Want to use an external button for tapping time stamps vs. tapping the screen?  Version 2.5 of the Webscorer app now allows you to use the Bluetooth-attached FLIC smart button to do so.

Benefits over tapping the screen:

1. You don't need to look down on the screen when recording a time stamp
2. The button gives your fingers better feedback
3. Makes it possible for the racer to tap his / her own time (e.g. Ninja Warrior obstacle course event) 

Instructions how to use the FLIC button with Webscorer PRO: 

1. Install the FLIC app to your iOS or Android device from
   - Apple App Store
   - Google Play
   - Search for the ""Flic app" 

2. Register your new FLIC button
  - Create an account using the FLIC app
  - Give your FLIC button a descriptive name (e.g. TimeStamp)
  - Turn off “Button notifications” so that the button sounds won’t interfere with the Webscorer sounds 

3. Start the Webscorer PRO app
  - Make sure you're running version 2.5 or later
  - Set "Flic smart button = On” in the "Race Details" panel
  - This option requires the PRO Multi-device subscription 

4. Navigate to the "Race Start" panel of the app
  - Webscorer app will launch the ""Flic Grabber" dialog
  - Select the button you want to use from the list (and click done if using iOS) 

5. Start the race
  - Tap the "Fast-tap view" toolbar button
  - Use your FLIC button to generate a time stamp
  - If the FLIC button fails to work, you can always tap the screen as well
  - The bib numbers must still be entered by tapping the screen 

6. The FLIC button is a good match for the "Timing mode = Bib sync"
  - Use the FLIC button with the device recording time stamps
  - Use a Bluetooth Barcode scanner (or NFC chips) to record the bib numbers
  - Sync the data between the two devices via or via Bluetooth

 Pictures: how to use the FLIC app to pair your device with the Bluetooth FLIC button:

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