Follow these steps to time e.g. a triathlon or a trail-running race with multiple check points using multiple devices running Webscorer PRO:
1. Finalize the race setup & start list on the 1st device:
    - Download the start list / registration list from
    - On the "Race Setup" panel, select any of the supported start types:
       -> Mass start:  All racers start together
       -> Interval start:  Racers start at pre-determined fixed intervals
       -> Pursuit start:  Racers start at predetermined times
       -> Individual start:  Racers start one or multiple at a time on command
       -> Wave start / Manual:  Racers start by distance, category or by custom group on command
       -> Wave start / Interval:  Racers start by distance, category or custom groups by predetermined intervals
    - On the "Race Details" panel:
       -> Set "Record lap times = On"
       -> Set "Number of laps = 3" (if you're not timing T1 and T2)
           Set "Number of laps = 5" (if you're timing T1 and T2)
    - If you want to allow for non-timed transitions:
       -> Set "Number of laps = 5"
       -> Set "Exclude laps = On"
       -> Exclude laps = 2 & 4
       -> The results will add lap times for Lap 1, 3 and 5 together for a total combined time
    - Add day-of-race entries on the "Start List" panel
    - Once the start list is final, navigate to the "Race Start" panel
       -> Set "Timing mode = Multi-device splits"
       -> Set "This device records = [ timing points recorded with this device ]
       -> Tap "Done" and "Done" to return to the "Race Start" panel
2. Share the final start list (and the race setup) with the other devices:
    - On the 1st device:
      -> Tap the "Post start list" toolbar button on the "Race Start" panel
      -> Tap "Share via Bluetooth", or
           Tap "Post start list to"
    - On the other devices (one device at a time):
      -> Tap "Time a race"
      -> Tap "Download start list via Bluetooth", or
           Tap "Download start list from" / "My posted start lists"
3. After the start list has been downloaded to the other devices:
    - Make no changes to the race setup or start list
    - Navigate to the “Race Start” panel
       -> Tap “Timing mode”
       -> Set “This device records = [ timing points recorded with this device ]
4. Once all devices are set up:
    - Set the devices side-by-side on a table with the "Race Start" panel visible
    - Tap "Timing mode" on each device & double-check that:
      -> All timing points are covered:  Start & Laps 1-3, or
                                                           Start & Laps 1 - 5 (if you're also timing T1 and T2)
      -> All devices have the same "Device race ID"
          (the "Device race ID" must be the same for all devices to post to the same "Website race ID")
    - Tap "Done" to return to the "Race Start" panel
5. Tap "Start race clock" at the same time on all devices:
    - Starting the race clock does not start the race (unless Start type = Interval, Pursuit or Wave / Interval)
    - The race is started with the device set to record the "Start"
    - After the race clocks have been started, each device is timing the race independently of the others
    - The devices don't need to be connected to the internet during the timing
    - You can put the device to standby / sleep until the race gets underway
6. Time the race as if it was a single-device race:
    - Once the race clocks have been started, the timing of the race is no different than "Timing mode = Normal"
    - A device recording just one lap will have the racers "complete" the race after that lap is done
    - The timing can be done in "Normal view", "Fast-tap view" or "Keypad view"
    - Watch this VIDEO to learn how to time a race and correct operator errors during the race
7. Post results to from all devices to get combined results:
    - The website calculates the results once all devices have posted
    - If each device is posting results LIVE, the combined results will automatically appear on
    - If you need to make edits, you can edit the results on the device & repost
      -> Or you can download the combined results to one of the devices, make edits & repost
8. Alternatively, you can collect the results via Bluetooth to one device
   - You can use one of the timing devices, or an additional device
     -> On one of the timing devices, end the race and then tap "Collect splits via Bluetooth"
     -> On an additional device, tap "Download races" / "Download via Bluetooth"
   - On each timing device (the order of collecting does not matter), tap "Share via Bluetooth"
   - Once the first download is complete
     -> On the results device, tap "Collect splits via Bluetooth"
     -> On the next device, tap "Share via Bluetooth"
    - Repeat the steps until the results have been collected from all devices
    - You'll now have the combined results on one device
- Make sure all are running the latest version of Webscorer PRO (v2.0 as of June 2015)
- All devices should be added to the same Webscorer account
- You can use a mix of iOS and Android phones or tablets
- If you mix iOS and Android, you'll have to share the start list via
  (Bluetooth only works from iOS-to-iOS and Android-to-Android)
- One device can time more than one lap / timing point
  -> Although it will be easier to correct errors if when each device records just a single timing point
  -> Read this article for tips when working with volunteer timers
- However, It is a good idea to use the same device to time the start & last lap
  -> You'll get total time for all racers without having to combine the results from all devices
  -> If there are timing issues with other devices, you'll have the total time on that device
- After posting, you can relabel the laps to "Swim", "Bike" and "Run":
  -> Navigate to the results page
  -> Click on the "Edit race info" menu button
  -> Scroll down to the "Lap names" section
  -> Give each lap a name & click "Save changes:
- If you want to automate the timing, you may want to consider using NFC chips
  -> It's simplest to use a single RFID reader with multiple antennas
  -> This allows you to use a single device running Webscorer PRO to record all laps
How to practice:
- You can use anyone's posted results as a template for an "arm-chair" race:
  -> Find the results via "Find results" on
- Tap "Time a race"
- Tap "Download start list from"
- Tap "Search for results"
- Tap the "Race ID" field, key in "43242" and tap "Enter"
- This will copy the start list & race setup of the race to your device
- You can now proceed to play with and time a race, including post results (as "Private")

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