Bamboo Warehouse Freedom Paddle 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018 09:00 (GMT+2) - Final results

Race info
Sport: Paddling - surfski
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Start type: Mass start
Distance: 28.1 Km
Racers: 103
Timed on: iPad
Timed with: Webscorer PRO
Updated: Monday, April 5, 2021 10:04 (GMT+2)

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Bamboo Warehouse Freedom Paddle 2018

Place Bib Racer name Category Finish time
1-Jasper Mocke & Nic NottenDouble Long Course Open 1:59:16--100%25.12%24.78%14.0
2-Tyron Maher & Clink CookDouble Long Course Open 1:59:33+0:17+0.24%99.76%24.94%24.61%14.0
3-Matt Bouman & Phil SmithDouble Long Course Open 1:59:48+0:32+0.45%99.55%24.79%24.45%14.0
4-Lee Furby & Hank MacGregorDouble Long Course Vet 2:00:44+1:28+1.23%98.79%24.20%23.86%14.0
5-Ryan Louw & Greg LouwDouble Long Course Open 2:00:56+1:40+1.40%98.62%24.07%23.73%14.0
6-Graeme Soloman & Ian TrautmanDouble Long Course Vet 2:01:25+2:09+1.80%98.23%23.77%23.43%14.0
7-Simon Van Gysen & Ian BlackDouble Long Course Open 2:02:33+3:17+2.75%97.32%23.06%22.71%14.0
8-Dawid Mocke & Jono NiemanDouble Long Course Open 2:04:39+5:23+4.51%95.68%21.74%21.39%14.0
9-Paul Marais & Greg BarnardDouble Long Course Vet 2:08:40+9:24+7.88%92.69%19.22%18.86%13.0
10-Anders Hart & Zach PreyserDouble Long Course U23 2:08:57+9:41+8.12%92.49%19.04%18.68%13.0
11-Zoog Heynes & Matt GunningDouble Long Course Vet 2:09:30+10:14+8.58%92.10%18.70%18.33%13.0
12-Ernst Van Riet & Gavin WhiteDouble Long Course Open 2:10:14+10:58+9.20%91.58%18.24%17.87%13.0
13-Ulvard Hart & Christie MackenzieDouble Long Course MD 2:11:46+12:30+10.48%90.51%17.27%16.90%13.0
14-Hayley Nixon & Sabina LawrieDouble Long Course Women D 2:13:27+14:11+11.89%89.37%16.22%15.84%13.0
15-Richard Allen & Mike SchwannDouble Long Course Vet 2:13:50+14:34+12.21%89.12%15.98%15.60%13.0
16-Tanye Thompsom & Luke DurrDouble Long Course U23 2:15:04+15:48+13.25%88.30%15.20%14.82%12.0
17-Pete Cole & Wendren SetzerDouble Long Course MD 2:15:30+16:14+13.61%88.02%14.93%14.55%12.0
18-Crispin Thompson & Anthony WostenholmDouble Long Course Vet 2:15:44+16:28+13.81%87.87%14.78%14.40%12.0
19-Rob Hart & Garth WattersDouble Long Course Mstr 2:16:43+17:27+14.63%87.24%14.16%13.78%12.0
20-Linton Hope & Bruce WenkeDouble Long Course Mstr 2:17:08+17:52+14.98%86.97%13.90%13.52%12.0
21-Richard Mudd & Willem ErasmusDouble Long Course Open 2:17:44+18:28+15.48%86.59%13.53%13.14%12.0
22-Scheepers Schoeman & Melanie Van NiekerkDouble Long Course MD 2:18:32+19:16+16.15%86.09%13.02%12.63%12.0
23-Barry LewinSingle Long Course Open 2:18:49+19:33+16.39%85.92%12.85%12.46%12.0
24-Fred Cresswell & Mark PreenDouble Long Course Mstr 2:20:55+21:39+18.15%84.64%11.53%11.13%12.0
25-Daniel Jacobs & Kyle MasterDouble Long Course U23 2:21:13+21:57+18.40%84.46%11.34%10.94%12.0
26-Ian Daniel & Andrew RowlesDouble Long Course Open 2:23:00+23:44+19.90%83.40%10.22%9.82%12.0
27-Anton Cartwright & Tom ThringDouble Long Course Vet 2:23:24+24:08+20.23%83.17%9.97%9.56%12.0
28-Bianca BeavittSingle Long Course Women 2:24:03+24:47+20.78%82.80%9.56%9.15%12.0
29-Richard LoweSingle Long Course Vet 2:24:37+25:21+21.25%82.47%9.21%8.80%12.0
30-Daantjie Malan & Werner HartmanDouble Long Course Vet 2:25:08+25:52+21.69%82.18%8.88%8.47%12.0
