow the race continuously with your device on from start to finish, the data usage will be significantly less than 2 MB
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General notes

  • This panel provides access to various documents and videos that help you better understand the Webscorer race timing ecosystem
  • Most of the same information is also available on Webscorer.com
  • You can submit a bug or a feature request, we will respond / reply to you directly if you supply an email address
  • If you're a happy user, we'd encourage you to tap Rate Webscorer to help us spread the word via an App Store review
  • If something isn't working, please give us an opportunity to try to assist by emailing us at support@webscorer.com
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Features of Webscorer PRO

Webscorer PRO provides the following additional race timing capabilities:
  • Import start lists
    • Download from Webscorer.com
    • Transfer via iTunes
    • Share via Bluetooth
  • Multiple start types
    • Mass start
    • Wave start
    • Interval start
    • Individual start
    • Pursuit start
    • Relay start
  • Lap times
  • Ability to "exclude laps" in a multi-stage race where transitions don't count toward total time
  • Time multiple distances within the same race
  • Support for multiple categories
  • Handicap-adjusted times
  • Show penalties in results & penalty-adjusted times
  • Live / automatic results
  • Team scoring
  • Use one device for time stamps, another for recording bibs
  • Use 2 or more devices to time a point-to-point race