Do you have an existing Jaguar chip-timing system?  And you're happy with the hardware, but would prefer to use Webscorer PRO software? 

The Jaguar system uses the Alien Technology 9900+ reader.  Jaguar has placed their own label on top of the Alien Technology logo but you can find the details by connecting to the reader's web admin page.

To enable the Jaguar reader to work with Webscorer PRO chip timing, you’ll need to update its firmware to support the LLRP protocol which was added in 2012:


1. Download the latest firmware file from the Alien Technology website using this link:
    - Scroll down the page you should see a firmware download link on the right side of the page under “Software”

2. Unzip the download zip file, the firmware file is called something like ALRxxxxxxxxx.tar.aef

3. Navigate you browser to your reader’s IP address
   - There’s an upload firmware option on the Reader management page
   - See Appendix B of the Alien reader interface guide:

4. After you have upgraded the firmware you may need to enable the LLRP support, see chapter 6 of the Alien reader interface guide. 

We can’t speak for Innovative Timing Systems, the vendor behind the Jaguar system, but upgrading device firmware should not prevent their software from being reinstalled should you ever want to go back (we assume they have resident code running on the Alien Technology reader - Webscorer does not).

Several Webscorer PRO customers have successfully made this upgrade.  We have tested the Alien 9900+ reader in our labs.

Resources for Webscorer PRO chip-timing:

Setup video:

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