Split timing


The Webscorer timing app is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets (iOS 7 or later - and Android 4.0 or later):
  • iPhones / iPads: Tap the “App Store” icon, and search for “Webscorer”
  • Android devices: Tap the “Google Play” icon and search for “Webscorer”
  • Kindle devices: Tap the “AppStore” icon and search for “Webscorer”

Webscorer FAN, a simple timer & results app is FREE.
You can try Webscorer PRO Split timing FREE for 30 days.
  • Designed for interval start races
  • Provide splits for your athletes on course
  • Simultaneously track multiple athletes across multiple distances & categories
  • In a multi-lap race, view situation on screen for each lap
  • Create your own start list on the app or download posted start list from Webscorer.com
  • Start times can be clock times (e.g. 11:00:30), or start from 00:00:00
  • Easy error correction during the race
Mobile timing solution
  • The Webscorer timing app runs on a smart phone or a tablet - easy to take on course
  • The app is perfectly usable on a phone for a small start list, a tablet is recommended for bigger events
  • You can post your split results after the race to Webscorer.com for further analysis
Fraction of the cost of alternative split-timing apps
  • The PRO Split timing subscription costs just $25 /
  • First 30 days is free – limited to 10 racers
High-end features, yet super easy to use
  • No limit on number of athletes, distances, categories or laps
  • Downloading start lists & posting results included
  • Intuitive, innovative, easy-to-use graphical user interface for scoring racers
  • Designed for split timing of athletes by coaches, not for official timing of races
  • Supports only races where the racers start at fixed intervals
  • The only timing view is “Show splits” where you tap the racer box to record both the time & the bib
  • No support for team scoring, handicaps, penalties
  • No LIVE results
  • No downloading of start list from online registration
See complete pricing info here: Pricing info.