31-Nikki Mocke & Kim van GysenDouble Long Course Women D 2:26:14+26:58+22.61%81.56%8.19%7.78%12.0
32-Rob Mousley & Evan RidgeDouble Long Course Vet 2:26:45+27:29+23.04%81.27%7.87%7.45%11.0
33-Nick Rockey & Graham RoweDouble Long Course Mstr 2:27:29+28:13+23.66%80.87%7.41%6.99%11.0
34-Gary Ralph & Graham HolmDouble Long Course GM 2:27:38+28:22+23.78%80.79%7.31%6.90%11.0
35-Chris De Waal & Keegan KieserDouble Long Course MD 2:28:31+29:15+24.52%80.31%6.76%6.34%11.0
36-Luke Steenkamp & Bennie SteynDouble Long Course Vet 2:28:35+29:19+24.58%80.27%6.71%6.30%11.0
37-Kyle Nel & Greg van HeerdenDouble Long Course Vet 2:28:54+29:38+24.85%80.10%6.52%6.10%11.0
38-Willem van Wyk & Shandor CyclvanDouble Long Course Open 2:29:19+30:03+25.20%79.87%6.25%5.83%11.0
39-Brett FulfordSingle Long Course Vet 2:29:52+30:36+25.66%79.58%5.91%5.49%11.0
40-Jamii HamlinSingle Long Course Vet 2:31:31+32:15+27.04%78.72%4.87%4.45%11.0
41-Paul Moxley & Mike MacDonald (TBC)Double Long Course Mstr 2:31:47+32:31+27.26%78.58%4.71%4.28%11.0
42-Marcel Basson & Mias v d WesthuizenDouble Long Course Vet 2:32:38+33:22+27.98%78.14%4.17%3.74%11.0
43-Dieter SchulzeSingle Long Course Mstr 2:33:39+34:23+28.83%77.62%3.53%3.10%11.0
44-Andrew Ross & David HudsonDouble Long Course Open 2:34:08+34:52+29.23%77.38%3.23%2.80%11.0
44-Iain Hooper & Andrew HardieDouble Long Course Vet 2:34:08+34:52+29.23%77.38%3.23%2.80%11.0
46-Christo Smit & Robin Van RooyenDouble Long Course GM 2:35:00+35:44+29.96%76.95%2.69%2.25%11.0
47-Adie De Kock & Andries JP SmitDouble Long Course Mstr 2:36:23+37:07+31.12%76.27%1.82%1.38%11.0
48-David Murray-Smith & Darryl LeachDouble Long Course Mstr 2:37:03+37:47+31.68%75.94%1.40%0.96%11.0
49-Patrick Eley & Tim PowellDouble Long Course Vet 2:37:49+38:33+32.32%75.57%0.92%0.47%11.0
50-Wayne WilletsSingle Long Course Open 2:37:57+38:41+32.43%75.51%0.83%0.39%11.0
51-Paul LangeSingle Long Course Mstr 2:38:24+39:08+32.81%75.29%0.55%0.11%11.0
52-Anton Jordaan & Wynand RossouwDouble Long Course Vet 2:38:44+39:28+33.09%75.14%0.34%-0.11%11.0
53-Murray Walters & Jess PollockDouble Long Course MD 2:38:49+39:33+33.16%75.10%0.29%-0.16%11.0
54-Donia KamstraSingle Long Course Vet Woman 2:39:14+39:58+33.51%74.90%0.03%-0.42%11.0
55-Peter van der Merwe &Single Long Course Vet 2:39:30+40:14+33.73%74.78%-0.14%-0.59%11.0
56-Lee MoranSingle Long Course Vet 2:39:36+40:20+33.82%74.73%-0.20%-0.65%11.0
57-John WoolfeSingle Long Course GM 2:39:47+40:31+33.97%74.64%-0.32%-0.77%11.0
58-Andrew PreenSingle Long Course Vet 2:40:57+41:41+34.95%74.10%-1.05%-1.50%10.0
59-Craig Heenan & Carlisle HartmanDouble Long Course U23 2:41:43+42:27+35.59%73.75%-1.53%-1.99%10.0
60-Willem Van der Westhuyzen &Single Long Course Mstr 2:41:54+42:38+35.75%73.67%-1.65%-2.10%10.0
61-Doug JenmanSingle Long Course Open 2:43:11+43:55+36.82%73.09%-2.45%-2.91%10.0
62-Jorg MaudererSingle Short Course Mstr 2:43:47+44:31+37.33%72.82%-2.83%-3.29%10.0
63-August LohannSingle Long Course Vet 2:44:09+44:53+37.63%72.66%-3.06%-3.52%10.0
64-Grant Jerome & Luke CocksedgeDouble Long Course Open 2:44:18+45:02+37.76%72.59%-3.15%-3.62%10.0
65-Jamie Jacobson & Mark JamiesonDouble Long Course U23 2:44:20+45:04+37.79%72.58%-3.17%-3.64%10.0
66-Alex ToplissSingle Long Course U23 2:44:55+45:39+38.28%72.32%-3.54%-4.00%10.0
