Until now, Webscorer PRO has been purely a manual-timing product - you'd tap the screen to record a time & identify the racer.  The 2.0 release adds support for automated timing where the time stamp (and racer ID) is obtained automatically from a timing chip or from a start gate or photocell, freeing the app operator to focus on just monitoring the timing & correcting errors.  

The 2.0 release is available now from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon AppStore.


Fully automated RFID chip-timing
- Support for Orbiter Inc. RFID readers
- The app receives the time stamp & chip ID from the reader via WiFi
- With Chip ID programmed as the bib number, you can use manual timing start lists
- You can easily mix manual timing for racers whose chips did not read
- Additional chip types & readers coming soon
- Details:

Fully automated NFC chip-timing
- Support for programmable NFC chips with your Android device acting as the chip reader
- The app receives the time stamp & chip ID automatically when the NFC chip is detected
- With the chip ID programmed as the bib number, you can use standard start lists
- You can switch to manual timing for racers whose chips did not read
- Details:

Automated time stamps with starting gate & finish line photocell
- Support for TAG Heuer and ALGE-TIMING devices
- Meets FIS requirements for alpine & cross-country skiing timing
- The app receives the time stamp recorded by the device via WiFi
- The bib number (or name) must be entered manually on the app

Flexible relay
- No need to pre-assign racers per leg
- Can be used in fixed or time-limited lap races
- Results show which team member did which lap
- Perfect for mixed solo / team relays
- Webscorer online registration now supports (flexible) relays
- Details:

Android version improvements
- Feature-parity with iOS version
- Improved performance
- Graphics updates

The automated timing features (RFID & NFC chip-timing, start gate & photocell) require a new PRO Automated timing subscription - pricing information can be found here:  

If you’re new to PRO, you can try all PRO features for free for 30 days.  Existing PRO subscribers can request a trial period for the automated timing features by sending an email to us at 

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