by Vesa SuomalainenFriday, October 30, 2015 01:38 PM

Version 2.1 of the app is now available - and introduces a major chip-timing feature that can save you thousands of dollars , or whatever currency units you use.  Previously, you had to buy an integrated chip-timing systems (and often also the chips) - Webscoer PRO 2.1 releases you from this artificial tie-in.


The major new feature in 2.1 is the expanded RFID chip timing support.  We've opted to follow a strategy which allows you to buy your own RFID reader, antennas & chips from any source, at great savings, and combine the best-of-breed latest components together - without any artificial tie-in.  This is possible through our implementation of the LLRP (Low-Level Reader Protocol), which is supported by most RFID reader models available today.

Webscorer PRO 2.1 can be used with LLRP-compatible readers from the following leading RFID vendors:

- Alien Technology
- Honeywell / Intermec
- Impinj
- Motorola / Zebra
- ThingMagic

Little known fact is that the existing chip timing equipment vendors (MyLaps, ChronoTrack, Jaguar, RaceResult, Ipico, RFID Timing, Orbiter, etc.) all include one of these readers as part of their product.  They typically hide the RFID reader inside their own housing, add a few knobs and their own branding, and then sell the package at prices marked of up to 3 times the component costs.  Their legitimate value-add has been their own timing software that only works with their hardware - but now Webscorer PRO 2.1 will free you from this tie-in.


We've tested the new chip-timing feature in arguably one of the most challenging race formats for timing - cyclocross.  The MFG Cyclocross series in Seattle, WA is a 6-race series with more than 1000 riders each doing 4-8 laps across 7 heats during the day-long event.  In addition to earlier RFID testing at 5 local trail-running events, we were present at the first four cyclocross races of the 6-race series to perfect the system.  Objective was to provide the ability to correct chip ID typos and missing racer entries while the race is still underway.  On the 4th race of the series, the results from each heat were posted within 2 minutes of the last rider crossing the finish line - requiring only 2-3 individual results updates later.

Article with photos from race #2: WEBSCORER 2.1 CHIP-TIMING A CYCLOCROSS RACE WITH 1000+ RIDERS


Chip-timing improvements:
- Option to match partial chip ID
- Auto-discover reader’s IP address via a scan
- Different BEEP for chip IDs with no match
- Edit non-matched chip IDs during the race

Support for photocell / start gate timers by:
- ALGE Timing
- Microgate
- Summit Systems
- TAG-Heuer

Option to record times at an accuracy of:
- 1 second
- 0.1 second
- 0.01 second
- 0.001 second

Improved performance for bigger races
Bib sync: insert a missed time / bib in the middle of sequence
iOS 9 support
Android 6 support
Bug fixes


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