67-Wilma Deyzel & Louisa Van StaadenDouble Long Course Women D 2:45:19+46:03+38.61%72.14%-3.79%-4.26%10.0
68-Anthony LakeSingle Long Course Open 2:45:59+46:43+39.17%71.85%-4.21%-4.68%10.0
69-Jeremy ValergaSingle Long Course Vet 2:46:00+46:44+39.18%71.85%-4.22%-4.69%10.0
70-Jacques Uffindell & Stefan ErlankDouble Long Course Open 2:46:36+47:20+39.69%71.59%-4.60%-5.07%10.0
71-Casper TheronSingle Long Course Mstr 2:46:41+47:25+39.76%71.55%-4.65%-5.12%10.0
72-Craig TilsleySingle Long Course Mstr 2:49:22+50:06+42.01%70.42%-6.33%-6.81%10.0
73-Michael ThorpeSingle Long Course Vet 2:49:55+50:39+42.47%70.19%-6.68%-7.16%10.0
74-Michael MacLachlanSingle Long Course Mstr 2:50:16+51:00+42.76%70.05%-6.90%-7.38%10.0
75-Jason Goedhals & Natalie GoedhalsDouble Long Course MD 2:50:55+51:39+43.31%69.78%-7.31%-7.79%10.0
76-Fouche Whitehead & Mark TempletonDouble Long Course Vet 2:52:22+53:06+44.52%69.19%-8.22%-8.70%10.0
77-Desmond HowardSingle Long Course Open 2:52:58+53:42+45.03%68.95%-8.59%-9.08%10.0
78-Gavin BothaSingle Long Course Mstr 2:53:25+54:09+45.40%68.77%-8.88%-9.37%10.0
79-Thomas AltmanSingle Long Course Mstr 2:53:40+54:24+45.61%68.68%-9.03%-9.52%10.0
80-Terrence Pomeroy-WardSingle Long Course Vet 2:54:24+55:08+46.23%68.39%-9.49%-9.99%10.0
81-Neil KirkwoodSingle Long Course Mstr 2:56:42+57:26+48.16%67.50%-10.94%-11.44%10.0
82-Angus WarrenSingle Long Course Mstr 2:56:47+57:31+48.23%67.46%-10.99%-11.49%10.0
83-Evan Knight & Kerry-Ann LyneDouble Long Course MD 2:57:32+58:16+48.85%67.18%-11.46%-11.96%9.0
84-Mynhardt MaraisDouble Long Course Mstr 2:59:23+1:00:07+50.41%66.49%-12.62%-13.13%9.0
85-Rickus Gerber & Riaan StolsDouble Long Course Open 2:59:42+1:00:26+50.67%66.37%-12.82%-13.33%9.0
86-Brian KernickSingle Long Course Mstr 3:01:32+1:02:16+52.21%65.70%-13.97%-14.48%9.0
87-Roger HawkinsSingle Long Course Mstr 3:01:55+1:02:39+52.53%65.56%-14.21%-14.73%9.0
88-Brian WhitefordSingle Long Course Mstr 3:02:26+1:03:10+52.96%65.38%-14.54%-15.05%9.0
89-Dirk LumppSingle Long Course Mstr 3:04:14+1:04:58+54.47%64.74%-15.67%-16.19%9.0
90-Charlie BerringtonSingle Long Course GM 3:04:24+1:05:08+54.61%64.68%-15.77%-16.29%9.0
91-Ewoud Derksen & Jacobus VD MerweDouble Long Course Open 3:05:25+1:06:09+55.46%64.32%-16.41%-16.93%9.0
92-Antony Balshaw & Stephen BurseyDouble Long Course Mstr 3:06:40+1:07:24+56.51%63.89%-17.20%-17.72%9.0
93-Guy PikeSingle Long Course Mstr 3:09:49+1:10:33+59.15%62.83%-19.17%-19.71%9.0
94-Alan NeateSingle Long Course Vet 3:13:01+1:13:45+61.84%61.79%-21.18%-21.73%9.0
95-George CoetzeeSingle Long Course Mstr 3:13:02+1:13:46+61.85%61.79%-21.19%-21.74%9.0
96-Rudi DurandSingle Long Course Vet 3:15:47+1:16:31+64.16%60.92%-22.92%-23.47%9.0
97-Karl DehiningSingle Long Course Mstr 3:17:52+1:18:36+65.90%60.28%-24.23%-24.78%9.0
98-Andrew DuttonSingle Long Course Vet 3:24:15+1:24:59+71.25%58.39%-28.23%-28.81%8.0
99-Mike MonsonSingle Long Course GM 3:38:48+1:39:32+83.45%54.51%-37.37%-37.99%8.0
100-johan serdynSingle Long Course GM 3:50:50+1:51:34+93.54%51.67%-44.92%-45.57%7.0
101-Francois Du ToitSingle Long Course Mstr 3:51:54+1:52:38+94.44%51.43%-45.59%-46.25%7.0
102-Christoper WagnerSingle Long Course Open 3:55:01+1:55:45+97.05%50.75%-47.55%-48.21%7.0
--Rob MoodySingle Long Course Mstr DNF------