Interested in reducing / eliminating the fees you pay to Webscorer for your online registrations?


Convince your race organizer colleague to start using Webscorer online registration
Once your colleague opens their online reg on Webscorer, you'd submit their account email for approval
You'll earn USD $0.20 for every paid registration for your colleague's events for the next 12 months
The credits will be immediately available for you to pay your own Webscorer online reg fees


1. You convince "ABC Running" to switch to Webscorer online reg
2. ABC Running sets up its next race, a Half-Marathon with 800 expected entries on Webscorer
3. You submit the Webscorer account info@abcrunning.com for approval as a registration referral
4. Assuming the 800 racers sign up, you will earn a total credit of $0.20 * 800 = USD $160
5. This credit is automatically applied to pay the Webscorer fee ($1 per racer) for your own registrations


To qualify to make a referral, you must have hosted a paid registration on Webscorer yourself (min of $50 in Webscorer fees)
For a valid referral, you're expected to do the majority of the work to assist your colleague to set up Webscorer online reg
The credits are earned for a period of 12 months (per referral) starting from the first paid registration
The credits are applied to your account daily as they happen, and can be used at any time
There is no limit of how many referrals you can make per year
The credits will never expire, so if you have a positive balance you can use them next year
The page to make the referral and view your credits is: https://www.webscorer.com/members/myregcredits

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