The Webscorer PRO app is now available for all computers running Windows
- Desktops, laptops and Surface tablets with Windows 10 version 1709 or later
- The app’s feature set is the same as for iOS and Android versions
- When using multiple devices to time a race, you can mix Windows, iOS and Android devices
- The only practical limitation is that Bluetooth works only between Windows and Android devices
   (this due to Apple's proprietary Bluetooth device discovery protocol)
You can install the Windows version from the Microsoft store
- Start the Microsoft Store app & search for Webscorer
Benefits of using Windows version vs. iOS or Android version
1. If you’re using Excel to create your start list, there’s no need to post it to Webscorer.com
   - You can open the start list locally on your Windows device
   - Supported file types:  XLSX, CSV and tab-delimited TXT (but not XLS)
2. You can use Excel on the same device to print results during / after the race
   - Save the results from Webscorer PRO as tab-limited TXT to your local hard drive
   - Open the TXT file in Excel using the text-import wizard & print form Excel
3. Benefits for RFID chip-timing
   - You can use a direct Ethernet connection to the Impinj RFID reader (no WiFI router needed)
   - You can exit the Webscorer PRO app and chip detections will continue on the background
4. Benefits for NFC chip-timing
   - You can use an USB-connected NFC reader ACR-122U
   - No worries about battery running out during the race
5. Benefits for start gate / photocell timing
   - You can connect the timer to the Windows device using serial-to-USB cable (no need for WiFi router)
   - Requires a cable with FTDI chipset, for example:
Differences to iOS & Android versions:
1. No support for Bluetooth Flic button
   - The Flic button does not have its own Windows app
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