With the version 4.0 update to the Webscorer app, there is no a separate Webscorer FAN mode.  
Here’s how the app behaves starting with version 4.0 (available as of June 26, 2019):
1. The app will install as Webscorer PRO - Automated timing (trial)
   - If you’re new to Webscorer, you don’t need to “Upgrade to PRO” to try out the app
   - If you have an existing PRO subscription, you’d sign into your account as normal
2. When your PRO subscription expires
   - The app will stay as PRO, but will revert back to the trial mode (limited to 10 racers)
   - The PRO trial will no longer be limited to 30 days and is hence always available
3. There is still a way to time a race without a PRO subscription
   - There’s a new option “Time a race without a start list” which supports mass start only
   - You’d enter time stamps for each racer and then “Record bibs at finish” or “Record names at finish”
4. Changes for posting results to Webscorer website from a race without a start list
   - With no PRO subscription, race timed without a start list cannot be posted to Webscorer website
   - Instead, you can email the results to yourself, or save the results as a tab-delimited text file
   - If you have a PRO subscription, the posting to Webscorer website is enabled
Here are the reasons for this change:
1. Many organizers were confused with the feature set of Webscorer FAN vs. Webscorer PRO
   - The FAN version allowed you to download a start list, but not use it to time a race
   - The PRO version allowed you to time a race without a start list
2. We wanted to make it easier to trial the PRO version
   - Before 4.0, the PRO trial was available only by tapping “Upgrade to PRO” which discouraged PRO trials
   - As PRO trial was available only once per account, which made it difficult to evaluate PRO at a later time
3. Some organizers were abusing the features of the FAN app
   - Lots of practice races were posted to Webscorer website as “public", causing work for us to clean them up
   - Some were using Webscorer website as a clipboard just to get time stamps off the app to e.g. Excel
4. Our costs to operate the Webscorer website have increased
   - The server hosting costs by Amazon Web Services is our single biggest operational expense
   - We want to ensure that organizers paying for PRO get adequate performance and priority
If you used Webscorer FAN to follow & download results, there's no change in functionality - other than the app's home panel now says "Webscorer PRO" vs. "Webscorer FAN" previously.
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