Are you a track & field organizer, but you don't have access to expensive camera-based timing equipment?  Or are you a pool swimming organizer, but the automated touch-pads are not available for timing the heats?

Webscorer PRO version 4.8 introduced a new Master / Helper device feature that makes it practical to time events with busy finishes using multiple devices.


1. Create the master start list on one device
2. Set the timing mode to Master / Helper
   - Navigate to the "Race Start" panel
   - Tap the "Timing mode" option
   - Set "Use helper devices = On"
   - Select "Role of this device = Master"
3. Share the start list with other devices
   - Return to the "Race Start" panel
   - Tap the "Post start list" toolbar button
   - Tap "Share via Bluetooth"
4. On each of the helper devices
   - Tap "Race with start list"
   - Tap "Download start list via Bluetooth"
   - On the master device, tap the name of the helper device
   - The app will auto-navigate to the "Timing Mode" panel
   - Select "Role of this device = Helper"
5. Start the race from the Master device
   - On the Master device, tap "Activate master"
   - On all Helper devices, tap "Connect to master"
   - Select the name of the master device on the Bluetooth popup
   - On the Master device, tap "Start race on all devices"
6. Time the designated racer(s) on each Helper device
   - For example, device #1 could time just the racer on lane 1
   - Tap the "Send data" toolbar button to send the timing data to the Master
   - The Master device does not need to do anything


- There can be only one Master device
- There is no limit on the number of Helper devices
- The Master device can also participate in timing
- Since the timing data is shared via Bluetooth, you must use similar devices
- You can mix iPhones, iPads and Macs
- You can mix Android and Windows devices
- But iOS devices cannot be mixed with Android or Windows devices
- The Master device can have "Live results = On" during the timing

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